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Experiments Involving GMO Animals Are Skyrocketing, Study Finds


Experiments Involving GMO Animals Are Skyrocketing, Study Finds

Nika Knight, staff writer

Experiments involving genetically engineered animals have nearly tripled in Germany in the past 10 years, driven by a burgeoning global industry that involves inventing and patenting genetically altered species for scientific research, says a new study commissioned by Germany's Green Party and conducted by the research group Testbiotech.


If we do not STOP THE ENTIRE PROJECT of "owning" everything...

"Owning" land, "owning" water, "owning" life...

Then the Earth (and its people) are owned and operated by predatory corporate constructs whose corporate DNA compels endless "growth," endless acquisition, endless exploitation, endless and infinite "maximization of profit"...

We cannot slow and "regulate" this structural paradigm in any meaningful sense. Either we honor our own humanity and the life of the Earth and END THIS DOMINEERING CORPORATE TECHNO-INDUSTRIAL ECONOMIC SYSTEM, and restructure human society and economy on a paradigm that honors and supports humanity and ecology...

Or we continue SWIFTLY ACCELERATING on this descent into...


I am strongly against GMO foods because they are not modified to improve human health. Current GMO foods are made so that they either contain toxins, or they are resistant to putting lots of toxins on them. That is an extremely harmful use of the technology. However, as a scientist who is working with several gene knockout mouse strains I can honestly say that the technology has revolutionized biology. It is now easy to make one gene inactive in a line of mice, and then study how that gene deletion (mutation) affects genetics, biochemistry and physiology. This tool, which is mostly used in mice, is an unbelievably useful way to determine what each protein in the body actually does. It is not done for large profits, at least not yet to any great extent. There are repositories of frozen mouse embryos that a lab can purchase in order to raise and study the mice missing one particular gene. This is a good use of the technology, exactly the opposite of patenting seeds for crops that can tolerate huge doses of glyphosate, which humans will then eat. So don't worry so much about modified mice, they are doing a lot to advance biology right now. Definitely worry about GMO crops made to withstand huge doses of weed killer.


Kudos to the Green Party of Germany!


From the Wiki article regarding "knock-out" mice:
"Examples of research in which knockout mice have been useful include studying and modeling different kinds of cancer, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, substance abuse, anxiety, aging and Parkinson's disease. Knockout mice also offer a biological and scientific context in which drugs and other therapies can be developed and tested."
This shows the real stupidity of humans. Every "disease" listed in that paragraph is caused by toxic Western diets and toxins in the environment. All of them are "cured" when people eat what the creator put here for us to eat. Processed food-like substances and pesticide/herbicide ridden, nutrient deficient food causes every one of the problems. Thousands of people are learning that the human body really can tell the difference between real food and a food-like, chemical-laden substance, and are curing their ailments at astounding rates. But since there's no profit in eating healthy, organic, REAL food, the fake-food pushers and big pharmaceutical companies will do all they can to create and perpetuate disease for massive profits. Welcome to unbridled, idiotic capitalism!


"We must not allow any more animals to be tortured."
—Nicole Maisch, Green Party of Germany

True but when you consider just how vile humans invested in this very pernicious culture of death, capitalism and its Western technological "civilization" are toward other human beings no species are safe.

Also consider this: if "civilization" is "progress" then it rather seems we are actually moving backwards. The only "progress" being made is toward annihilation.


Anybody concerned about GMOs needs to vote for Green Party candidates whenever they are on your ballot. With only10% of Germany's Bundestag seats occupied by Greens and a similar percentage of Greens holding local elected offices, Germany has led the industrial nations during the past three decades in becoming a more environmentally and economically sustainable nation.

In June 2014 Clinton told the audience at a GMO cartel convention in San Diego that they "need to put a new spin on GMOs to get young people to embrace them". Judging from Clinton's continued failure to attract young voters, the "new spin" is yet to come.


Makes sense. How can the human race be perfected if the lower species aren't first convinced? White rabbits for days...


Pretty easy to to talk. Usually the perception changes considerably when you're hooked up to a few machines that breathe and pump blood for you, and there are tubes that eliminate your excrement and urine into a glass jar under your bed. Maybe your liver, or kidneys are being eaten by cancer. My best bet is at that point you'd want those experiments to go faster and get some results.

But then again, there are brave souls out there that don't think that way. The only thing they want is to get an Oregon driver license.


I think we know who the real rats are here


The following is worth considering in light of what you point out:



I find this particularly disgusting.

Animal experimentation that involves further suffering to other species or the corrupting of the natural world by additional freakish tinkering is a crime against nature. And we have done plenty enough of that justified by our own perceived superiority. Which just ain't true.


"...include studying and modeling different kinds of cancer, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, substance abuse, anxiety, aging and Parkinson's disease."

Interesting indeed.
Are those only some, if not all the areas of 'scientific' study, making indecent profits by way of not finding a cure and instead misleading it?
Curious indeed.


Monsters - the human race is turning in monsters and we're almost there.


Don't worry, webwalk...

The project has it's own stopping point built in... and that is when someone/something owns everything. It's just like when a game of Monopoly ends and will unfold the same way. What happens once the game's over? All the urgent and alarmist 'green' measures will come through just in time to save humanity from oblivion, and everyone will be psychologically prepared to go along with them and cheer-lead them to boot, no matter how Draconian they may be. Anyone who violates the new law of the land will be taken out by a drone. Where this is unfeasible a satellite-based laser strike will do. Targeting will be highly accurate as the target will be locked if they carry a cellular device or any kind of identification. If they're keen enough not to carry these things, well, they're obviously a terrorist and satellite/drone surveillance will nab them anyways no matter where they go.

Sound outlandish? Give Marty McFly a call and tell him to bring the Doc. Take the DeLorean back to 1985 and tell everyone there about Edward Snowden and his revelations. And again, don't worry.



We are almost there.


If you are opposed to eating GMO's, then you better not eat any domesticated plant and animal species (e.g., all farm animals and crop species) because these are genetically-modified. How do you think humans produced the domestic dog? Fido is a genetically-modified wolf. Do you want people to get rid of their pets because they are genetically modified?


There is a pretty big difference between selective breeding of species over the course of hundreds of generations versus inserting a frog gene into a soybean plant in a lab. I can't believe you would try to pull off such a weak argument in these commons... go back to youtube where you might win a few, you self-admitted goof.


Did you sleep through biology class in high school? All domestic plant and animal species that serve as our food are genetically modified. The only way to live off of species that are not genetically modified would be to hunt wild game animals and collect wild plants. In other words, go back to hunting and gathering. The agricultural revolution only happened because humans evolved big brains and used those brains to figure out how to genetically modify non-human species to produce species that benefit us. Do you have a pet dog? If you do, your pet is a genetically-modified wolf.


The difference is time. Here's some trivia for you: did you know humans share 18% of genes with the wine grape? Here's a nice game National Geographic has:


Here's a good example: Round-Up ready soybeans, made in the lab right? Bad stuff, now keep using Roundup on them soybeans to kill weeds. Pretty soon the weed will become resistant to RoundUp. Same result except it took longer.

So Goofar has a point.