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'Existential Threat to Our Democracy': Trump Openly Telegraphs Intent (Once Again) to Delegitimize 2020 Election Results

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/17/existential-threat-our-democracy-trump-openly-telegraphs-intent-once-again


The entire GOP, not just Trump, are working from every direction to rig and manipulate the 2020 election at all levels.


So if Trump does win it will be according to Trump due to fraud?


Don’t forget the open opposition to live. Too many edicts coming from the WH that endanger American’s lives.


I think most of us don’t even qualify comments by trump as being from a sound mind.
I pay no attention any more, because 100% of what comes out of his mouth are lies, mis- -information, spin, or opinions from Fox Noise.


Since the overwhelmingly majority of Trump’s tweets are not backed up by facts and evidence Twitter should ban Trump from posting tweets because they understand that Trump is a menace to society. But that would take courage, a trait which seems to be in short supply these days, at least from major corporations.


He charged fraud in 2016 even though he won so we know what to expect if he doesn’t in 2020.


I second that motion to dismiss Trump from Twitter.


A lying narcissistic psychopath with an Id mentality of a delinquent child with an IQ to match, surrounded and enabled by much the same. What could possibly go wrong?



Time out from this cretin, Trump.

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Ooooo! A warning from Twitter. Look out. They’re getting serious. He’s telling piggie lies, with his tiny piggy eyes again.

"Have you seen the little piggies
Crawling in the dirt?
And for all the little piggies
Life is getting worse
Always having dirt to play around in

Have you seen the bigger piggies
In their starched white shirts?
You will find the bigger piggies
Stirring up the dirt
Always have clean shirts to play around in

In their styes with all their backing
They don’t care what goes on around
In their eyes there’s something lacking
What they need’s a damn good whacking

Everywhere there’s lots of piggies
Living piggy lives
You can see them out for dinner
With their piggy wives
Clutching forks and knives to eat their bacon"

  • Lennon & McCartney

We know that if a Democratic president was acting in the ways that DT does, his party would be whining (true to their nature) 24/7.

But in the Teflon-shielded Repug world, it’s just another day of busine$$ as usual.


It’s Harrison’s song, but yes, more pertinent than ever.


Trump is, and has been telegraphing his intention to take control no matter the election result.

He has done this with his pulpit as POTUS, with his new medium the Tweet, with GOP complicity, by stacking the courts, which are laughable now as a third leg of democracy, thru his appointments to every department he wishes to destroy, by his patently illegal actions on supporting vigilantism, thru his pathological lying, and I guess I could go on and on…

BUT - People thought Hitler a pathetic corporal - WRONG !

Maybe if Biden wins by eight points Trump will just leave.

My sense is that the election is a foregone conclusion - the US is being taken over at the political level in the most visible and high profile way.

If this is the case - then the USA, which came to the rescue in both WW I & WW II - will be in fact the problem.

If so - where is there light ?

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Ya, but his followers are really fired up. This from Michael Moore, who’s raising the alarm and who called it back in 2016.

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I tell you, as freaked out as the political situation has had me for quite some time, somehow the wanton destructiveness of Rump’s putting a climate denier at the head of NOAA has really hit me pretty hard. When physics itself is under attack, there is literally nothing left.


Hi manysummits:
The only light I see is between the ears of so many in both political parties. : (


So then, ONLY IF Trump wins – & NO OTHER WAY – will Trump & GOP accept the election results as valid?!?
So, the basic rules for this election ~ indeed, the entire premise ~ is what?
“Trump wins or no one does”? Why even bother having an election then, if we’re going to allow that shit?! That is a Putin move, straight out of Russia! Coincidence? I doubt it!
Now that Trump has made it so clear where he stands & what he will do, or not do… What is being done about it?!? GOP has made it clear, with their lack of Party platform, that they back him up 100% – no matter what he does.
They – I mean entire bunch of malfeasants – are GUILTY of any & every thing that Trump does now! NEVER FORGET THAT!
And Trump’s somewhat veiled threats that there will be violence in the streets, at hands of HIS far-right militias (& whatever police forces he calls up) to attack Americans who didn’t vote for him anyway, is supposed to what…?? Put severe fear in the minds/hearts of all Americans? “Ooohh! Better vote for Trump, or there will be blood in the streets!” Is that it?
Ttump’s even uglier & meaner twin asshole, Billy Barr, is head of (cough. sputter…) Justice Dept., so does that mean we can do nothing to put a stop to this shit?! Find a way, gov’t piggies sucking from the taxpayer trough! Not talk. Action. Do something! Dems need to know that they WILL BE BLAMED! Dems need to think of something that can be done & media must do THEIR job as well to spread the real news.
GOP would never allow anything like this if Dems were doing any of it! Of course, they wouldn’t. But still…do we see what’s coming & do nothing but lament!?? What good is that? None! Zero! Do we want a bloody war on our streets over that shitgibbon Trump?!? They sure do!! They are fully armed – police & militias. The “Left” is not inclined to such violence & most UNLIKELY to have guns at the ready. Is this America still? Cuz’ looking less like it all the time.
Trump is making his plans very well known, in his usual threatening form. His ‘militia’ has even done little practice runs & the fact police are on side of militias, show how this will go if comes to that. Unbelievable that this crap can happen in the USA! Barr & rest of GOP will back him up, as usual. THEY ALL MUST GO!
There is NOTHING more UNAmerican than all the election fraud & sabotage tactics at play here – ALL BY GOP – while blaming “the Left”, of course! What Trump/Barr/GOP are hinting they have planned for us is nothing short of “a coup” ~ look South for other recent examples where we have backed the same in other democratic nations. The results have been HORRIBLE for the citizens of those countries! (Our broadcast media doesn’t much cover it tho.)
Trump’s big mouth provides warning. Barr does too. Neither gives a damn about the Constitution. Nor cares about you & me & everyone else. They will control what is said & plunge us into 3rd world status without a moment’s guilt.
I don’t know at this point what, if anything can be done. I do see warnings & red flags flying.
So… Now what!!!

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You are right stardust - we NEED to maintain our sense of humor !

And hope ~

The food of hope
Is meditated action; robbed of this
Her sole support, she languishes and dies.
We perish also; for we live by hope
And by desire; we see by the glad light
And breathe the sweet air of futurity;
And so we live, or else we have no life.

  • ~https://internetpoem.com/william-wordsworth/the-excursion-book-ninth-discourse-of-poem/

That’s the question alright ES ~

Let’s assume for the moment the election is a done deal - and we descend this darkening path politically.

One can still act unilaterally.

As Gandhi put it - ‘be the change you want to see happen’ or words to that effect.

That can definitely happen - it only takes one vote after all.

Longer term, I think we also need to prepare for massive change, in the physical word yes - but even more importantly in the mind.

How did we get here - important - because there’s little point in trying to get back to normal if normal is what got us here in the first place.

I’ll try and summarize for effect:

The nuclear family might have been a mistake - it takes a tribe to raise a child. ???