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Expert Warns US Cities Could Face 'Apocalyptic' Future as Country Sets Record for New Covid-19 Cases in One Day

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/26/expert-warns-us-cities-could-face-apocalyptic-future-country-sets-record-new-covid

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We can’t fix stupid if stupid is too stupid to take sane advice.


I only wish some scientists would link Covid-19 to global warming before it is too late!


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This article was posted while I was writing the following on another site:

THIS is going to happen in every State that opened too soon (which is all of them)

In Illinois, Gov Pritzker has done a good job, but not a great job on this.

He’s been bullied into opening the state too soon and not coming down hard enough (or at all) on those that violated criteria during the initial 2 phases.

We went to phase 3 too soon, and certainly phase 4 (today) way too soon. Illinois will now see another surge just like Texas, Cal and the rest, and we will have to go through the Super Lock-Down that Dylan Ratigan talked about on the Jimmy Dore Show a month or two ago.

The Sea Change is upon us and Republican stupidity and “profit over people” Cult ideology will force us into a significantly deeper and longer lock-down than we’ve been in. And many more people will die


This tragedy is all on that putrid piece of shit who is stinking up the Oval Office. It has been estimated that if the Orange Pustule had done something even two WEEKS earlier that up to 50,000 American lives could have been saved. Instead he went golfing, had those ego-stroking rallies and sucked up to the oligarchs and Wall Street while approving a bunch of right-wing, poorly qualified federal judges to lifetime terms.
Trumpo the Traitor is a continuing horror show for the U.S. and beyond. His assertions of having near dictatorial powers and his absolute idiocy and laziness while the country burns are staggering. He has used the the presidency to further his own financial interests and refused to put his assets in a blind trust. He has the highest turnover rate in his administration that I have ever seen and when a new stooge is appointed they are usually even worse than their short-term predecessor.
I have referred to this nightmare of a president as the most corrupt in our history and I stand by that. It was mentioned that Bush/Cheney were worse especially about the Iraq “war”. Yes, Bush and Cheney were war criminals but if Trump had been president then we would have done the same thing and possibly used nukes as well. I loathed Bush but what does it say when he stated not long ago that “compared to Trump I’m looking pretty good.”
A fellow Rethug said this about this sub-human monster in the Oval Office - that he was the “anti-King Midas, everything he touches dies”. Trumpo the Klown is profoundly wrong about everything from the role of government, the importance of a social contract, respect for the natural world and the need for cooperation between countries. He fails in very respect. If other countries aren’t laughing at us for this appalling asshole they are cringing at his statements and actions. Trump the self-professed “stable genius” is neither stable and he is certainly not a genius. He is a
walking disaster who has only one real talent - to create chaos and ruin while never accepting responsibility for his fuckups. Nothing is ever his fault and he lashes out at critics like a child would.
As AOC said last year, Trump is NOT an anomaly. Rather he is a symptom of something that has gone very wrong with our country. Reporter Greg Palast has already warned us that millions of votes in November could be purged with the present corrupt tactics employed by these scum who have the nerve to call themselves Republicans. If Trump is reinstalled for another 4 years we are completely screwed and he will become even worse than now. I predict two things will happen - the number of people applying to emigrate will go way up and there will be a marked increase in suicides.
On November 9, 2016 after the “election” I posted a question to a thread on Common Dreams. I asked simply - “America - what the fuck have you done!!!” I am still asking that question.


You think this US nightmare is a republican deal?

You think war monger democrats are doing any better?

Go ahead, bring on the final collapse, vote for a Democrat or a Republican instead of straight ticket None of the Above…

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You can sure tell an American, but you can’t tell him much.
I have always had a foreboding feeling that the dumb people will eventually take us all down with them. Now that their libertarian ethos has proven to be a complete and utter failure, the only way to not have to admit it is to pour gasoline on everything and set it on fire, and in the ensuing chaos, hope nobody remembers how it happened.
The conservative forces that have terraformed this nation into some unholy rube paradise, are now hoping for a high body count. The higher the better. Empires have fallen this way throughout human history. They get worn out, corrupt, and then some great tribulation presents itself, and the great bureaucratic mechanisms and foundations of the empire that have been eroded by ware and tear and corruption come crashing down.
We have a completely corrupt society. From our politics to our economic system, everything is frayed. That corrupt system permitted a megalomaniac to be elected as its leader. A megalomaniac that is now faced with a country in decline. One that is now ravaged by a virus that is out of control and all done in a backdrop of a planet that is warming beyond our comprehension.
It’s all seems very biblical.


You have paid much attention to my comments previously, have you.

