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Experts Warn Adding Citizenship Question to Census Blatant Attempt to Suppress Minority Voters


Experts Warn Adding Citizenship Question to Census Blatant Attempt to Suppress Minority Voters

Julia Conley, staff writer

"I can think of no action the administration could take that would be more damaging to the accuracy of the 2020 census than to add a question on citizenship."


Trump need to be impeached out of office! I’ll furnish the rotten peaches. He is not only a racist, but he is at the White Supremacist level of racism.


Should not make a difference either way. It is illegal for a non citizen to vote anyway. If somebody lies on the census they can just as easily lie at the polling station. Not sure what this has to do with minorities tho.


Unfortunately, there are other ways to game the system. It is a reasonable consideration because of changes in mass immigration. This really needs to fixed.



Yeah well, each side hating the other is not going to change this for the better. It is not really about racism, it is about common sense.


Ok, I’ve lost my patience here, I’ve never been anti-immigration but I’m sick of this. You really can’t fix stupid.

Question: Are you a U.S. citizen yes or no. how hard is that?


Huge numbers (millions) of undocumented people (of any size shape color) impact social services, labor, housing, and voting the most recent example isn’t going to change by not asking. As my link pointed out it doesn’t have to for there to be an impact.


YES, I very definitely believe Obama was opening the country up to diversity. Unfortunately Obama’s two terms in office united a group of white supremacists and racists to come up with a supremacist racist Republican candidate for the 2016 presidential race. That was undeniably Donald Trump.

If you mean traditional Democrats and traditional Republicans as a “duopoly” to some extent I agree that both parties need to change. Not enough change in the Democrats in 2018 and Republicans not changing at all.