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Experts Warn Trump Executive Action on Unemployment Insurance Deliberately Leaves Out Poorest Americans

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/10/experts-warn-trump-executive-action-unemployment-insurance-deliberately-leaves-out


It is beyond obvious now that the plan is to foment a vicious class rebellion to either declare martial law before the election or rile the “law-and-order” voters to do his bidding.


Americans have been voting in presidents and congresses who have no compassion for the less fortunate for my entire life.


Another con by the master con man. He needs to be removed and all his sewer creatures will go too.


Fully expecting a “JOBS program” with: Latinx kids inducted, Black kids incarcerated and White kids roaming the streets, armed and armored to the teeth; all at taxpayer expense…

Hey, WAIT?!?

We’re plummeting straight past Fascism, to neoConfederate Feudal Theocracy? Betya Disqus, etc. is selling our IP/DNS?




~https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/08/10/bide-a10.html (Lose election, blame poor workers, ratchet right)



Something along the lines of your last link:


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The state of New York is beginning to check travelers coming in, and spreading out to some parts of the state via train, etc.
" Papers, please ". What is your business here? Where are you staying? When will you be leaving? "
Oh man… it all starts with private or para-military forces policing and isolating. Then… bounty hunting Security forces tracking and tracing. The gov’t always has money for this type of stuff, too.

I just posted a link to this article over at Fox News, the Original Fake News Network, and it was immediately dismissed by the many rabid partisans there as “fake news”. They do not care about the facts; only that their side wins at all costs.

Trump is winning on the optics, making the Democrats look like the obstructionists. The right wing appears to be winning and their followers are eager for the Apocalypse. Many of them are openly calling for the collapse of the “Blue States” as if the subsequent national economic depression won’t suck us all into a vortex of hell.

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If Trump cheats enough to get 4 more years and has his way, I can see checkpoints all over Amerika that unless one has Covid-19 papers that say he has been tested and is clean…HE WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO TRAVEL WITHOUT THE PROPER PAPERS!

Their ideology has already decided to outsource so many jobs they have basically decided to throw a lot of people under the bus, so they want them to leave the country. Of course most cant. So they will be caught between a rock and a hard place. They wont have jobs and they wont get any help, because the GATS trade agreement Bill Clinton signed us into as part of the WTO decades ago literally forbids it.

Please stop pretending its just Trump, both parties and the global cult of neoliberalism did and are doing this. Jobs are going away and they want the whole world for themselves.


It estimated that the US Federal deficit for this year will now hit 4.2 trillion dollars and that number might well go higher.

Now I tend to agree with Joan Robinson here in that these deficits do not really matter if they invested into the economy but rest assured both parties will squawk that something needs to be done to rein in spending and generally when that done it the poor that suffer as they deemed “less worthy” of aid given they have less “Net Worth”.

Meanwhile both parties act to protect and expand spending on the 1.2 trillion a year Military.


So far, so good . . .

If only.   Tweetle-Dumb and his fellow turds are merely the current crop floating at the top of the cesspool known as Washington, D.C.  Getting rid of Barr, DeJoy, Giuliani, Haspel, Prince et al will do little good in the long run so long as both major parties remain in thrall to the Koch Brothers and their his ilk, ALEC and AIPAC, etc., etc.

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No, they just want to force poor people with connections in other countries out of the country so the really crappy jobs they will be vacating can go to the former middle class so THEY dont revolt.

At least thats what I suspect. Eventually they want to outsource them too but for right now the foreign companies want the better paying services nobs. So they, the skilled jobs, are first in line for services liberalization.

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Time to visit our theme song via Hee Haw.
“Gloom, despair, and agony on me.”

So the horrible working American is getting paid too much here at home, but the greedy, overpaid business cohort are not? Bizarro.


And, as noted previously, what good does the suspension of the FICA (“payroll”) taxes do for the worst-off Americans — the ones who are not merely underpaid, but not on a payroll at all?


That surely is one of the elephants in the room UncleFester.

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Its supply and demand, because jobs are getting scarcer, according to them wages should be in free fall. They have been expecting a windfall at this period in history for a long time. Because people will be literally begging them for jobs.

We basically cannot effectively regulate wages or certain kinds of so called victimless crimes that people comit to stay alive. Like working for less than what the rules allow.

People do have to eat. Thats why trade agreements like GATS limit what and how governments can subsidize things people cant afford. They are alleged to distort trade. If people can get good healthcare from the government despite not being able to afford it, then they wont pay up the yinyang for it. So GATS bans that. Same with higher education. An implicit assumption of the WTO and GATS is that rich people buy whatever they want and that the poor cant be giving anything unless its absolutely impossible for them to buy it. This makes “public option” systems illegal because if people have any option it has to be to buy the commercial poroduct otherwise the government is working against business and distorting trade. However during emergencies when people have no other options, the government can help the poorest of the poor. Thats what they want to do with Social Security and Medicare, make them means tested programs for the destitute after they have exausted all their assets,

Basically, neoliberal ideology sees them as having been made obsolete by globalization. Since there no longer is a need for our people to all do jobs since other people are cheaper, they want to stop helping them. There has been a big power shift because of GATS services liberalization that people are not aware of yet. (They want to funnel the jobs currently done by the US middle class in many important areas, jobs to other wealthy peoples children in the authoritarian bargain countries, and use them as a way of propping up dictatorships that otherwise might fall because there are no decent jobs there)

But trump just bragged about a supposed million-plus new jobs. We must be flush with jobs. Not.


Well, I do know that anything they do with Social Security tax that helps our trading partners like eliminating the tax that foreign workers have to pay becomes irreversible, its locked in. Five or ten years from now when 3/4 of the workforce is Indian or other countries firms subcontractors, they would probably sue to get rid of this hated tax which takes their money, (OOPS, correction, I would not be urprised if that was part of their dispute already, its hidden so we cant see the full case, its WTO dispute 5 oh three.

and they sometimes dont even get to use it (although visas are often renewed many times) Such a lawsuit would probably bring this whole scheme to the nation’s attention sooner than they would like. So getting rid of it now makes sense, its part of the cover up. Just like Bernie Sanders.

Both parties are working together to hide this huge theft of the jobs. Every single thing they are doing is clearly connected to it. Its not about us, its about the planned job theft, everything. Its easy to prove.