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Expert Says Senate Democrats' Sweeping Online Privacy Bill Answers Public Demand for 'Transformative Shift'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/26/expert-says-senate-democrats-sweeping-online-privacy-bill-answers-public-demand

Wouldn’t that be " pull a horse trailer through " ( with a truck, possibly ) ? I’m seeing " Trojan horse " and " reins "; both of which were/are pulled, so I get that part.
Could you consider working " never look a gift horse in the mouth " into your comment? Even giving a little bit of credit to these three Senators.

I’m not qualified to evaluate their Bill on its merits – or lack thereof – but there’s no chance whatsoever of its passing un-eviscerated through “our” current Senate, much less of it ever being signed into Law by Tweetle-Dumb (nor by any of the B-B-B-B-Bozos currently being promoted by the DNC/MSM cabal to replace him).  It’s pretty clear that these three senators are just putting on a show.

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Meanwhile, over in the House, they are passing extensions to the Patriot Act. Democrats don’t want Facebook or Google spying on you as that is supposed to be the job of your government.


Good news – but do the Dems have the votes to pass it?

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I remember the coming of ERISA (Employee Retirement and Income Security Act ). It was said it would stop the outright thievery of retirement funds. The act worked exactly as intended. Pension funds were no longer taken by thievery … just legally taken. Today I have three pensions paid by Pension Guaranty Corporation as a result.

Point of the story: It is a smoke screen to protect the data spies from being sued for the damage to your lives. Collecting data on you and I is a hundred billion dollar + annual business. It is the job of the congressional whores to protect the loot not you.

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I wonder if this will be enforced like the “No Call Registry”. Enforcement is the key. Most companies could care less about “fines”, how about jail time that would really change things.


In a $20 Trillion economy a $100 billion industry is less than 1% of GDP annually. A large sum but not a huge deal. Especially so, if the bill dampens the very real anger out here about the collection of private information for out-of-control and, even by American standards, crude profiteering.

The Zuck* ( Little Marky ) is a dismal, unsympathetic character outside of the walls of Wall Street. Like so many of these rich leeches he’s only loved by the MSM and the PR firms he employs to keep the riffraff ( 99%ers ) from throwing him down a mine shaft, figuratively speaking.

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And now they’re working on stealing Social Security Funds and the money paid
into it by workers and the companies they worked for –

The government pays NOTHING for Social Security –
in fact, Social Security pays the government 3% for administering the program.

They’re slowly privatizing Medicare so that we can also pay for Medicare and
not receive the care we pay for.

The internet communications may some day have to have an underground component. Like short wave, smoke signals, and pigeons.

This bill would begin to limit collection of some data about people.
Buy just barely.

It has obvious loopholes. It won’t require companies to reveal the
conclusions they have deduced from the personal data they have access
to – because they argue that those are not “the client’s data.” It
won’t, as far as I can see, limit the targeted ads that are the basis
for surveillance capitalism.

And it won’t even try to make it possible to buy something over the
internet anonmously. We have the technology for this (see taler.net).

The most sensitive personal data about you are where you go during the
day, what you do there, who you talk with, and what what you and they
say. It should be illegal to set up or operate a system which
systematically collects any of those data, except when authorized
by a court order targeted at specific people.