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Experts Raise Alarms as US War Hawks Push for Deeper Syria Intervention


Experts Raise Alarms as US War Hawks Push for Deeper Syria Intervention

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer


Today I am inclined to vote for Trump


Send war hawks or their children to the front lines


If only


Yes, as someone who supports the Green Party, you are correct and besides that, if Dr. Jill Stein by some miracle became POTUS and tried to implement the policies she espouses, no doubt she would be JFK'd by some on loan nut from the CIA!


Justice is served when 99 guilty parties are not prosecuted in order to not find one innocent person guilty. War is when 99 innocent people get the death penalty in order to kill one guilty party.

Syria is where the Turkish army attacks both the Kurdish forces and ISIL. Syria is where the Russian air force bombs both ISIL and the, um, "Moderates". The USA thoughtfully tries to keep its F-16s out of the way of the Russian bombers. Syria is right next to de facto Israeli territory, and no peace treaty has really been signed for maybe 67 years.

The U.S. is $19.4 trillion dollars in debt, mostly because of its war debts, plus its infrastructure is falling apart at home and it has vast numbers of disabled vets to care for. Our government can't afford spit.

We're going into Syria to "not lose", because losing is a short-term domestic political sin. That's the rationale.


To make matters worse. The Syrian people fleeing, running for their lives because of the 24/7 non-stop bombing of their country are forced, at times at gun point, to live in mud filled Squalor refugee camps lacking proper medical care, mental health care, food, water, clothes, shelter, etc. On Truth Out.org, the comments towards the Syrian refugees, just like across America, is horrible, dreadful, hostile, non-human. And the War-Hawks want to push for deeper intervention.


"As the civil war in Syria deepens, American war hawks are using recent atrocities to push for direct U.S. military intervention against the Syrian government,"

What type of people think more atrocities are a cure for recent atrocities? It's really bewildering!


with all due respect, this is not a civil war and it hasn't been one from about, say, day 5.

this is an invasion.

the civil war designation places far too much blame on Syrians for their own destruction. These are overwhelmingly foreign fighters, foreign armed, and foreign "guided" (sometimes). This is a proxy war.


Perhaps "Obama could start by leveling with the American people" if he wasn't consumed with globetrotting to promote TPP ?


All part of the Paul Wolfowitz plan. 7 countries to go down. No mystery here. Russia stepped in and said enough is enough. Thus, everything we hear/read about Putin is negative.


For the last week or two, every time I listened to NPR they are filling the airways about the horrors of ISIS and the use of child soldiers and stories of terrorists. Then the question and answers interviews that seem as if they come directly from the Defense (war) Dept playbook. I keep thinking this is a prelude to widening the Middle East war and the eventual push for Hillary as the only one with enough experience to take on this crisis.
Talk about use of child soldiers the US is not innocent. Look at Vietnam War. Mandatory conscription of teenagers thrown into the jungles to battle for what. Children not old enough to vote , just beginning their lives. Thousands killed. And the indoctrination continues with military type video games and eventually the 'best job' available is of course in the military. With a promise of money, education, and the proud tradition of defending the country and our liberties. Except no country is attacking us. Indeed an empire gone rogue.


"Obama has a few months left in office to repair his broken legacy."

Too late. He bombed 7 Muslim countries. Great legacy Mr. Hope and Change! But then, some of us new he was a fraud from the get go; just put in place to neuter the Left while moving the Empire forward.


We give money to all these repressive regime so we can sell them weapons then invade them because they have weapons.


It's extremely difficult to take someone who might vote for Trump seriously.


Just kidding


Except that Stein wold have a VP who supports and agrees with her policies, unlike JFK who had Johnson. Johnson was a hawk from the word go.


True. Many people have reported that Lyndon hated Kennedy and that he had something to do or at least had knowledge of the the assassination of JFK. Johnson, being a war hawk and a Vietnam murderer of some 55,000 soldiers, not to mention an estimated 2 million Vietnamese including an older next door neighbor that was killed there and has his name on that wall, says to me that Johnson should have been charged with treason and war crimes.


Then that is just one more person in the Stein cabinet to assassinate- I mean suffer an unfortunate accident.


Trump is no laughing matter.
Well, he is, but we shouldn't kid about him.
Then again, oh hell, screw Trump.