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Expanding Supreme Court May Be Only Way to Protect Democracy

Expanding Supreme Court May Be Only Way to Protect Democracy

Miles Mogulescu

Mitch McConnell has achieved his lifelong political dream: packing the Federal Courts, and especially The Supreme Court, with right-wing extremists, who thanks to him, now hold lifetime appointments.

The result: Even if the Democrats manage to win the Presidency, the House, and the Senate simultaneously, a Supreme Court with a young 5-4 right-wing majority could undermine voting rights, environmental regulation , a woman’s right to choose, and many other areas for decades to come.


No, I disagree. Regaining the Senate majority, and then the White House … Then impeach those justices found to be wanting.

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As I understand it, USA is the only country in the word that has a supreme court and judges appointed for life. Our laws are for the most part based on English Common Law. Why is our court system - supreme court - so different?

I don’t see how changing the number of justices to solve political problems is going to fix this rotten system. There must be a better way…

And I’ll believe that corporations are people when Texas executes one.


On the impeachment front, the first to go will be Neal Gorsuch who should never have been nominated by Trump. That pick belong to Barack Obama and that weasel Mitch McConnell wouldn’t give Garland a hearing. Then Brett Kavanaugh who had lied to two prior judiciary committees for two other jobs but who managed to bury those crimes under a sex scandal just as Clarence Thomas had. Sex can cover up anything.