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Existing Law May Not Solve Presidential Crisis


Existing Law May Not Solve Presidential Crisis

Bill Blum

"Dumping Trump and ensuring that no one like him ever accedes to the presidency again will require the promotion of an alternative to oligarchic corporate capitalism."

First and foremost, only the most cockeyed optimists could believe that Vice President Mike Pence would lead what would amount to a de facto palace coup against Trump by initiating the procedures outlined in Section 4. Nor, as an aside, would the nation be better off by having Pence—a religious fanatic and radical homophobe—take charge of the federal government.


Hasn’t he already committed multiple, flagrant—and, apparently, ongoing—violations of the emoluments clause? What’s the problem—Pence-o-phobia?


A massive change in the laws protecting us all against another Trump will require a massive uprising of us citizens.

This will require organization and commitment to this end goal of ousting every last one of Trumps ilk.

Anything short of this, will not succeed.


djt is not a product of oligarchic corporate capitalism. His taking office is a fluke. The fix is more to follow his pattern of essential independence and mount progressive campaigns for independent public servants at all levels.


Good advice from Bill Blum!