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'Existential Threat to Our Democracy': Trump Openly Telegraphs Intent (Once Again) to Delegitimize 2020 Election Results

So true. If the voting public did what they did in 2016, what tells us they won’t do it again.
One of the best readers of DJT is his niece Mary Trump.
Her spot on “The last Word” tonight was uncomfortably revealing.


We need to be vigilant, as we are becoming comfortably numb.


So very, very true gandolf, too bad you do not have the literary Gandolfs staff to do some readjusting with.

Given the facts…

  1. Donald Trump is a sociopath/psychopath.
  2. The former Republican Party (now Trump Party) leadership appears to be in the thrall of this creature - hence, the majority of the US Senate.
  3. The regime’s “Cabinet” is comprised of devout disciples of this Messianic Orange “Anti-Christ”.
  4. There are some millions of mentally challenged “Evangelical-Neo-Nazi-Etc.” whites who, very possibly, could be whipped into a killing frenzy for his personal benefit.

It is very possible that the American People, in conjunction with the US House of Representatives, will be forced to put down a civil war later this year…while the Federal “Administration”, with all of its departments and the US “Senate” attempt to “legally” force the US military to lead the civil war, whose sole purpose is to maintain the Insane Orange Troglodyte in power.

If Donald Trump remains the dictator of this country, with the blessings of the Rothschild-Bilderberg’s Zionist World Order, Nazi Germany will seem to be a sweet utopia by comparison to the Hellish monster of the United States of Amerika.

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I’m sorry, Ms, I’m ROTFLMFAOing at the idea that Amy Klobuchar and “Mayor Pete” are actually progressive.

Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and a couple of other 2020 presidential candidates were progressives. But, of course, the DNC’s rulers ( Debbie Wasserman Schultz, HELLary, et al) could never tolerate a candidate whose first loyalty was to the American People - as opposed to the Rothschilds and their ZWO (Donald Trump isn’t so insane that he would oppose the Judeo-Nazi occupation of America, either).

So this is interesting:


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Looks like the winner of the next election, will be which Party cheats the best!

Hi manysummits:
I get a lot of comfort from Emily D. but Wordsworth is wonderful too… : )
“Hope is a feathered thing which perches in the soul…”

And a lot of times it does fly so high as the “sweet bird of TRUTH.”

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Thanks. I watched an extended interview with her. What a messed up family that is. But then, I think most of these rich families are. There is some kind of a fundamental lack which leads to this kind of competitive and hoarding behavior. To quote the head of Oracle, “It’s not enough that I win. You have to lose, too.”


The longer he’s in there, the more he destroys. Just in the last few weeks: the post office, NOAA, and now he says if re-elected he’ll go after Social Security. I think he needs a recall, and by creating some churn at least we’ll limit how much damage any one of them can do.


Thanks. Interesting indeed.

Thanks for pointing that out.

It’s Trump’s little piggy eyes that really get me.

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In your heart, and the hearts of all who read this blog. That won’t be enough, but it will be all there is for a great while.

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I am a huge fan of Emily D - a class of her own !

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I’m reading Thomas Homer-Dixon’s new book, “Commanding Hope” (2020) - and right up to date, including Covid 19.

He is a complexity-social-scientist.

Being a fan of complexity theory myself - I am essentially updating my knowledge base on this subject thru Thomas’ new volume.

The great leader and polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton once said:

“Optimism is true moral courage.”

Coming from a man such as Shackleton - that cuts thru all the dry philosophy about hope - it’s good; it’s bad; it’s in between.

His ship was named ‘Endurance’ - after the family motto.

Because we can’t imagine a way out doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

Hence the role of the heart.



Very well said. Thank you.

Twitter has an easy solution to tRump the Twit. He’s tweeting on a personal account. Treat it is a such. Let the Orange Anus tweet under the POTUS handle if he wants.

I don’t think we will get our country back from these grifters even if Biden won by 10 million votes. Trump has let us know that he will not accept the election results unless he is the winner. He’s already talked about a 3rd term and his idols and pals are dictators so he is a wanna-be. And, yet, the Trump supporters are completely oblivious of reality and call us delusional and believe the ads that Trump is running.


You describe very well the fear & helplessness that I and I suppose many other democracy- & freedom-loving Americans feel.