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'Excruciatingly Close': With Just 24 Hours Until Crucial Vote, Net Neutrality Defenders Urged to Flood Senate Phone Lines


'Excruciatingly Close': With Just 24 Hours Until Crucial Vote, Net Neutrality Defenders Urged to Flood Senate Phone Lines

Julia Conley, staff writer

Internet freedom defenders warned on Tuesday that with only 24 hours left before the Senate votes to possibly nullify the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) repeal of net neutrality, the vote is expected to be "excruciatingly close"—and urged net neutrality supporters to flood Capitol Hill's phone lines and demand that lawmakers protect the Open Internet.


When it comes to information I can think of no greater fight than this. If NN dies for good then any last vestiges of free speech and democracy dies with it. You think it’s bad now? It is about to get a whole lot worse if you can believe it. I am fortunate enough to live in a state that wholly supports NN though it does make me wish I could do more to help more on the fence states.


I have signed petitions, made phone calls and now I’m asking why. Why are we forced to fight for our rights? Why are we having to fight for sanity? Why are we having to fight for what is right? It just seems so bizarre to me. I know the answer(s) so please don’t tell me again. It just bothers me that we have to go through for what little scraps of democracy or morals or ethic’s we have left. It is just so Bizarre.


It’s back to the original social media for us:


Freak out guys and gals.


If this nation is to preserve what is left of democracy net neutrality must be restored.

The actions of the FCC should be alarming to all regular Americans. They are to serve us, not the corporations!


When 70% of citizens and most small businesses want net neutrality, who are our congress critters representing ? Clearly not the people of this country, a clear case of taxation without representation. Those who can, should stop paying taxes, oh never mind, they would like that since they want to starve the government.


Screw the damn lobbyists. You work for us too, you know, the people that voted you in. If you can’t keep net neutrality for the people then you don’t deserve a seat in the US Congress. We’re being screwed six ways to Sunday by big corporations that just got the biggest gift ever from the tax scam. At the damn least grow some, and do us a favor for a change, we most assuredly deserve it for a change. Money from giant companies isn’t everything you know.


The US isn’t a democracy anymore if even it ever was in the real sense. It’s now a quasi fascist state and a few more changes will make it complete. John “Bloodsucker” Bolton is determined to see it through and MR Trump is the perfect patsy to make “it” happen.


Copied from the chat messages on a live feed of the vote:

52-46 according to C-SPAN

In other words, it looks like the Senate vote to rescind the FCC ruling was passed!!


WHY? Why did it take Trump and Pai one year to dismantle what was sealed, signed and delivered yet it will take years to come to undo their mess?