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Experts Warn Climate Change is 'Changing the Contours' of World's Oceans



'The strategy aims to increase "the production, delivery, and use of climate-related information" '

If I had to choose between getting faster climate information and getting climate fixes on the market, I'd allocate 99 cents on the dollar for the fixes.


What fixes would that be? The public needs to support the changes and hard fixes that will be necessary. For that to happen they need to be kept informed. Sure we need to hurry but that will only come as people see and better understand what is happening.. There are far too many people out there like the clown car deniers and anything that teaches people the truth is welcome.


Let's go surfin' now...in Barrow, Alaska:



The alarms have been sounding for over 50 years. The Clear Air and Clean Water Acts and the EPA are products of the 1970's but the activism that lead to these entities ran throughout the 1960's during which time, the boomers cried out in protest of the rampant environmental degradation. Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" (1962) was invaluable as it revealed the destruction caused by DDT and other chemicals, which fomented a grass roots movement nationally and internationally calling for ACTION/PREVENTION/PROTECTION!

Much earlier in U S history, Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir successfully pushed for the creation of National Parks and Monuments to protect the wild places into perpetuity.

The U S Congress, SCOTUS, and several presidents have contributed to the undermining of environmental protections. USDA and the Department of Interior have also been reduced to rubber-stamp agencies since 1982 (Reagan and his successors) wherein corporate influence has corrupted and curtailed their authority (with the blessings of Congress).

What the polluters, deniers, and destroyers fail to grasp is that they, too will "pay the piper" and NOT be immune to the deleterious effects of their negligence, destruction, depletion, and abuse/misuse of the world's natural resources. We are all on the same sinking ship.


Some plastic trash is intentionally created micro particles added to products like toothpaste and soap gels, with the purpose of increasing the cleaning power of these products. Then the particles pass through sewage treatment and flow to the sea. Plastic micro particles also result from solar disintegration.

Both micro particle types look like plankton in oceans and lakes, where they collect pollution molecules. Animals that eat the plastic “plankton” absorb the pollution and pass clean plastic back into the water, where it collects a new load of pollution ions and is eaten again. A more efficient method of introducing pollution into human diet is difficult to imagine.


If you do search on the radiation coming from japan...I can't leave a link cuz I'm new here, sorry, you'll find out what japan's radiation is doing to our coast lines after 4 1/2 years of leaking...from alaska down to baja it's a total disaster that no one is talking about...sea mammals like whales, seals and others are showing up dead or dying...plastic's??? I worry much more about the radiation, we have a big el nino coming and all that weather coming from the ocean that's filling up with radiation is going to rain and snow down on us this winter...let's all goto vail, co and pull the wool over our eyes as we swoop down the slopes...come on surfs up...


Do not quit worrying about radiation. Expand your horizon! Worry about plastic, too.


My thoughts exactly as I read this article- You hit the nail on the head here PaulK-


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It seems that no matter what we eventually do to mitigate CO2 et al. in the atmosphere the damage is already done to the Ocean and there will be hell to pay for it.


Don't forget Aldo Leopold. A Sand County Almanac has had a profound effect on every generation since it was written. (1949)