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Expert Panel Advises CDC That US Healthcare Workers and Nursing Home Residents Should Get Covid-19 Vaccine First

I read in a link posted here by WingsofDove, that natural immunity has been pasted to babies from mothers infected with the virus. Without passing on the disease.


And this does nothing to convince me to take it:



They fly below those of my encephalopathy, which was caused by West Nile Virus (2004), so I am not a good case study. Peace, my friend.


Thank you. I think that is true for a lot of people that may have had it early on but without a confirmed diagnosis too. You are the first person I’ve talked with that has recovered, and glad that you did.

Peace to you too.

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It’s funny, some people don’t believe I had it because I had it before testing wasn’t available to people like me. I had four symptoms. Sticked to the CDC’s protocol plus two days. Did all of the right things, yet some want to call bullshit on me. Remember the chickenpox? Did we need a DNA sample for conformation? The American mind has become irrational. Thank you for being my cyber-peer.

From *ttps://www.oftwominds.com/blog.html, 30November2020

"The mRNA vaccines have not been properly tested to answer essential questions such as: can a vaccinated individual retain enough of the virus to infect an unvaccinated individual?

The only way to really test a viral vaccine is to put the vaccinated volunteers in a controlled setting saturated with the virus for many hours. If none of the volunteers have any virus in their post-exposure serological tests, then the vaccine works. If the volunteers still have the virus but didn’t become severely ill, this doesn’t mean they can’t infect others.

One of the problems is the goal of the Covid vaccine trials wasn’t to determine if the virus was eliminated by the volunteers’ immune system; the goal of the trials was to determine whether the vaccinated individuals became severely ill with Covid or not–with “severely ill” being conveniently left undefined.

Individuals who’d already had Covid and who took the vaccine were not tested separately for safety and after-effects, so this remains an unknown.

The unanswered questions about the vaccines’ real-world results will be answered in due time, but not in the lab; they’ll be answered in a public-health “experiment” without precedent.

If you wanted to design a testing process that was optimized for failure, you’d end up with this haphazard, hurried process careening toward approval. The trials and testing of the Covid vaccines are not equivalent to those applied to previous generations of vaccines.

The bigger the claims and the harder the sell, the greater the number of red flags raised. If a product works as wonderfully as advertised, it will sell itself. If “consumers” have to be coerced into buying the product, that speaks volumes–whether we’re free to discuss it or not."

In my mind there stands a more than small chance that ‘the cure may be worse than the disease.’ I especially like a line I read promoting the vaccine " … the speed in which the vaccine has been developed does not mean it is not safe." but neither does it mean it IS safe.


I think you have to trust your own judgement even in the face of criticism, so I have no trouble with your explanation. I do remember the chicken pox and measles too. Yep, no DNA required. There is a serology test that could confirm it for you if needed for medical reasons. (at least for up to six months) There is more than one test. Probably not news, but doctors are pretty busy these days.

Thanks to you as well.

Back in the day we used to have a sign up related to proposed projects:
“Fast, Cheap, Right - Pick Any Two”
If it’s Fast and Right, It won’t be Cheap
If it’s Cheap and Right, it won’t be Fast
If it’s Fast and Cheap, it won’t be Right.


That is a great sign Senior_Citizen and true in my opinion.

Glad we don’t have to decide this issue today, I still have questions that need answers, but everyone will have to decide for themselves what the best course is.

Thank you


Thanks; I just hope we all have that opportunity. I don’t worry about being physically forced to vaccinate, but more the Chinese style of ‘social credit score’ - no access to public transportation, public buildings, grocery stores, even hospitals and clinics, unless one has the ‘proper papers’, or their digital equivalent.


Nothing can make any money if it doesn’t work.

Clearly you have never owned a Fiat.

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Emergency Authorization means you are the 3rd Stage Monkey.

An amendment was slipped into a bill so Big Pharma
has ZERO liability if the Monkey dies now or later from its
effects. Good Luck.

