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Execution of Palestinian Exposes Israel’s Military Culture


Execution of Palestinian Exposes Israel’s Military Culture

Jonathan Cook

It might have been a moment that jolted Israelis to their senses. Instead the video of an Israeli soldier shooting dead a young Palestinian man as he lay wounded and barely able to move has only intensified the tribal war dance of the Israeli public.

Last week, as the soldier was brought before a military court for investigation, hundreds of supporters protested outside. He enjoys vocal support too from half a dozen cabinet ministers, former army generals, rabbis and – according to opinion polls – a significant majority of the Israeli Jewish public.


Fuck the Ziopig "culture" right up its "righteous" ass.


The Israeli IDF has been a brutal racist enforcer of The Occupation for decades - they are war criminals, like their bosses - the majority of Israeli's are complicit!! The despicable propaganda of their status as the "most moral army in the world" is laughable BS rubbish, like all pro-Israeli/Zionist propaganda - the contemptible lap-dog US media especially pushes such Israeli lies and cover-ups!

Over 60 Israeli soldiers and officers testified to pre-meditated war crimes in Gaza and Occupied territories.

"Kill Anything": Israeli Soldiers Testify Gaza Atrocities Came from Orders for Indiscriminate Fire"
"Fire at every person': Israeli soldiers reveal they were ordered to shoot to kill in Gaza combat zones – even if targets may have been civilians"

The "worlds most moral army's" long record of atrocities, racism, use of indiscriminate and banned weapons against civilians in Gaza and Lebanon make them the worlds most contemptible army, enforcing racist ethnic cleansing of Palestinians for expansion of Zionist "Eretz Israel" mythology!

A special place in the dock at The Hague before the World Court is reserved for Israeli killers/leaders!



For what it's worth, I see Israel as having 2 main problems: 1. They have united temple and state. It's the same disaster if you united church and state or mosque and state. It has created a permanently unhappy situation and 2. They were founded on ethnic cleansing. Other countries have been partially founded or expanded on ethnic cleansing (ie, the US), the big problem is, it's still going on every single day since. I think it will take many generations for these issues to resolve. The continuous support of the US for Israel, right or wrong, is not helping.


He has written several books and is a journalist while you figure that if you've never heard of him then he has been asleep about what he is writing about now?

Of course ranting a few words in an online forum is far more effective at communicating than Mr. Cooks very persuasive and intelligent writing. This was a well written and approachable piece which hopefully will be read by many who need to read writing like this because they normally do not get the other side on the issue. Anyone can rant and rail but it takes skill and intelligence to communicate so effectively.


If we continue to support this, fund it, block all efforts of the rest of the world to bring this to an end, people may come to hate us.

Would we deserve it?


This Zionist gag order doesn't extend to the U.S.; so, let's stop kowtowing to the Israeli state apparatus and start by publishing this soldier's name: Cpl. Elor Azaria (other transliterations are Cpl. Elor Azarya or El’or Azariya). His Facebook page has been identified, multiple times; and, Israeli citizens have been heaping praise on him.


Continuing the discussion from Execution of Palestinian Exposes Israel’s Military Culture:

Our most effective way to fight the brutal regime in Israel is to join the B.D.S. movement. It was highly effective in overthrowing the racist regime in South Africa and the parallels in Israel/Palestine are very close.

That Israel is getting very nervous about the growing power of the B.D.S. movement is clear: they are targeting campuses around the world with demands to shut-down student organizers who wish to promote B.D.S. Unhappily they are succeeding at some. Israel is also using its enormous influence in governments and media to get laws passed out-lawing B.D.S. against Israel. Here in Canada, our federal government just passed a motion by overwhelming numbers to "condemn" individuals and organizations that participate in B.D.S. Yes, a toothless exercise so far but the pressure to make B.D.S. illegal is rising.

We must be ever-vigilant about our right to free speech and free association by resisting mightily these Israeli-lobby sponsored infringements of freedoms in our own countries.

Let's not forget that there are many Jews in Israel and around the world who fully support the B.D.S. movement against Israel. Their mantra is "Not in My Name!" These people are our brothers and sisters and we welcome them to the struggle to end the brutal tyranny in Israel / Palestine.


Cook's written profusely about Palestine and Israel. Here's his articles that have been posted here at Common Dreams.


Well that's very confusing, since he's published repeatedly about Israeli war crimes. No idea what you might be getting at. Here are the headlines from the first page of his articles at Common Dreams:

  • Execution of Palestinian Exposes Israel’s Military Culture
  • Incitement Defines This Israeli Election
  • The Experts’ Verdict: Every Israeli Missile Strike is a War Crime
  • US Plays Decisive Role in Israel's Attack on Gaza
  • Cultures of Hate and Israeli Vengeance
  • Cracks in the Alliance: Finally Daylight Between Israel and US?
  • Whatever Happened to the Mideast Peace Talks?
  • Even the World Bank Understands: Palestine Is Being Disappeared
  • Kerry’s "Peace" Plan: Cast Palestinians as Fall Guys (Again)
  • Obama and the Blessing of Israel's Government of Settlers

Maybe you have some supporting reasons you could share, for asserting that "Cook's been asleep all these years as the Zionist Entity's violent terrorist culture's been on display since its inception..."? 'Cause again, i have no idea what you might be getting at.


"At that point, the soldier – who cannot be named because of a gag order – approached Al Sharif, aimed his gun at the young man’s head and pulled the trigger.": Murder, don't you think? But of course someone pointing to this being done by the most "moral" army is an act of "mercy" killing. Here in the US in black neighborhoods this racist murder is eerily familiar.


bds! BDS! BDS! BDS!
* It is working! Watch their ads and propaganda. They are trying to get all of their lapdogs to make BDS illegal and to prohibit criticism of Israel.
* Now they are even using an ad similar to the one's run for Africans, showing lines of elderly people lining up for a hand out and saying for only $25 a month, you can save an Israeli from going hungry. I almost puked, but when they are going to those extremes, you know BDS is working!
* Perhaps, if We the People of the World would start BDSing every one of these warmongering countries that mistreat people at home and abroad for profit and power, perhaps they could all be brought to heel, even the all powerful US Fourth Reich with its powerful and ruthless Wehrmacht, spread around the world.
* Certainly worth a try, I think.


And the js all applaud the assasination of a Palestinian at the hands of a jew.

There was a time not long ago where Palestinians saved the lifes of hundreds of jews seeking help from HITLER