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Experts Emphasize Need for 'Significant' Government Investment as Trump and DeVos Push to Reopen Schools

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/15/experts-emphasize-need-significant-government-investment-trump-and-devos-push-reopen

As a retired educator who still plays a role through mentoring, here is what my observations are: based on a generation of teaching experience students are much more touchy feely now than they were yesteryear. That’s a good thing for breaking down bullshit barriers that were used to exploit team this versus team that. Not so good for covid-19. We live in interesting times indeed. On my face mask I’ve written “This I do for you!”.

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Why is the Government of Ontario(Canada) pushing so much to open Public Schools this September when Canada has still not," Crushed the Curve" and the second wave of COVID 19 hasn’t even started. They are endangering children’s lives. Shame on Conservative Party member and Ontario Premier Doug Ford…shame. If you cared about the children and their parents, he would work with the Canadian Federal Government in maintaining CERB or Canada Emergency Response Benefit and start planning a new social programme called the Universal Canadian Early Childhood Programme…all across Canada to be implemented after COVID 19 is gone.
Mr. Blair M. Phillips
St. Catharines,Ontario

How about these billionaire swamp creatures pay for the necessary investments in making the safe reopening of schools? Another example where the public pays and the private could give a fuck.

Yes, the object of this nasty game is to destroy not only public schools but any institution that exists simply for the common good.

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