My friend James described an ‘Expert’ as someone
with a briefcase more than fifty miles from home dripping
under pressure. A virus that was first seen in a Washington
State nursing home near a year ago, an age population that
has accounted for half of all deaths in the US … Now it
is thought maybe they need some attention. Of course there
is always the Cuomo FINAL SOLUTION.

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There are a lot of additional, sensible interventions we should be recommending but aren’t, and that omission is inexcusable because they are simple ones, and might quite substantially reduce the risk.

I have one set of ideas which I suspect could be saving lives almost immediately. They involve a phytoalexin, a stilbenoid.

Real Democrats should be doing and testing everything that possibly could be used when possibilities present themselves.

The state of USA’s outbreak is quickly moving from grim to reapier this week, as almost universally expected, given the state of our airports a week ago. My main data-pusher, Johns Hopkins, publishes a 60-second video taste of daily stats, updated daily, just to whet your data-appetite:


Our ongoing digest of JH positivity numbers now shows a solid third of states in the worst and second worst trouble, respectively, at the outset of our latest holiday “surge on top of a surge.”


Ranking is based on Johns Hopkins’ test-positivity factored with “per-capita newcases” & “immediate mortality” – the ratio of totals on hand for deaths and cases.

>                        JH       per-capita     immed
>                    positivity    newcases    mortality
>                        %            %            %
>  1. South Dakota      45.1        121.1         1.61
>  2. Iowa              44.9        100.5         0.76
>  3. Idaho             45.4         70.8         0.89
>  4. Kansas            39.0         78.9         0.75
>  5. North Dakota      12.1        141.4         1.25
>  6. Utah              19.1         82.4         0.37
>  7. Montana           16.8         89.5         1.11
>  8. Nebraska          13.5        101.7         0.79
>  9. Wisconsin         14.5         95.1         0.77
> 10. Wyoming           11.9        111.7         0.81
> 11. Minnesota         11.7        101.1         0.69
> 12. Missouri          18.5         64.0         0.86
> 13. Alabama           28.1         41.1         1.12
> 14. New Mexico        13.0         84.2         1.11
> 15. Pennsylvania      26.3         43.1         1.12
> 16. Oklahoma          15.9         64.4         0.54
> 17. Indiana           11.9         80.3         0.96
> --- ---------------------- ------------ ------------
> 18. Nevada            15.1         60.6         0.72
> 19. Illinois          10.8         81.1         1.03
> 20. Arizona           20.7         44.5         0.73
> 21. Ohio              14.1         62.3         0.63
> 22. Tennessee         13.7         60.5         1.01
> 23. Michigan          11.7         66.5         1.11
> 24. Mississippi       19.0         39.8         1.36
> 25. Colorado          10.1         74.3         0.68
> 26. Arkansas          14.3         51.3         1.15
> 27. Oregon            29.0         26.0         0.82
> 28. Kentucky          11.6         57.4         0.62
> 29. Rhode Island       6.9         80.4         0.74
> 30. Texas             10.7         34.9         1.20
> 31. West Virginia      6.8         46.3         1.22
> 32. Georgia            9.1         34.6         1.34
> 33. Alaska             4.4         72.4         0.23
> 34. Louisiana          7.9         36.8         1.04
> 35. New Jersey         7.4         39.7         0.76
> --- ---------------------- ------------ ------------
> 36. Delaware           6.7         41.3         0.58
> 37. Florida            7.9         32.2         0.94
> 38. Connecticut        4.8         44.7         0.99
> 39. North Carolina     7.6         29.8         0.96
> 40. Virginia           9.5         23.5         0.75
> 41. South Carolina     7.2         26.5         1.11
> 42. Maryland           5.8         31.6         1.01
> 43. Washington         6.5         26.7         0.74
> 44. California         6.3         28.1         0.50
> 45. New Hampshire      5.9         27.7         0.43
> 46. Massachusetts      3.5         34.0         1.13
> 47. New York           3.5         26.9         0.62
> --- ---------------------- ------------ ------------
> 48. D.C.               2.6         21.4         0.91
> 49. Maine              2.2         13.0         1.43
> 50. Vermont            1.6         10.9         0.87
> 51. Hawaii             2.0          6.7         1.03

This outbreak-tracking focuses on test-positivity, which has consistently been a leading indicator of immediately impending escalation. That’s what we’re seeing now. The little data-movie above shows the national trends for both positivity and deaths going steep this morning, pointing upward to new heights.