Your comment brought this to mind

Short, worth watching

John Cleese on Stupidity~(The Dunning-Kruger Effect)


Florida had nearly 9,000 new cases yesterday. that makes over 20,000 in 3 days down there.
Expect the US death toll to reach 250,000 before the end of year, and that’ll be an under count.

On the bright side, we’ll be half way toward reaching herd immunity.
On the dark side, no one knows if there even is immunity to this virus after you recover.

There’s a word for this situation. It rhymes with dusterduck.


Here in PA, just two weeks ago our most radical conservative state reps tried to bring impeachment charges up against the gov, Tom Wolfe. They projected the bitching and crying being done by PAs chamber of commerce and the rubes the dot the countryside of Pennsyltucky. We should never have closed. We should be free to do what ever we want. Governor Wolf is fascist, and so on. Even though the Philadelphia area suffered great numbers, Wolfe had quickly closed them off from the rest of state, and here in western PA Covid was barely a blip on the radar.
Now the numbers in Allegheny county (Pittsburgh) have risen every day this week. The local white trash dip shits that wanted everything open have had their Memorial Day parties and are coming back from their yearly treks to myrtle beach. Things don’t look good.
But now that there has been an enormous goddamn national breakout, we haven’t heard a word about impeaching gov Wolfe from the wackos in about two weeks . I’m no Tom Wolfe fan, but this time he was right. I hope he closes PA up again soon.


and I hope Pritzker does the same here and falls back to Phase 2 (at least) for another two months. Semi-retired I work PT at Big Orange. Last week (for the first time) I had 4 morons with no masks in site (masks are required by the State, Village, and Big Orange) approach me for help. I ducked one completely, the other three, I told them I’d be happy to help them when they put on masks- and walked away. My Supervisor supports this.
By the time we get to Phase 5 I probably wont see masks on most (employees and customers. )

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Thats our problem here. It’s the “yunzer” attitude as it’s called. Pittsburghers, but especially the people in the surrounding counties, are perfect reflections of American exceptionalism. They all believe they are special, that they are the most wonderful people on gods green earth. The irony is that this high opinion of themselves has led them to be some of the most racist and viscerally stupid people in the nation. Masks have been infrequently worn since we went to “yellow” phase (your phase 3 I believe). My wife and I have ventured out a few times since the lockdown was lifted, but each time we have left places where people weren’t wearing masks (the worst were Home Depot and Lowes).
We will gleefully stay put all summer now.


The US will have many more cases and more deaths over the next several months. In East Lansing MI, over 40 people under 30 years old have tested positive who were part of a crowd at a popular college bar. As students return to college towns across the country without effective containment measures in place, I expect the number of cases in those communities will increase. The virus creates a dilemma that officials and the public are just now comprehending: lock down and kill jobs and the economy; open up without enforcement of containment rules and watch cases and deaths increase. This is the undeniable reality too many people can’t wrap their heads around. We must have stronger leadership and warnings from elected officials and medical experts. People should demand it and follow the advice.


Its been like that for >30 years . Trump didnt emerge out of a vacuum. he was actually encouraged to run by golfing buddy Bill Clinton.

Chelsea Clinton was the original source for that story but Bill Clinton confirmed it as true.

Why dont they freeze rents and debts until its over, just freeze everything. For both landlords and tenants.


That was all part of the Clintons plan. Encourage an idiot to run against Hillary, one that couldn’t possibly win.
Jokes on her. Except nobody is laughing I guess.

In my small town in Arizona, there is a trump store on Main Street and trump 2020 bumper stickers are everywhere. A very common one says, “Suck it up, buttercup. Trump is president”. Some people have so many flags on their house and on their lawn, you have to wonder why they wear so much camo. During the early BLM protests, an actual militia of about 10 wannabe bad guys (they got their picture on the front page of the local paper) with AR-15s, military fatigues, veteran’s hats, and of course, lots of flags, stayed up all night drinking coffee to protect the trump store from the busloads of looting antifa protesters that were headed to town. Of course, no protesters showed up to our lily-white mostly Mormon town. It was rather pitiful really. Now our county is one of the hotspots for the virus and these same flag-wavers rarely wear masks. There are a few liberals in town, but most of the time, I feel like I’m completely surrounded by idiots. It wasn’t like this years ago. With the help of trump, hate radio, and Fox News, this once-beautiful area has become an ugly wart on the map.


I feel for ya. Your story is the story of America in the 21st century.
All the reasonable people are pilgrims in an unholy land.


I’m glad that I didnt move to the Southwest. At one point I was thnking about it. (Its so beautiful)

Of course, where I am today was a few weeks ago literally ground zero for coronavirus… But now its falling a lot. People are being super careful.