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Experts Warn Trump's New 'Low-Yield' Warheads Will Make Nuclear War More Likely


Experts Warn Trump's New 'Low-Yield' Warheads Will Make Nuclear War More Likely

Julia Conley, staff writer

Warning that the U.S. is already engaging in a new nuclear arms race as officials announced the development of a new "low-yield" warhead, nuclear disarmament campaigners ramped up their calls Monday for nations to sign on to an international treaty prohibiting the use of nuclear weapons.

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Trump scares the hell out of me! Congress needs to invoke the 25th amendment before it is too late!



War, what is it good for, absolutely nothing say it again! Every bomb,bullet and related war weapons that is made takes food from people’s stomachs,destroys the environment, pollutes the planet, and causes death to innocent human beings. No more war department, we need a Peace Department!



I think if we are trying to FIX people we are barking up the wrong tree. Fear and paranoia win over common sense.
If there is an alien presence that objects to our use of nukes we should give them the right to disarm every one they can detect. You know, the same thing us cowards and war mongers should be forced to do on our own.
If only we could beat our nukes into plowshares.
And when is the last time the U.S. needed more than a slingshot to defend the homeland? And how much do we spend on “Homeland security?”



Only the war profiteers!



Headline sez:
“… Trump’s New ‘Low-Yield’ Warheads …”

I, for one, am incensed the president was singlehandedly able to push through the development of these weapons without funding approval from Congress.



Low yield Nuclear weapons. Really?

The reason the Nuclear arms race started is because when one of the Nuclear powers faced the threat of a 15kt TNT equivalent Nuclear warhead, they would respond with 3 or 4 of the same OR They would build one that was 150KT equivalent.

If the USA starts taking out cities with these “low yield nukes” does anyone really think the other side will say “well we best not respond with one of our bigger ones as it would not be fair” ? If a bank held up by a guy with a handgun do the police send one guy with a hand gun to deal with him? These guys are not only cock eyed stupid but are clinically insane .

How the heck have they been put in charge of things?



Low-yield orgasms still result in pregnancy.

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As I’ve said before, “There is no such thing as a limited nuclear war.”
If some psychopath like trump or netanyahu were to destroy a city with a so-called low yield nuclear weapon, everybody in the world would start thinking, “My God! We could be next!”
*Most of those with buttons to push would push them and in a few hours, the question would become moot.

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Because Amerika is not a democracy when it comes to the military, it is a fascist, military, dictatorship.



You called that one right, Shanti. Can we change it before it is too late?



This is the kind of decision that can only happen when magical thinking becomes the norm.
Do these idiots honestly imagine that if they launched a “low yield” nuke, America’s nuclear armed enemies will all patiently wait around for it to explode in order to determine the size of the nuke?
Or that they would not retaliate with the only nukes they have regardless?



From my perspective, not unless at least 50 million Americans surround our White House and evict the tenant!



Nukes are evil incarnate.

If money is the root of all evil and conservatives glom most of it, what does that make them?



We need some better definitions. Is depleted uranium a minor threat or a major one. Is the BURNING in Iraq and Afghanistan a little bad or a lot?
And what use, and to whom, is the use of “low yield” nukes?



I’m not so sure Trump would go all the way, the way he has with extramarital affairs.
It wouldn’t serve his purposes. Like inhibiting him from making more money, leaving radioactive real estate to pine over, and it wouldn’t help his polling numbers.



Makes them the embodiment OF death.



I certainly hope you are right, but do not forget Trump belongs in an insane asylum!



That’s funny, but it’s not.

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Are you aware that the US regularly threatens to use nukes? On average, IIRC, twice a year? That’s why we refused to renounce “first use.”

They won’t be used against nuclear armed enemies. For example, they are just itching to use nuclear bunker busters to destroy underground complexes where a country might be building weapons they can use to defend themselves.