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Experts 'Running Out Of Adjectives' as Hurricane Maria Slams Puerto Rico


Experts 'Running Out Of Adjectives' as Hurricane Maria Slams Puerto Rico

Julia Conley, staff writer

The Caribbean is so far seeing no relief from this year's historically turbulent and destructive Atlantic hurricane season, as Puerto Rico was being battered by Hurricane Maria on Wednesday—its second major storm in two weeks. The hurricane made landfall with heavy rain and 155 mile-per-hour winds early in the morning, following the $1 billion of damage left by Hurricane Irma earlier this month.


Would any normal person look at this and then choose to pull health coverage !

Boy this is a “Let Them eat Cake” moment in history.

There no Decency to be found in the actions of this administration.


We can’t possibly afford to help any of these people. We have weapons to build and more countries to destroy first. /s


Well, remember, the only cure to all of this is to choose a red or blue sock puppet to do the Oilagarchy’s will. We’ve all been told, over and over, that for We the People to awaken and join together in a coalition to rid ourselves of these parasites is futile. We must just keep electing from the two we are offered by the Oilagarchy.
*“Resistance is futile.”
*I’d love to see, in my lifetime, We the People taking the problem into our own hands, rediscover the Constitution and Bill of Rights, then read or reread Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence, compare what was going on then and what is going on now, remove the duopoly from power and return it to We the People.
*The Constitution, if read and followed, has plenty of bug killer for these parasites. We just have to use it!


" Climate scientists say climate change has contributed to the relentless damage caused by recent hurricanes."

Climate scientists? What do they know? They must be stupid if they do not know that man made climate change is a Chinese hoax!

Our climate imbecile who knows all the answers about human climate change!


Unfortunately, the Constitution; and Bill of Rights have become obsolete and irrelevant to the economic, greedy and fascist elite that have turned Amerika into a military dictatorship. Don’t believe me? How about Congress voting for $700,000,000,000.00 for the military budget, when so many people in the US are suffering from lack of healthcare, in other words, 700 billion dollars to murder and take lives and 0 dollars to save lives!


The weather experts predicted more than the normal number of hurricanes this year and it looks like they got it right unfortunately. The Caribbean islands are really having bad luck this year. As is the US which got hit with two category 4 hurricanes. This is the way this stuff works. Some years hurricanes do very little damage and some years the damage is catastrophic. These hurricanes will continue to happen so there should be major concern about sea level rise. The increase in destruction caused by hurricanes if there is sea level rise of 3-6 feet, which is predicted this century, would be incredible.


We all have the power to change things, its just been so long since we have used it to protect our values from these thugs. Practice on small things because eventually it will come knocking on our door. We have to change too, this didn’t develop in isolation. I know it is difficult but there are alternatives.


The leading climate change deniers in our “government” should have been lashed to trees in Puerto Rico. It would have forced them to face reality.

Also, it is shameful how the U.S. has neglected Puerto Rico. We should give them some of the money we are wasting on “Defense” and set them free.


That’s why I keep harping on our coming together to get rid of the Duopoly and their uber-wealthy masters.
*There are many small parties, each of which has a solution to our national problems. Each of these parties competes for members and an increase in the small amount of money available. The Oilagarchy loves this! They even contribute a bit at times to keep the competition alive, for that keeps the sock puppets viable.
*If We the People would just realize this, set aside our egos and shelve our plans for a short while and decide that the real rat in the grain bin is the Oilagarchy and their funded and supported duopoly, the red and blue sock puppets, we could form a coalition whose primary goal is to dump the duopoly and return the nation to the Constitutional Republic it once was.
*Once we achieve that, we can concentrate on the various plans, renewables, wind, solar, tidal, volcanic. We can cut emissions, perhaps curb or reduce our current global warming. We could take the lead in promoting peace, health and prosperity on this planet. We could take back the ill gotten gains of the Pentagon and scale the Wehrmacht down to what it was originally, a defense force, to protect us when attacked, not to “defend” us by laying waste to any nation that doesn’t do as it is told.
*That saving alone could repair most of the ills legislated into existence by the duopoly.
*We could then care for our own people, rebuild our infrastructure and help those we have laid waste to in this century.
*I think it is a solution that could work, if We the People just decide to cooperate to rid us and the world of the greedopoly that now calls the shots to engorge the rich and starve the poor.


Interesting. It sounds like a very large change indeed and I agree the potential is there. I was thinking on a smaller scale. Starting with a personal transformation. In social program we start with a needs assessment, what do we do that feeds the duopoly and how can we change that. All the things they do require our participation. Of course a good history includes what has been tried and then redefine the issues I agree the Constitution and Declaration of Independence are a good blue print. That was to be our plan not that it existed perfectly and it needed continual work. It is pretty powerful. I notice that many people are not in present time in there ideology and maybe all this dramatic weather is telling us to reconsider what is essential and important and what is not. I have to say that I feel only marginally represented by our politicians, A united voice strong and sustained would have to produce change. We need hero.


And America turns a blind eye…pitiful.


“Don’t throw the Constitution in my face, it’s just a goddamn piece of paper!”" – George W. Bush


Solution, evacuate Puerto Rico. Load them all up on cruse ships and deliver them close to empty military bases with housing to accommodate,. including commissary and schools. They are all American. Unleash the Army corps of engineers to rebuild the country, Voila. Please build Hurricane proof housing and dykes and canals for flood control. Maybe China can help, it seems to have the tech. knowledge and know how. We appear to have lost our will. Are we a dying country? We have become so timid and cowardly fighting over human rights like clean water, air and health care.