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'Exploitation of a Pandemic to Reshape Immigration Law': Trump Order on Worker Visa Restrictions Sparks Outrage

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/23/exploitation-pandemic-reshape-immigration-law-trump-order-worker-visa-restrictions

The focus is on trump’s new Roy Cohn: racist scum steven miller a depraved criminal in the trump regime WH! The most corrupt and racist regime in living memory!
Even miller’s own family has shunned his racist white supremacist extremism!



H1-B Visas were abused by American corporations to reduce costs and increase profits at the expense of college graduates in the U.S.
I can’t speak to Trump’s motives, but I can attest to the greed that motivated the abuse of the visa program and the many graduates in the U.S. (all of whom paid U.S. college admission prices and sacrificed years of their life) who were left on the sidelines while companies ‘claimed’ they could not find suitable ‘talent’ in the U.S.

I’m pretty sure that all of the Disney tech workers who were suddenly told they were losing their jobs and that they would be required to train their H1-B replacements or lose their ‘kicked-to-the-curb’ package, would not have been considered xenophobes for being angry about the loss of their livelihoods.

I bring this up as a reminder that this issue centers around economics and greed w/respect to those people who can’t find work, or are forced out of work by companies who contract with companies from other nation states to bring in cheaper labor.

Make no mistake - I’m a leftist, and this is an economic issue first and foremost.


Common Dreams, you have no idea how destructive the use of these guest visas have been to computing and in other fields like nursing. The labor brokers are the worst imaginable. They take advantage of workers in the worst ways. Now they waant to expand the use of these kinds of questionable precarious labor schemes. their goal is channeling profits to the already rich and capturing the remittances ofimmigrants, whats happening is the crruption they fled and successfully put behind them is now following them here, and taking their jobs.
These companies are run by the supporters of corrupt governments overseas. they are preventing much needed social change there and they are a dagger aimed at the very existence of a well paid middle class all around the world. Open your eyes.

The use of guest workers like the L-1B and other L visas in particular, is part of a decades long scheme to replace the middle class and working class workforce, starting at the top and moving downward, globally with precarious labor. The goal is mostly to greatly increase profits by lowering wages.

Both parties are parties of the rich and are concealing it. This is why capture of the political system is so dangerous. Don’t you realize, these guest visas are non-immigration, which means they likely fall under WTO, not US they are whats squeezing out real immigration, they hope to replace real people immigrants with corporate guest slavery. I recomend you look at the material the AFSC has written on these schemes, in Trade Matters and Foreign Policy in Focus (FPIF) they have the difficult framing right. Please Common Dreams, if you start buying into this scheme, you’ll become as bad as the rest.

Shame on you for buying into the propaganda. I thought you were smarter than that.

**By the way, you should know that the Indian IT companies that are taking over IT are extremely racist. They replace diverse workplaces with 100% indian workforces and they discriminate against everybody who is not controllable in the ways they want, not only Americans, they also disciminate against other Indians by caste. They also discriminate against Indian-Americans who have citizenship or legal permanent residency. Why? Because they want disempowered labor, i.e. slaves. That is the big motivating factor behind all this in a nutshell. Cheap labor, slavery. **

When we let people into our country it should never be under these guest visa programs unless they are literally the best and brightest. And they should only be allowed when non-profit organizations and academia are who they are working for. Pure science.

Instead these visa programs are replacing top talent - self taught workers who literally created their fields, with mediocre talent, who in many cases falsified documents. They themselves complain about the high rates of fraud.

Biden will likely fail to dump the trade agreements which also block the entire progressive Democratic agenda, (they also hijack healthcare and education for multinational corporations) and the deals hope to outsource jobs potentially by the millions. (They admit this and claim that our use of a quota deprives the body shop firms and developing countries of the benefits of the 1995 services agreement)

We cant compete with low wage guest slavery where people are basically working for free in order to get into the country. Those workers could and would potentially displace the entire middle class. Politicians hold control over a critical resource and allowing this theft of our people’s economic security would be the worst violation of their duty to the country ever.


Given the level of unemployment, why on earth do we want to encourage a loss of American jobs?

Look at the use of H1-B visas in the past. Search the story of Disney IT people being forced to train their H1-B replacements before being laid off.

I’ve had acquaintances at multiple companies who have watched H1-B’s come in and displace American workers at a fraction of the wages. Who benefits? Workers? No. The country? No.


