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Experts Say $17.5 Billion Writedown by BP Prove Oil Giant Knows 'Reserves of Oil and Gas Increasingly Worthless'

So that’s what that gnawing in the back of my mind has been. We suspect these things at times but are sometimes not willing to feel it out to it’s end.
I would hate getting raped on every date.
As you hint at, fifteen dollars an hour isn’t even on the table of reality, for now.

Surprise surprise!!! Not.

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Mercenaries? Pray, provide some evidence.

From my vantage point outside America, it appears that America is in the process of self destructing. The rest of the world will cheer the decline of the bullying empire and the attendant drop in demand for fossils.

Gibbs did my work for me, in Planet of the Humans. 350 dot is typical of a mercenary environmental org: extracting donations without ever doing anything about the environment.

If only we could get the news out in Alberta. Suspect that many in the industry get this, but most stay silent as Jason Kenney throws good money after bad, investing in pipelines.

Change is hard.