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Expect the Barometer to Rise in Mexico


Expect the Barometer to Rise in Mexico

Laura Carlsen

After the polls closed in Mexico on June 7, embattled President Enrique Peña Nieto stepped up to claim a victory that he didn’t win.

“In Mexico, democracy advances,” he declared triumphantly in a polished television address. He announced that the Mexican people had expressed their will through institutions and channeled their differences through the democratic system.


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Thank you for your broad view of the events.

I used to work with a many companies working in the maquilladores program
and as such was quite aware of the evolution of Mexican politics.

But Mexico has become so active and pressures are so divergent and coming
from many many different groups, it has become almost incomprehensible
for the Americans.

There is no doubt that change is happening for Mexico.
There is also no doubt that the citizenry deserve better. Continued awareness and involvement has always been the key. The bravery of many is extraordinary.


It’s not good that I know so little about Mexico. This article is very helpful.


The article is helpful.

It is good to remember, too, that NAFTA has brought a lot of violence to Mexico as the economy slides from the cottage businesses and stalls that some of us remember to international cartels. As is traditional, drug cartels in particular ally themselves with the American intelligence community and with factions within the Mexican government, trading cash, favors, and an anonymous hand for violence in return for legitimized violence and exclusive access to markets.

These are situations that we have seen in countries that have been overwhelmed by American military and intelligence manipulations. It has generally taken one to several generations for any recovery to begin, when it does.

While Mexico is a unique place where a lot could happen differently, it is well to bear in mind that it is essentially under the same leadership as the various governments that have slipped into quasi-fascist faux-democracies over the last decades, and so are we.