Oracle and other tech firms pay Indians educated by Microsoft about half to a third what they would pay for the same tech skills if forced to hire Americans. Trump is right about this at least in part.


They use very questionable math but they insist that profits could be huge by replacing allegedly even as few as 10% of the allegedly overpaid workers in the developed countries (like the US) with guest workers tied to their employers corporations.

Also, currently the wages paid to traditional style immigrants (people who come here intending to live here permanently) and sent home are not being used in ways that add to those countries develoment - most are being spent by the repatives of the people who immigrated, who are poor, so they consider that spending to be wasted. Instead they want the remittances to be replaced by higher profits for their corporations. Instead of having lots of immigrants from other countries employed here at good wages, making money thats out of their control, they want to recaputure those income streams.

In other words to be captured by the same people the immigrants who left - in many cases because of pervasive corruption, fled.

This will prop up the authoritarian bargain countries’s elites.

Frankly they see it as destabilizing for people to aspire to a rising standard of living elsewhere , when - this is their argument- wages should be falling now, not rising. One of the main embedded threads running through the WTO is the adea of “progressive liberalization” which means that deregulation is allowed countries, but not re-regulation. What this eans is that most of the laws and changes that made some countries better than others in the past (like the US) as places to work also are framed as trade barriers standing in the way of develoment and economic integration of rich and poor countries.

Their ultimate goal is to restore the situation that existed before the wave of improvements in labor and other conditions, many of which were hard won, they are doing this bty framing them as discrimination against their corporations. Even laws against discrimination against historically disadvantaged groups are framed as discrimination, and likely to be dismantled.

The main argument they make is countries should export and import what they need. Countries like the US with high skilled labor costs should instead import skilled labor from countries with a surplus of high skilled labor thats cheaper.

Once it begins its turned into an entitlement that cant be reversed because corporations get certainty. As they invest in countries. Just like if foreign companies come in we cant undermine them by regulating those services. Once it begind, it cant be stopped. These deals make escape so expensive it becomes impossible.

This is why we cant have things like public healthcare or education expansions. They are framed as undesirable trade barriers that must be dismantled. So obviously its hard for Democrats to reconcile this global behind the scnes real goal with whatever they say to get elected. Obviously, Americans are in denial about whats happening which helps politicians a lot. So they say what they think constituents want.

So Trump is keeping a campaign promise.

Someone should tell the d-party about that. I hear it keeps your base happy.

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The H-1B visa is required to pay prevailing wage, in theory. So its much more expensive than a legal wage or less.

OTOH L-1B visas is likely to expand a lot, its being challenged in WTO court whether we are even allowed to do what we’re doing now, applying a numerical quota to limit the numbers of workers to an arbitrary low number, and forcing them to pay a “legal US wage” for the area they are working in.

This is what I mean.
Matter of I- Corp., Adopted Decision 2017-02 (AAO Apr. 12, 2017)

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A problem I see is that inflation is okay for CEO type compensation while there is no wage inflation for a large part of America. We can see why TBTB and affiliates are fighting so hard against 15 dollar per hour minimum wages.

It’s an act, in the real world Trump is an extensive user of these low wage work schemes, and both parties are in bed with the body shoppers!

Things could not be worse, really.

Also, we should know, its a core neoliberal ideology that wages should be falling, a lot now. Because supply and demand.

Period. Even if its not enough to live on the invisible hand of the market must determine everything. By increasing supply wages must fall, a lot, period.

Its like a cult, and both parties are totally subscribed to it, Thats their real party. Democrats (or Republicans, but neoliberalism is basically the GOP ideology - but Democrats- no its totally different) are just the skin they have shape shifted into today because it serves their purpose to seem to be something other than they are.

dont make the mistake of thinking its rational in any way, its not.

For example, read up on the famines in India and the UK (Ireland) how the British, treated people. ~http://movies2.nytimes.com/books/first/d/davis-victorian.html

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Thats not because they plan to hire lots of US workers at that wage, its because the US minimum wage may become the de-facto wage for large numbers, potentially millions of artificially disempowered guest workers, many with with advanced degrees.

Who are considered to be exempt, salaried employees so they get away with basically working them 60+ hours a week with no overtime. The ultimate goal is to replace large numbers of workers saving literally trillions of dollars in wages.

