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Experts Resign From EPA Subcommittee Protesting Trump's War on Science


Experts Resign From EPA Subcommittee Protesting Trump's War on Science

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Protesting the Trump administration's "continued obfuscation of scientific evidence and the research enterprise," two scientists resigned Friday from an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advisory subcommittee focused on public health and pollution.


Trump has a war going on against everything associated with the widely accepted definition of the truth. The goal seems to removal all alternatives to his version of what is true and industry's version. It is a blatant attempt to gain power by monopolizing the truth. The press is discredited as putting out only fake news. The credibility of judges is questioned if the don't make decisions that Trump approves of. The resignations are a good sign of building resistance to an authoritarian president with a pro-business and white supremacist agenda that ignores American values, particularly those associated with the Enlightenment..


In the 30-40s, when the fascists took over Germany and Italy, the artists, scientists, and other intellectuals, fled to America.
Today, where will the American intellectuals go?



How does it help the resistance? How does it help? They could just resist and then get fired which would be on Donald more so.


Agreed. Just like the commissioner who quit the FCC. I realize how hard things can be, but by handing seats over, all that's happening is the further entrenchment of the hard right.


That makes a lot of sense. This same kind of exodus happened all across the spectrum during W's tenure.


To Canada, Norway and other civilized countries, I suppose.


That was my thought also. Though chances are they won't really be able to do much. As Trump says, disloyalty will be punished. You swear loyalty to him or else.


That's what I was thinking. Who quits? They just made it easier to replace them. Typical democrat loser mentality.


There apparently is a strong Evangelical, KKK, Don't thread on me, Neo Nazis cult against any reality or science. It seems much too complicated for them to grasp. They seem to hold steadfast to: God Created earth, Adam and Eve, Abel and Cain, Sodom and Gomorrah. Moses the burning bush, the floods, the supremacy of white Christians and the inferiority of the Jewish faith. Don't these evolutionary mistakes realize that their bible thumping is the Jewish bible?