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Experts on Military-Industrial Complex Blast Trump Plan to Sell Nearly $750 Billion in Bombs to Criminal Saudi Regime

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/23/experts-military-industrial-complex-blast-trump-plan-sell-nearly-750-billion-bombs


In 2016, the Obama administration sold series of arms deals worth $200 billion, including warships, helicopters, and maintenance.

Obama deported more immigrants than all other presidents in history combined.

Obama sent no financial aid to the 99% after the financial collapse of casino capitalism sent in motion by Clinton & Co destroying banking regulations.

Only when we see both parties are seen as the reprehensible criminals they ALL are, can wesave the 99%.

I can already hear all the comfy Phil Ochs Clinton Obama liberals flicking their dentures and clenching their sweaty neoliberals backsides!

Keep your “change from within” repugnant insanity to your delusional selves.


478 million dollars is not 750 billion dollars.
a bit of click bait here, perhaps?

Where is the outrage for the massive amount we GIVE to Israel. - and so many others.
It is 5 billion each year. Nadda word from anyone in DC, NYC, etc.
Looks like this ordnance is our major manufacturing now. Wonder if China will
purchase the companies.


I read that money to Israel was included in the 5000+ pages of pork in the $600++ stimulus bill under consideration.
But I didn’t hear it from CD.


“The Biden administration has indicated a desire to rethink the U.S. relation[ship] with Saudi Arabia.”

I laughed out loud at this baseless assertion. What’s next? Biden gets the Nobel Peace Prize on inauguration day?


israel, saudi, london = USA is their bully boy.
and dumb enough to provide the war financing also!!


Who are really not liberals at all, as you very likely know. They are the fake liberals/progressives who support the other right-wing, imperialistic party at voting time considering that most of Obama’s policies were to the right of those of neocons GW Bush/Cheney. Some people have tried revisionist history with Obama by calling him a “centrist.” They never called Bush a “centrists” and again many of Obama’s policies were to the right of those of Bush.


Brett Wilkins, er, um, “criminal” Saudi regime?

Are you saying this as an American citizen?
What have the Saudis done that the US has not?


Trump-kit for home made suicide plan –

Why don’t we just give them some nuclear weapons!

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I wonder what our incoming defense secretary, an all around Ratheon prostitute has to say about this deal?

(This is not meant in a racist tone) however, if we didn’t give the monkeys guns, they wouldn’t use them to shoot each other. Few if any middle eastern nations have developed their economies to the point where they could produce any weapons higher tech than slingshot. Hell, Israel wouldn’t have but a fraction of its military might without American money and technology.
But…the largest remaining field of “easy” oil is under the Arabian peninsula.
Soon, they will be making war over what remains of the water resources in that region. Water will become more expensive than oil. Then we’ll see some real atrocities take place. It’s one thing to fight for your money. It’s a whole different ballgame to fight for your life.


The Russians beat me too it.
An offshore, floating nuclear power plant.

From the American future.
This would be one darn good design and build.
Using Navy sea camels with modules on each.
When lashed together and anchored, we have electric
power, co-generation (+12%) and DESALINATION.

Now, we have fresh water for everyone - and we lease these
power plants. Fuel rods are refurbished, not stored as waste.

Reduces wars for fresh and clean water, agricultural soils, power sources, etc.

The income to USA is phenom.

Imagine northern Sahara growing groceries.
California having sufficient water.
Irrigation available just about anywhere.

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Interesting. Even though this thread is about trump, he isn’t mentioned in these first 13 posts.


Me too. My first (guaranteed) laugh of the day.

More like relief. But here’s something about dump for you:


It’s not just saudi:


Yes - the light is dawning Gandolf - maybe ??

There are forces in this world who seek to undermine democracy - the idea of it.

And it would surprise me - a a lot - if some of them did not turn up here.

Our world is very very imperfect - I would have to add about a million ‘verys’ to do justice to how imperfect.

Who to believe - what to put one’s faith in.

Anyway - it’s Christmas Eve - and I just wish my son was young enough still to be listening to NORAD tonight, tracking Santa.

But time moves on.

So Merry Christmas to you and yours Gandolf.

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That 400 mil that is nearing for senor trump just got prepaid.

Well, then oh erudite one, what is your plan for progress? I believe it is to simply bring up Obama whenever the name Trump appears.

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They already sold them nuclear power technology a few years ago.
The party line was that this would be for power plants only, but the fact that Rick Perry negotiated this in top secret meetings and that no details have been made available to the public makes that very unlikely, to say the least.

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Experts on Military-Industrial Complex Blast Trump Plan to Sell Nearly $750 Billion in Bombs to Criminal Saudi Regime

On the other hand Experts in Finance are now happy because with Trump’s cut of the kickbacks he will be able to pay off some of his loans,

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