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Expecting Sanders Supporters to "Close Ranks?"


Expecting Sanders Supporters to "Close Ranks?"

John Atcheson

When the Clinton campaign and the corporate press call for Sanders to drop out and turn his supporters over to Hillary, they reveal just how out of touch they are. Sanders’ army is not his to command. They arose out of a profound dissatisfaction over politics as usual, and many – if not most – will not be persuaded to vote for a status quo politician they perceive to be part of the problem, no matter how frightening a Trump Presidency could be.

Here are some of the reasons why:


HRC, the Girl with the Goldwater touch--untouchable, that is.


Well stated and on the mark article. The filth spewed in this campaign by the Clintonistas and their corporate media backers is a stake through the rotten heart of the Democratic Party. What is important for us is to build the movement. We need to work not only on electing progressives but on strengthening coalition work on issues and on media to get real news out to the information deprived majority.

Nature and the oligarchy will help us organize with strong doses of reality.


This piece articulates the many reasons, already discussed on these pages, that Clinton's chances at actually winning the presidency are rapidly diminishing. I remain gobsmacked by the fact that her campaign appears clueless to all this, and of course that is the best reason to not vote for Herself.

If Clinton and her advisors are unable to analyze what is so obvious to this community and so many others, she cannot respond appropriately. How does that speak to how she will govern? The same question can be asked if in fact she does see what is obvious and chose to undermine democratic processes in order to impart her will on We the People.

She gives new meaning to the words "dirty politician". Sorry Bernie, if she steals the nomination, I will use my vote to defeat her.


For the sake of the Party, isn't it time for Mrs. Clinton to "man up" and drop out?


Terrific assessment, Mr. Atcheson, particularly this:

"The more the consultants and pundits pushed candidates to the center and beyond, the worse the party faired.

"But it didn’t matter, because the mythical conservative “center” is exactly where the oligarchy wanted the party to go, and the myth fed their pursuit of power and their accumulation of wealth. And, in her own words, that’s exactly where Hillary has been for her entire political career. The oligarchs controlling the party believed people had nowhere else to go,"

Also, this forum has had its share of message shapers reinforcing this particular Talking Point.


It's like somebody crawled in my head and spit out the thoughts. This is one of the best pieces of journalism I've ever read. NAIL ON HEAD! First time in my life I've seen somebody in the press write truth and logic. Keep your head down John Atcheson, oligarchs won't be happy with you. Thank you for your integrity and perfect representation of my/our thoughts. You're a true patriot.


From The Page and Gilens study... THIS is how she would govern (to maintain the existing system which shuts OUT The People):

"When the preferences of economic elites and the stands of organized interest groups are controlled for, the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy." (emphasis added);

"In the United States, our findings indicate, the majority does not rule—at least not in the causal sense of actually determining policy outcomes."


Good article. I think the comments also identified the cluelessness of Hillary dems about how disaffected voters are. They are turned off by politics as usual and there is no way Bernie can cave into politics as usual, endorse CLinton, and expect us, like lemmings to follow him over the cliff. There is no way Hillary will woo a majority of Sanders supporters---which means Trump could, probably will, win. So, either the Party gives the nomination to Sanders in July or....he breaks ranks and runs outside the party. In any event, we live in interesting times.


Great article and exactly my reasons to not vote for a Clinton or Bush as long as I breathe. It's staggering after all that Bernie has done to shine light on the dark underbelly of the Dem's and DNC, that they would expect we all will drop everything and vote for Hillary. That's a huge assumption when you think about it, it's entitlement and arrogance. We've done it in the past though and for that we have to take the blame. But not this time.
They are the one's that need to change and we don't have any need to support them if they don't. We don't have an opposing party, we have two parties taking different paths to the same goal. I'll write Bernie in or vote for the Green party but never Hillary.


It's not about the party for her, it's about her and the oligarchy. The party is just an illusion under which they have taken over the country. There's no difference between Hillary and the Republican party. She thinks she is preordained and will walk in to office without contest. How arrogant of her to not debate Bernie, thinking voters have no right to hear the argument. She is effectively hiding, she knows she'll lose in cogitation.


A little off topic but here is a presentation by Abby Martin. I particularly like the point she made about her own encounter with the "free press" (at about the nine minute mark) as well as her final remarks regarding Senator Sanders.




Sen. Sanders leads Trump by 15%. Clinton in virtual dead heat. Bernie has positive rating among all voters; as much as 10-14%. Trump and Clinton are disliked by 60%. The 99s have sent a clear message to the 1%ers. We're coming for you. And, it will be from so many different directions it will make your collective heads spin. " Eating the rich " is not even the main course, here. It's only an appetizer. You have disrupted evolution and that leaves only revolution. And, you'll get no cake, either. No justice, No peace!


Seeing how Clinton's campaign has nothing to offer except serial Trump boogeyman drama, the Sanders campaign needs to saturate California voters during the next two week with the polling data showing Sanders beating Trump and Clinton losing to Trump.


I like that you included nature in your prediction of forces that will help organize the movement. I foresee that as perhaps being the paramount influence for the future, depending on how fascistic and authoritarian the next few administrations are (I have a close friend who predicts this will be the last 'democractic' administration if either H or T get elected).



Great article by Mr. Atcheson! Because of rigging, Mr. Sanders may
lose the election, but progressives need to continue demanding that
politicians serve the people.


I wonder about that too. Oligarchy gets serious? Sanders has come so close and no matter what they do, he keeps getting closer. That tells oligarchy that Sanders would win in a landslide if they hadn't cheated as much as they have and they won't risk that happening again. The people choosing whom they want is an annoyance and a threat to oligarchy.

Trump's proto-fascism is a sign as is Hillary's open corruption and deceit. It took too much to defeat the will of the people this time. It pulled back the curtain too far on corruption and lies this time to be able to hold back the will of the people. The oligarchy noticed that. If they can get away with it this one more time, they will make sure that a candidate like Sanders won't happen again.

The thing was that they never expected him to get so far. They had forgotten that he has been an honest man in politics and that took them by surprise. He had a long record of being trustworthy and people liked that about him and what he wanted to do. They believed him.

Too bad Sanders hadn't run instead of Obama. Obama made the word change meaningless. Hillary is doing the same promises promises con game on the voters. Obama was black and she is a woman... Change! Except the status quo's version of change doesn't actually change anything except race and gender. Everything else stays the same.

Wall St Hillary or Wall builder Trump... Do you really see all that much difference? Trump is worse than Hillary which makes her look better than she really is. She promises not to build a wall (maybe just a fence) lol.

Sanders really would change things and that made the oligarchy go all out to stop that kind of thing from happening.


Sen. Sanders is the bipartisan choice. The only uniter of the 99s, regardless of political affiliation. It is clearly obvious that Bernie has captured the center on domestic and foreign policy issues. If Trump or Clinton are elected; all hell will break out at home and abroad. The voting people know this at the gut level. Read the writing on the wall: it says times up. And, all the king's horse's...


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