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Experts Demand Senators Back Sanders-Led Proposal to End Complicity in Yemen Bloodshed


Experts Demand Senators Back Sanders-Led Proposal to End Complicity in Yemen Bloodshed

Julia Conley, staff writer

Citing a raging humanitarian crisis as well as constitutional law, more than three dozen legal scholars, human rights advocates, and former officials urged the U.S. Senate on Thursday to back a proposal that would end U.S. involvement in the war in Yemen.


Glad they’re trying to do something. Yemen is a perfect example of why we should never be partnering with Saudi Arabia. Total sociopathy of that royal family toward Yemen and Syria for that matter, they have a sickening happy gleam in their eye when they discuss what they’re doing to them - and with the Iranian sanctions.


Abdicated? Hell no! Ever since Congress abdicated their constitutional authority in the Korean war by calling it a police action in my view, they have been complicit and guilty of treason and war crimes!


Give 'em hell, Bernie.


We must get out of Yemen. To co-operate with the SAUDIs is awful. And the famine, and
the children dying every day; too horrible. Thank God for Sanders, Murphy and Lee.
Wyden and Feinstein joined yesterday, as well as Booker, and Durbin…Go for it Bernie!


Bigger and better arms coming bringing more rockets red glare and bombs bursting in air protecting our way of life. Yay!!


If “experts” - or anyone else demand something - they better get off their expert keister and figure out how to get out among actual working human beings and build enough power to win some demands. “Cases” and “arguments” mean squat in power politics.


“I will vote for this resolution because I believe that the use of force is one tool that we have at our disposal to fight against the horror of terrorism and mass murder. One tool but it is not our only tool, and it is something that must be used wisely… and with great discretion.“

Love, Bernie Sanders

Hmmmm…that looks like active engagement to me.


Wow. That wheel’s been off the axle for most of my lifetime. Why would these experts think it will matter now?


I share your cynicism, but maybe these guys can shame Congress into action. Not likely, but possible.


From the article:

“The founding fathers gave the power to declare war to Congress, the branch most accountable to the people…”

But not accountable enough, if history is any indication (see Shantiananda’s post above).


The foundation for permanent peace in Yemen should be the same as that for Taiwan: a change-over in the government structure. Yemen needs to swap out its government structure for a modified semi-presidential system with cabinet like the one in as Finland, and acommittee-style legislative system similar to Switzerland’s. Yemen’s government should draft a basic constitution with the above features in a paradigm shift toward democracy. It should adhere to the core values of One World under One Set of Laws and revise its constitutional standards as needed to stay abreast of changing times. See the Charter for Permanent Peace and Development for more.