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'Executive Order Stunt No Substitute for Real Relief,' Says Progressives of Legally Dubious Trump Proposal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/08/executive-order-stunt-no-substitute-real-relief-says-progressives-legally-dubious


The article is correct.
The dumber than dumb dem leaders, nancy and schumar, fell into very deep, cold water.
Will not be any more financial assistance to families from congress until after Jan 2021 inaugerations.
Half of republican senators say so. Mitch has to go along to keep his leadership position.

Reuters respected.
Guardian not.

Neither party deserves our loyalty.
Please vote early - and often.


Cutting payroll taxes is cutting Medicare and social security! Let’s not call it anything else. Let’s not let them get away with this! This cannot stand. It may SEEM like something good but in the end, it hurts all workers and all people receiving benefits we paid into govt coffers for years for in order to receive when we retired. Bastard man needs to be hung by his choose your body part.


“He vowed to suspend payroll tax and extend unemployment benefits until the end of the year, defer student loan payments indefinitely and forgive interest, and extend a moratorium on evictions.”

The truly sad part about this is that this puts Trump to the left of democrats. Other than the payroll tax suspension, this should all be in the “Heroes” Act. Instead we get to fight for crumbs, so that the rich can get even more handouts.

If the democrats were at all serious about helping people, they would write a new bill that included all of Trump’s promises, except the payroll tax. And had nothing else in it. Then dare the republicans, and Trump to stop it.


Why a payroll tax relief when people don’t have income to be taxed?
If trump and senate are giving it to help small business meet it’s payroll, don’t expect anything for Joe blow public.
As for the rest of trump’s screed, don’t forget that he lies every single day.


When Trump is all said and done.
Can republicans nominate John Kasich or Tammy Duckworth (2 democrats) for president ??

Trump may suffer a McDonalds sandwich attack at any visit there.

Because the point isn’t relief to those no longer on a payroll, it’s relief to the Fat Cat’s so they won’t have to pay the out­rageous FIC taxes on the first $75,000 – that’s 0.03% (or less) – of their minuscule incomes once Social Security has been abolished . . .


Also: Electoral-preference stunt no substitute for real democracy – sez me.

The silly games we play are already so remote from any mechanism resembling governance in the people’s interest, it’s as if people have decided flat-out unabashed tyranny is more tolerable than oppression via opaque pretentiousness – or a fair number of folks have. Why can’t we have decent government? Decades-long indoctrination with disrespect for decency per se. We US Americans have a very low opinion of ourselves, and we consistently meet our abysmal self-expectations. We suck.

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Another ploy to rob Paul to pay Peter. The “sacrificial” lambs are the seniors and disabled.

Not only that payroll tax will need to be payed “later” but, as employers are still required to deduct the SS and medicare tax from their employees’ pay checks it will mean workers may just be paying more. No PPE’s, immunity to employers if workers get ill from COVID-19 as Trump and GOP force workers back to their jobs if they actually have one and teachers back in the class rooms and also allowing fossil fuel companies to sue their own workers–an absolute perversion of where we were during FDR’s time.

Take a listen to Mary Trump on her uncle, these folks are nothing but con men and Nazi-KKK sympathizers and this is scheme to appeal to his base reflects their history:


“The World’s Most Dangerous Man”: Mary Trump on Her Uncle, President Trump, & Why He Must Be Ousted


This is what dictatorship looks like.


Trump and his admin are largely responsible for the mess. So he gets no credit for a partial band aid as well as counterproductive actions like suspending the payroll tax, which only creates more problems down the road (e.g., to social security).

More Trump political stunts.

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Stunts are all that Trump has left in his bag of tricks.

Let’s hope his next Executive Order involves him hiring a firing squad for himself.

It’ll spare him the embarrassment of losing on November 3rd.

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The president is talking now.
Yup, he is a democrat from NYC.
He’s Lucy who pulled the football up off the tee.
four actions.
more promises.
Expecting Nancy, Schumar and many others to be on TV explaining for the next three or four days.

WOW! It didn’t take a millisecond before a troll spun this obviously anti-Republican article into a smear of the Democratic Party. WOW!

BTW, Reuters is right wing. The Guardian is Left wing.

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Remember when Republicans tried to convince/scare everyone that Social Security would become insolvent and needed to be privatized?

Where are the Republicans now that their leader is actively starving it off of funding?

Where are the seniors who watch Fox News?

And yet the mindless Republican voting base will vote for him again because he has an “R” next to his name.

If he wins, by cheating or otherwise, American ideals will be stone cold dead before he leaves.

The Orange plague signed order to stop funding SS and medicare today. By all means the brain dead shits need to vote Trump 2020. Hope they all get covid and die.

I am an old school union.skilled trades with two eng degrees.
I am also anti trump and quite a bit sarcastic, displeased, and disappointed
in lazy DC democrats and republicans.
They are not building our society, nation, or looking forward beyond the
November election.
After the Biden election, the status quo returns.

We just lost one year of education and will also lose this coming year.
My seventh grade orphan had tests every week during first semester
last year. Some were 3 hours, straight thru. Then, teacher shows a movie
next days class instead of reviewing the test questions with students.

e-learning homework was completed in 30 minutes. High school e-learning was
about two hours. That is insufficient.

I may not write very well, but i am just a plain old person, not a troll.


I smear them both.

And why did the author quote two british sources?
You know darn well I hate London.

They will keep pushing until people figure it all out and articulate the problems to address first.

Experts, orgs, and the famous want to present solutions but they do not see Earth itself as a being, so far. The existing culture cannot go on. There is no energy reset solution for a system attempting to grow a profitable capitalist war machine at compound interest rates. Demise is quicker yet when growth is allocated among the already wealthy by graft.

China already has gigantic clogged freeways.

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I am so sick of the posturing of Reps and Dems in their little minuet of “power,” while the rest of us go hungry, homeless, and die. A plague on all the Duopoly!