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Experts Warn Trump HHS 'Endangering People' by Covering Up Key Covid-19 Hospitalization Data

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/30/experts-warn-trump-hhs-endangering-people-covering-key-covid-19-hospitalization-data

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Cover up is their whole strategy for fighting the disease:

Donald Trump Jr. dismisses Covid deaths as ‘almost nothing’



Can we allow another term for a delusional leader?


Some of these experts don’t seem to have caught on yet that Orangeman is doing it on purpose. He said long ago that predators such as he make googobs of money whenever there’s hard-times for most other folks. Why not opportunistically let the bug loose, easy as pie, see how much damage it can wreak? Our system is obviously structured such that the usual bandit billionaires make out like bandit billionaires from our extreme suffering. I don’t know why the obvious conclusion – the bastards are destroying us on purpose, furiously intent on it, actually – isn’t spoken out loud more often.


Yes indeed.

Recall Trump telling cult members at 2016 campaign rallies that he bought real estate for ten cents on the dollar after the 2008 crash. Although some of those rally attendees lost some of that real estate to foreclosure, they cheered loudly. If Trump can shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose any votes, stealing peoples property is not even on cult members’ radar.

Ever since my aunt died of Covid in March (and my cousin told me that in Louisiana at the time anybody over age 80 that died was part of the Covid statistic because they ALL had pre-existing conditions) I have lent little credibility to Covid stats due to rampant under counting.

Also note that in rural Pacific Northwest counties like the one I live in you can only get a Covid test if you have what the medical folks consider “symptoms”, so much of the US has gotten no better at testing than was the case in March.


I’ll second that from here in Beaverton-Aloha-Hillsboro netherlands of Cascadia. Ended a shlepping shift for cramped online orders at Freddy’s\Kroger near sprawling and ever under construction Nike campus in a vomiting jag and went to hospital. Before they’d let me in to see my primary care physician they had to screen me (and everyone) for Covid. So they take my temperature, no fever. I’ve got no congestion or other related symptoms. Just regular nausea not related to work & current other various pressures, likely related to hernia I got (working for Kroger, safety not a big concern for the multi-millionaire honchos back in Cincy that run this anti-trust union approved competition killing charter member of the corporate caliphate) but can’t afford to have surgically fixed cuz of economics and that causes my acid reflux cuz guts not all where they’re supposed to be. So they refer me to a surgeon to consult on treating hernia but wouldn’t clear me for a Covid test cuz no fever or other specific symptoms tied to it. Yet, everyday Kroger\Freddy’s has to take every employee’s temperature on one of those malfunctioning electronic thermometers we sell that rarely show any human above 96 degrees, rarely even reaching the human normal of 98.6.

Hang tough ray. We lose another hour of light tomorrow night cuz even though the voters approved ending Fall Back change to clocks, Oregon and I believe Washington states haven’t set will of voter into motion. More and more this sham of so-called democracy we’ve spent decades regime changing, defoliating and otherwise waging chemical and drone war-fare against civilian populations more than any invading armies has got to become more apparent to all but the oligarchs off-shoring their hoarded world’s reserve currency and those Q-Anon cult devotees…

Health and balance
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Why are right wingers so prone to kill anything and everything?

How many ways does robbery and premeditated murder have to be shown before taking the entire cabal into custody?


Just a thought you may have dodged a bullet as there are new approaches to hernia treatment that improved care. UCSF has two clinics for evaluation that you might be interested in, depending on the type of hernia. (The clinics are pretty easy to access)



“I think our only way out is really open, transparent, and actionable information.” - from this article’s subhead.

I’ve been publishing state-by-state coronavirus statistics based on CDC numbers since March 22, followed by actionable information – I’m an inventor and a pretty good engineer. As always, my page is at ~http://quakerworks.net/statecoronavirusstatistics.htm

I have a reasonable respect for the University of Washington’s coronavirus forecasts. However, they haven’t been quite as accurate as my published forecasts lately.

Google’s search engine has seen fit to censor my web page for all of the past seven months, simply because Alphabet/Google is too large and too dumb to know what’s good for the nation and the planet. By contrast, Duckduckgo’s search engine has been able to find me since March 30.


This is real life Code Black. But…our Great Leader says it will all go away on November 4th. You won’t ever hear of Covid-19 afterwards. Dog whistle to the Corporate Media to bury any C-19 stories. Glad I get my news from other countries. How many will need to die before someone wakes up and says, “Whoa! All my family and friends are either dead or really sick? What’s going on?”


Very useful and timely. Thank you Fern. The website looks encouraging. Wonder if they offer any special discounts for UC alumni now trapped in manual labor job market during our ongoing Economic Miracle!

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It has been some time since I accessed one of their clinics but if you contact them they can help you with those considerations. Or, possibly help advise you as to local resources. I’m glad you found this helpful.

What I like too, is that they publish the results of their surgeries.


It’s called “voting against your own interests.”


Going to give ‘rationing of health care’ a new prospective.

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe that one has got to go.

The Italians culled the old ones first.

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There is a theory about authoritarian brains - the actual differences in the physical structure of the cerebrum:

This authoritarian moment is a function of how the brains of conservative authoritarians are hardwired as well as the social environment (and related anxieties) that right-wing fake populist leaders such as Donald Trump are able to both create and exacerbate.


Stop with this ‘third wave’ nonsense. It’s dangerously misleading. The US is still in the first wave and the second hasn’t even arrived yet. The poorly informed see ‘third wave’ and think that the US is somehow doing better, or at least better than Europe, which is now entering the second wave, and that the mainland is through the worst. It is not. What’s coming over the next two months will make the last few months look like an amateur dress rehearsal for the virus.



Sorry to hear about your Aunt. You are sadly all too correct about undercounting and the attempts across the US to mislead the people about the true scale of the pandemic.

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Very interesting article. I have observed over time that wealth has a tendency to promote fear among competitive people worried they might be overtaken on the pecking order. The idea that conservatives tend toward manipulatable fear due to oversize amygdala and under functional pre frontal cortex is also not completely new yet very well explained in the article. Thank you.

Being nonpartisan, I also noticed that a quick aside mentioned Dems and Repups can both exhibit this manipulatable fear bias.

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You would think that even his most ardent followers would have the instinct for survival or even care enough about their families to see trump’s negligence as reason to reject him. You would think…


With this kind of ignorance, it’s hard not to wish one of them wouldn’t get the virus and get severely compromised.