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Exclusive: 25 Groups Sign Open Letter Condemning Trump Comments on Delaying Election and Call on Congress to Support Election Funding

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/31/exclusive-25-groups-sign-open-letter-condemning-trump-comments-delaying-election-and

Mussolini-fy Tweetle-Dumb, before it’s too late.   After he’s been Sadam-ized and Gaddafi-ed, of course.
I.E. grant him the same end-of-life care that his fellow narcissistic sociopaths received.

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If this is what is already happening, we can imagine what Don and his wrecking crews will do between Nov. 4 and January 20, if he loses the election.

And what may I ask would be the best ways for Trump to hold on to political power?

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22% of Mail-In Votes Never Get Counted
Jim Crow is Hiding in the Mailbox


An excuse to declare martial law is what Portland (and soon many other Blue cities) are all about. Riots are his goal.

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I was told by one of my progressive friends that Trump has 75,000 of these Federal, Portland thugs ready for other Democratic cities. Does anyone know if this is true?

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It looks to me like either way, if Trump cheats and wins or legitimately loses…IT IS GOING TO BE VERY UGLY.

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Recall that Trump did all he could to deny the midterm-2018 results –
Holding up the newly energized House with Dem majority for Three months or more.

Looks like he’s looking for another way to extend his stay in 2020 should he lose –

Donald Trump is the dumbest, most universally ignorant president probably in all of history.

He can barely speak English, he can’t organize a verbal thought or a written paragraph, he knows absolutely nothing of law, the constitution, history, civics, geography, government or management.

His Twitter-storms show the shallowness of his character in every aspect of his existence. He never, ever tells the truth, he is only concerned with how he is perceived in the media and how much he is praised for simply being there to rubber-stamp the fascist trend of the day. He has never had an original idea, and proves it by re-tweeting every conspiracy theory on social media and Fox News.

He is a bonafide imbecile, incapable of rational decision making, yet he is credited with singlehandedly “destroying democracy.” But if you asked him about our democracy, who of you thinks he wouldn’t simply answer that “We re a REPUBLIC, not a DEMOCRACY”?

And he cheats at golf.

Since it is an inescapable fact that he has to be told everything he believes by Sean Hannity, how is it that he is the biggest threat to the (democratic) republic and not those who feed his pea-brain with today’s fascist trope, so that he can once again pollute Twitter with his inanities, thus firing up his boogaloo base?

How is it that “progressives” can ascribe to this vacuous non-entity all the powers of a comic book supervillain while almost universally ignoring the fact that none of what he is doing came from his own feeble brain? He is being managed, and managed brilliantly, by the people who are really destroying Democracy: the billionaires—with the willing and able assistance of the Democratic party.

Need proof?

Look at who the Democratic nominee for president is. He once claimed to have one of the best conservative voting records of any Democrat in Congress, yet today he is the savior we have been looking for to right the ship of state and put us back on a course to…where we already are with Trump. (One giant leap for fascism, one small step back for minion consumption,)

The Trump presidency has, by design, accomplished what Democrats have been working on for decades—it has moved the party to the right of G.W. Bush, and still made them look progressive by comparison to Republicans. (Watch how many carryovers there are from the Trump administration to the Biden one.) The DNC can now brag that it has voted down all attempts at progressive reform and still maintain that they are the party that represents the working class.

And the working class (well, most of it anyway) has bought it.

Thank Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and a raft of others for accomplishing what Republicans could never have done alone. By selling the minions the idea that our fascism is really progressivism, (but not that horrible “socialism”) while allowing those who manage Trump to tell their moron brigade that fascism is socialism, we have arrived at the place where the 2% have wanted us since before the Revolutionary War—with an aristocracy.

Vote Blue, no Matter Who.

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If so, they would have to be mercs, most likely from DeVos. I don’t think you could come up with those numbers if you assembled all federal police together.

Thanks for your reply, may not be true.

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Not from DeVos, but run by her brother Eric Prince — whom O’Bummer and P’Loser let off the hook without even in­vestigating for his many crimes during the war in Iraq.  As with the Trumps, narcissism and psychopathy run deep in the family.  Cheney, Haspel, Prince, Yoo and many others should be in prison for their involvement with torture in Iraq, but of course Tweetle-Dumb is happy to have them supporting his current efforts to undermine what little is left of ‘our’ democracy.  Plus I won’t be the least bit surprised when it’s revealed that the goons ‘protecting federal property’ really ARE just mercenaries and NOT real Federal agents – organized by Prince, paid for by the far-right billionaires like De­Vos and Koch et al, and armed by the gun manufacturers who own the NRA.

25 groups eh. It means nothing accept filling pages. If those 25 groups had 25 billion each to spend on lobbyists maybe something would change.

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Me too! The fact that they refuse to identify themselves tells me you might be right.

My mistake, Prince is who I was thinking about. Maybe we should just call them the evil clan.

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Not to worry, R-Fire — initially I referred to their organization as a crime syndicate, whereas the official title is the Drümph-Kushner Crime FAMILY.  The AmWay-Prince conglomerate is just another branch of the same mob, as
are Koch Enterprises and the NRA, etc.

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