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Expecting Accuracy From the White House Is Unrealistic, Trump Says


Expecting Accuracy From the White House Is Unrealistic, Trump Says

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As the Trump administration continues to go off the rails, President Donald Trump on Friday morning threatened to "cancel all future 'press briefings'" after once again berating the so-called "Fake Media" and saying the expectation of accuracy from the White House was unrealistic.


Expecting competency from this president is unrealistic. Trump signs executive orders that he probably hasn't read much less understood. He enacts policies and sends out directives to agencies with such rapidity that it is obvious that he himself hasn't a clue and that these policies are poorly considered even by his advisors and in some cases reckless as to their long range outcome.

Trump may not be a out and out puppet but it seems increasingly obvious that he is a poorly suited figurehead who once having gained the throne decides to actually attempt to rule himself. It is likely that Trump expected to substitute his typical version of thinking (hiring others like lawyers and accountants to be smart for him) and instead would actually delegate the understanding of an issue to one of his assistants or advisors (leaving it to them to do the thinking) and that he would do the public signing of what they had decided. Trump intended that he would simply pick and choose which advice his administration would follow despite his not understanding that advice nor the issue at hand himself.

An error that.


It is sad but also it was fully predictable, that a Trump presidency is forcing the critical left to form one more strange-bedfellow alliance - this time with the corporate media. Like the other alliances, we need to keep the alliance at a generous arms length...


During most of the past decade Trump's birther movement stuck to single mantra and lie,,,"Obama born in Kenya" that was easy for Trump and his racist followers to keep straight and enable him to be spared very much scrutiny..

To advance beyond the media fantasy world, Trump now has the spotlight on him and would be on his way to jail by now if the didn't have the biggest organized crime syndicate protecting him as he serves them as the best smokescreen they have ever had to enable them to destroy what little democracy has survived to this point in Murka.


Twit sez: "Maybe the best thing to do would be to cancel all future 'press
briefings' and hand out written responses for the sake of accuracy???"

Good idea. Written lies are far more accurate than the spoken version.


Interesting to consider this from the perspective of what the perceptions held by the writers are regarding the legal system and Constitution.
Presented as though the question of style (open scorn and disregard of Trump) over content (consider Obama's actual activities) is something impending rather than of historical impact on the present, this strikes me as the journalistic equivalent of the 'dangling chad'. A story to influence opinion/your vote, dog whistling that 'there is no neutral on a moving train' while crafting nothing more than a swirl on vanilla icing of the cake it wants to 'let' readers eat.

With Trump's gifts to kleptocractic interests (eg: DAPL) and normalization of the model of constant upheaval, I tend to keep in mind that his 'circle' includes corporate interests larger than some nations. While weŕe focused on Putin, keep in mind that Russian oligarchs are kinda slap-on-the-back cozy with other oligarchic interests. By the way, any news on 'trade deals' ? Or do those just evaporate when the kleg lights are focused somewhere else?


I think the term "corporate media" is just another form of stereotyping and undermines democracy. The media is actually a complex mixture of good and bad reporting and editing. The left should be support good journalism whether it is from the mainstream media or alternative media and criticize poor journalism from the mainstream media and alternative media. The issue is not so much who owns the media but whether it is functioning as it should to provide accurate information about the government to the people.


Media and communications scholarJay Rosen might say: hey, we should welcome that.

Some months ago he called for news organisations to send in the interns to deal with the daily dog and pony show, while redirecting resources to more important matters that they might actually gather some facts on.


Trump- "it is not possible for my surrogates to stand at podium with perfect accuracy!...."
Well yaaa, since it is not possible for Trump to speak with any accuracy.
See, Trump is right again, for the 1000th time by his count.


For once, Trump has it right. Accuracy is NOT possible in this "administration". Of course, like everything else about Trump and his republican psychophants, their reasons are 180 degrees the opposite of the truth. "Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!" The republican party, from Trump down, is an ongoing, treasonous criminal conspiracy with one thing and one thing only in mind -- take as much of your and my money as possible. Everything they do revolves around this central, fundamental premise. They are willing to destroy this country to achieve their grand theft. Tax cuts disguised as health care. Clean skies disguising the right to pollute. No child left behind to facilitate the transfer of education dollars into private hands. The destruction of any constraints on corporate behavior disguised as "deregulation". "Make America Great Again" as cover for taking food out of the mouths of housebound seniors. The list, and the ocean of lies to cover the republican agenda of theft, is pretty much endless. There is no doubt whatsoever that if you are not wealthy the republican party is actively trying to KILL YOU. And, to achieve their murder (in the form of death by starvation, exposure or disease) they are actively destroying the one agency of defense against such a murderous rampage -- government accountable to the electorate. Oh how I wish for a vengeful GOD to sweep the earth clean of republicans worldwide.


Perhaps Trump should only allow Tass News Agency to report his Lies.


Cancel Spicer's White House Briefings?

As the old saw goes "Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies."

So, I guess it's a wash.


Expecting accuracy from the White House was unrealistic? For once, Trump spoke the truth! But on the other hand, I guess " alternative facts" are realistic?


Suppressing the media/press..............FASCISM.


Exactly! Never mind rapturing the 'christians' -- rapture the reptoxicons ... oh, wait a minute ... the reptoxicons are the 'christians'!


Can we get something going here, instead of just ranting...
Namely demanding that CNN refuse to show up at these "daily White house " stenographer meetings.,
if all they get is paper hand outs?
AND to cover Sessions' out and out encroaching tyranny on civil rights?
and stop asking if this Comey Firing is "Nixonian" to another Watergate alumni still living? for the 20th time?
we know what it is ...
Tyranny, so let's do something about it!
also ask MSDNC, and the other cowardly "news" media...


I was wondering when they would realize that they needed a committee to get their stories both coherent and conforming. They really need to get this jive all at the same time since the prez changes his mind more often then he changes his socks.


I was going to say "right out of the Fascists' Playbook". . . but you beat me to it!


I believe that this may have a good side, since Trump is challenging the corporate media, a powerful force that did not for the most part conduct itself well in last year's elections.

Divide and conquer . . .


When the MIC, Deep State, Rothchilds, Bilderburgs, Corporations, Wall Street, Mafia, or whoever runs the show, went shopping for a puppet they sure picked a doozy.