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Exiled Since 2013, NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden Granted Permanent Residency Rights in Russia

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/23/exiled-2013-nsa-whistleblower-edward-snowden-granted-permanent-residency-rights


Good for Snowden. A gain for Russian society. I hope this means he has a better life in exile. United States government shouldn’t get a cent.


Donald Ratfuk Trump may need to live in Russia when the elections are all over because he will be dodging a lot of trials. Snowden can give him some pointers on how to do it.

Poor analogy, the Ukraine would be nice for the Orange Cockroach. No extradition and a long history of white supremacy and corruption. He would be right at home. But his attention span is not long enough to learn Ukrainian or decipher cyrillic.


First of all he would never get a fair trial in the US. His exposure of the 1984ish, unconstitutional surveillance was too big a blow to the deep state to allow it, especially with the soon to be extremely reactionary Supreme Court. There is hardly a semblance of justice in this now failed state.

Second he does not deserve a trial, a parade would be more appropriate; he is not a criminal he is a patriot. Always has been, he tried to joined Special Forces after 9/11 but his legs got hairline fractures under the heavy packs during basic and he was medically discharged.

Thirdly why come back, this country is fubar?

I recommend Sochi, lovely place by the sea with mountains and one can go skiing in the Winter.


Hopefully not the kind of fair trial Saddam got.
So now Russia is more humane than the U.S.?.?

Jesus said, “The time will come and now is, that those who worship The Father shall worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.” (John 4:23) You done right, Mr. Snowden.

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Read this article to the end before you vote for Joe Biden (this is one reason I do not vote until the last day - this year was an obvious exception). Read Joe’s words regarding Edward Snowden. If Joe Biden is a vote for the “best of the worst” then the words best and worst are synonymous.


I almost envy the heroic Mr. Snowden. Instead of being in a country with a flabby, diseased, pathologically dishonest, barely literate criminal buffoon as president, Snowden has Vlad Putin.
It’s no wonder Donny admires and is afraid of Vlad.
After all, Vlad is multi-lingual, has six-pack abs, is a horsemaster, semi-pro hockey player, martial artist, former KGB hit man, and makes a wicked Polonium cocktail.
Vlad might also give asylum to Fuhrer Donny, but only if Donny agrees to take care of Vlad’s horses, Vlad’s jock strap, and his hockey gear, and also agrees to bring Ivanka for some hot love on those cold Moscow nights.


Stabbed in the chest, or shot in the back. Take your pick.

Either way, we will bleed.


Well humourised Carol. LOL

And the bloody brits can’t even give Julian Assange access to his lawyers.


When was it not?
Even at their worst they were doing nothing that America had not done.

Never fear, President Biden will make such all three “pay a heavy price” as he likes to say.

At last, some good news! Ed Snowden is one of this century’s great heroes. And a moral dwarf like HRC (“We Came, We Saw, He Died”) calls for him to “face the music”.
“All I can do is shake my head; you might not believe that it’s true…” --Jim Croce

Who is the Tolstoy of the USA?

Trump Trump Trump. It never ends.

Why didn’t Obama pardon Snowden?

He would have flunkies for that.

Would it be fascist of me to recommend a firing squad for the Orange Hitler?