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'Existential Threat to Our Democracy': Trump Refuses to Commit to Accepting 2020 Election Results

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/19/existential-threat-our-democracy-trump-refuses-commit-accepting-2020-election


Fear mongering f##k. Cannot WAIT to drag him out, hairs askew and wailing like a little girl.


“The American people must be prepared to mobilize if Trump refuses to concede,” Eldridge added.

Gosh! But Mr. Eldridge, we already mobilized under Bernie… howcum he ain’t runnin’?


He’s just messing with the idiot questioners and they’re too in love with prancing around in joyful dudgeon to realize it. If he were really going to do a coup, he’d say “of course I will abide by the outcome” and then spring the trap without a moment’s warning.


Who cares if Trump does not accept the results: we knew all this previously in 2016 as
he hedged his bets against losing.

I for one would pay good money to see his obese a-- thrown out on PN Ave along with
his corrupt son in law and nepotism Barbie along with him. After they pick themselves off
of the pavement they can climb into their limo and be taken back to their otherwise corrupt
and dishonest lives to fleece and steal from someone other than the US taxpayer.


If the Tangerine Twit thinks it’s up to him to “accept” the results of the election, he’s more delusional than I thought. He has no power or authority to not accept it. It’s totally out of his control. There’s no way any “forces” will sign up to keep him in office, if the poll results say he lost. I think even those who have spent the last four years kissing his ass and licking his boots will be glad to be rid of him.


Trump is working to sow doubt about the outcome of this election before votes are even cast

And he has almost the entire votes stealing GOP behind him. Then there are the appeasers amongst the “democrats”, those who don’t mind doing a “little” stealing of their own, and, of course, GOP in “Democrat” clothing as in neoliberals. We are on the ropes. We need a good left hook.


Portland, Oregon goons are NOT U.S. army or any military or reserve units.
Most likely prison guards and earlier this morning a HSS document stated that they were not trained.
That is why they are grabbing (kidnapping) anyone they choose to intimidate because that is what
their method is inside federal prisons.

The generals will not evict Trump from white house.
General John Kelly served as chief of staff and is accused of being the author of separating infants from their moms at the mexican border last year. Think he will do the right thing?? nope.

July15th, annual incoming DC phone call, one month late. Mail in ballots at a new england state were 27% not counted due to …
Imagine Georgia looking at addresses on the envelopes.
Imagine Wayne County Michigan (Detroit) trying to count. They have not done well since 2015. A hoot. So, the results in some states will not be known for 5 or 6 weeks of drama, suspense, tensions.

And in each state, there will be hoards (whores?) of lawyers lapping up dollars to attack the vote count, defend it, Take it to the county election commissions, courts, etc.

May end up in Supreme Court with details alarming.


Here you go----could it be this simple?

If Trump were inclined to overstay his term, the levers of power work in favor of removal. Because the president immediately and automatically loses his constitutional authority upon expiration of his term or after removal through impeachment, he would lack the power to direct the U.S. Secret Service or other federal agents to protect him. He would likewise lose his power, as the commander in chief of the armed forces, to order a military response to defend him. In fact, the newly minted president would possess those presidential powers. If necessary, the successor could direct federal agents to forcibly remove Trump from the White House. Now a private citizen, Trump would no longer be immune from criminal prosecution, and could be arrested and charged with trespassing in the White House. While even former presidents enjoy Secret Service protection, agents presumably would not follow an illegal order to protect one from removal from office.”

But . . . there is this (which I think is a possiblity—i.e. the “American experiment will come to a grinding halt”)

But if Trump should fail in his final duty as president to transfer power peacefully, the nation’s laws, norms, and institutions will be responsible for carrying out the will of the electorate. Should those fail too, then the American experiment’s greatest achievement will come to a grinding halt, and with it the hope that a republic can ever be kept.”**

If this is “the American experiment’s greatest achievement” I hate to see what our worst achievement is . . .
wait . . . I think we are seeing that unfold, tragically.


The link below may give some explanation to Trumps answer. According to WH staffers, Trumps mentally fading fast (ironic that both candidates possibly have dementia), and they have been lying to him daily about his poll numbers, telling him the “real” polls show him ahead of Biden.

“Trump’s Team Cheers Him Up By Talking About Beautiful Boaters And Lying About Polls”
ROF, Ring of Fire Platform


Meanwhile, the Dems pressed the Russiagate conspiracy to explain why the 2016 results were crooked.
This country is a laughing stock – Federal Reserve bail out babies claiming we have moral authority.


Trump is simply the symptom of the true existential threat to America — the ignorance and naivete of a large portion of the American voting population — rubes waiting to be fleeced again.

Critical thinking skills and an understanding of what it means to be a true participatory citizen in American democracy have both largely disappeared, replaced by knee-jerk D vs R labels and stereotypes.

Greed, Ignorance and Hatred are the guiding principles for a large portion of the American populace.

The true existential threat to America are the American voting population themselves.



“…You knew I was a snake when you let me in…”


Wonder which agency or institution is going to do that.

Enjoy your life now because in November we may be in a different sort of hell. We can’t let it happen. Okay. Stop. How many people have said, “We can’t let it happen” yet are stuck to their computers and do nothing? I’m afraid that I’m one of them. I guess we all have to look deeply into ourselves and decide exactly what we must do, how we must mobilize, because in November it may be our last chance.


Putin (mistakenly) though that Trump would work for the interests of his plutocratic gangster-capitalist government and did help Trump get elected. This is a fact that is accepted worldwide - because Putin is also working to get reactionary-right governments elected in many other countries too.

The USA is not the sole source of bad in the world. And Putin (along with Assad, or Rouhani) is no friend of the global socialist left.

This does not mean that we (the international left) should not advocate defusing tensions with the current Russian government whenever possible while working with our leftist comrades on our side in Russia.


Nope. Only accepted by dupes.


Jefferson’s Tree of Liberty is mighty thirsty!


Hey - the orange one , the 'Vank and her undertaker ( strangly appropriate allusion…) hubby can sell sell seats. Set up risers throughout DC … they’d make a mint … heck if they don’t maybe I will. Time to start checking rentals in a 100 mile radius and pay premium for a short-notice rental.

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