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Experts Warn Trump's New 'Low-Yield' Warheads Will Make Nuclear War More Likely


My guess is that at least two countries would send multi-megaton missiles. Probably, they would send several toward the munition stockpiles to make sure that target is destroyed and toward whatever launch sites they could ID and reach.
*As we live within the blast range of Bangor, we, like the population of Seattle and Everett will have just a few seconds to worry about the war.
*The “Downwinders” will have time to worry, days, to weeks, to months or longer, depending on the size of the dose they receive. It will not be pleasant.
*One of the most accurate pictures of the effectiveness of a nuclear attack is the British movie “Threads”. They didn’t pull any punches in that film and it is hard to watch, but contains a lot of lessons.


How much more proof do we need that these people are insane?


We knew that sh*te like this was coming. Bannon told us (in a related vein) that Don would appoint a wrecking crew (cabinet) to “deconstruct the administrative state,” which is going according to plan.
So we have Don in proximity to the nuclear codes and yet, and yet again, pragmatists that we are, we will wait until his term officially expires. What an Exceptional country.


Trump (or more accurately, his presidency) is frightening to those not on board with him.
Nonetheless, Congress and the Courts do absolutely nothing to remove him.
So, not only is Don making us less safe by (one example) causing air travel to become unsafe, Congress and the Courts are also making us less safe.


Certainly, but the aforementioned enemies have repeatedly warned that any nuclear launch will be considered a direct provocation, and any strikes against an ally will be retaliated against in kind.
More over, it is unlikely they will simply stand back and watch as America begins nuking the planet.


How the heck have they been put in charge of things?

Entertainment became more important than vigilance.


Probably not now without violence, and that just leaves us right back here where we are right now.