When you posted about this back in August, I said that I see the value of these cheap and rapid antigen tests for much smaller scale situations (e.g. if you work as a handyman that goes into people’s homes on a daily basis you should be tested every day and the rapid results would be extremely valuable in stopping super spreaders). The idea of trying to get everyone to do this on a daily basis is unpractical because of the huge number of false positives (in low incidence populations there will be way more false positives than true positives). Our medical system simply could not handle tens of millions of false positives seeking medical care and coming in to get more definitive tests. I think you are mistakenly believing that the cost of the program Mina suggested for early in an epidemic would primarily be in the cost of the antigen tests. In reality, there would be magnitudes higher costs in dealing with the false positive folks.

UK starting vaccinations next week:


Fix It Again, Tony.

Glutathione status has a large bearing upon the pathogenesis of many respiratory viruses. Taking n-acetyl cysteine (NAC) which is an amino acid (a sulfur containing protein found in foods, including dairy-originated proteins like whey protein, and many other foods) .

improves glutathione status, as its the main rate limiting amino acid required for its synthesis.

l-Glutamine may also be helpful. oth NAC and glutamine should be available in any large chain drug stores, or in bulk online.

Whey protein is also rich in cysteine . Its the best non-supplement source of it that I know of.

See “Endogenous Deficiency of Glutathione as the Most Likely Cause of Serious Manifestations and Death in COVID-19 Patients”

ACS Infect Dis
. 2020 Jul 10;6(7):1558-1562.
doi: 10.1021/acsinfecdis.0c00288.

Epub 2020 May 28.

See also the articles that have cited this paper

To find more about the importance of cysteine and glutathione status as we age, see the journal of nutrition, at nutrition dot org (or AJCN dot org, older issues are all free full text.)

This is a basic thing they should teach in high schools because cysteine and glutathione also are important for women of childbearing age, as they prevent problems with expression of two genes Fyn and c-Cbl caused by pro oxidant toxicants. Perhaps solving a problem caused by environmental toxicants all using common pathways and therefore being additive. They should be regulated as additive, a long controversy.

NAC is quite likely protective also in that situation. It can prevent the problem in animals.

Trump and his family should be the first to be vaccinated, including Trump Jr. Then perhaps medical personnel will feel better about receiving the vaccine. (I do not believe they will be mandated to take the vaccine, yet.) I think too, all the scientists working on the vaccine, the CEOs of big pharma, etc, should also take the vaccine before releasing it to the public. I’ve seen this movie, in another 6 months or 2 years or whatever, everyone that took the vaccine turns into a rabid zombie. (Not really.)

Given the seriousness of COVID and the prolonged (or permanent) symptoms once one is infected, I will likely take the vaccine (if it remains as severe as it has been the last year). However, everyone should talk to their medical provider first to make certain they do not have an existing condition or reason not to take the vaccine. If the vaccine is not killing off (they’ll be among the first to get it) the rest of the elderly that have thus far survived in nursing homes, that should indicate it is safe for the rest of the population. There will probably be rare cases of adverse effects, but that happens w/most vaccines anyway.

2,614 people died yesterday in the US of COVID. They survived the first wave and died in the second. The Red Cross found COVID in its blood supply as early as December of 2019, so this has been around for at least a year and is killing even more people today than in the first wave.

At any rate, most people are going to have until April-June to decide as the vaccine probably won’t be available to those, as determined by the CDC, not in the immediate groups to receive the vaccine.