The i-corp case is just a temporary setback for them because to the WTO, its a debt and we dont have the right to deprive them of their profits by demanding they pay any particular wage. What we have is a clash between the way we see it and the way the WTO sees it and unfortunately our earstwhile ruling class already agreed to put the WTO in charge, they just never told the country this. Its also why healthcare never gets fixed, sectors like healthcare are supposed to be outsourced in large numbers by these deals, and they want to use a crisis as a wedge to do so, so they cant/wont fix it. What jobs would they trade away then?

We should be behaving appropriately, because its an emergency. Instead we’re being led like lambs to the slaughter by a well organized blog disinformation campaign that takes advantage of our country’s trusting nature. And gullibility.

the changes hat are being sought by the global oligarch class are big and ruthless, and such large changes compared to what we expect that they will kill a lot of poor people. they already have. We’ve just been fooled because nothing like it exists in recent US history, even though there are plenty of examples in other countries history that shows that what were seeing- should be recognized as red flags for genocide. Because there wont be any safety net. The poor in other countries are used to being poor, however people here are used to being treated fairly well. We dont fare well in conditions of extreme poverty but the system is being stripped of any suggestion of rights to any kind of help.

See this story:

This was not an act of compassion by Trump, it was done to hide the fact that workers are being replaced temporarily because its not a big news story if they are paid a legal wage, it is if they are not like they were before. However youll notice that the media never said a peep about it although it was common practice before 2017.

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Myth = IT workers from India are amazing.
Here is how I witnessed their wizzardry for a few years.

  1. They are sponsored by a Human resource company in Virginia. Owned by two brothers in India. They bring in a planeload with the H1B1 visa to their company. They then distribute peoples to their customers. They place four into one apartment. rent, utilities are paid by HR company. each employee buys a Toyota. They are clerks, not code writers, not audit, not security.
    The HR firm adds up the years rent and utilities and adds to EACH W2 who is living in that apartment. The annual amount is now matching a private poll of wages in their physical area.

  2. A suburb location for these people will have a 25% lower earning per year figure by the private poll than federal or state numbers. This is legal, accepted, used.

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You mean “legal, accepted (ab)used…”

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Its just brutal how their own companies abuse them. We have to stop this or it will spread and destroy work for all of us. Its like slavery they want to force us back into a brutal situation. This is both parties dirty secret, that they want this. If people dont speak up and speak up often we’ll wake up some day and we’ll all be fucked. Ask Indian Americans, (US citizens) they all have stories about them, ask them. They have the most to lose because these firms have NO shame. Chinese are in a similar situation but are nothing like the Indians as far as I can tell. US companies should wean themselves from these deals, get the good ones green cards and set them free they will probably stay at a good company and continue to delver the goods, but the others, jet them back to India. This outsourcing of jobs conspiracy has to stop.


Finally Trump has accidentally done something good.
These H1-B visas were the absolutely worst thing for skilled US workers.
At my firm, our regional tech guy is on one of these from India. Great guy. That’s not the issue. And I sure as hell do not blame him for taking advantage of the opportunity offered.
But I also knew the US great guy who had the job before him. In fact know him so well I know what he used to make at the job - 115,000K. And I somewhat recently BC ( before Corona) found out what our H1-B visa guy makes - 62K. Same experience levels.
This is just wrong. And … Anyone who does not think this is wrong has a problem…
I am pro immigration and pro an easier path to citizenship for people who want to come here to live permanently .
I am not pro letting in highly skilled folks just so you can pay them WAY less than citizens and let them twist in the wind in citizenship limbo…


Anecdotally, This is not true of our tech guru from India. He is highly skilled and excellent at the job. He just happened to take the job at a far lower wage, of a US citizen of the same high skill level…
FYI , not discounting what you said which I am sure is correct overall …

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I have collected a lot of stuff on my site on this situation.
p o l i c y s p a c e
x y z

Here is what we need to do. Expose G A T S which hurts everybody on the planet by setting up this scheme which locks in a globalized culture of greed that is cheapening all decent jobs so they can be outsourced, and lowering standards, privatizing public services like higher education and healthcare everywhere and lowering middle class wages to funnel all that money to the rich. Its literally a war on the existence of a middle class everywhere. So its a war on all who aspire to a decent life.

Politicians who promise improvements while it is still there - unless they make it clear they plan to get rid of it, are lying. It has a one way ratchet, which makes things that are deregulated in committed areas impossible to restore.

Dems need to know that because only then will we fight each deregulation appropriately, Virtually everything the GOP does trigger bad things we dont realize they are doing, like selling healthcare across state lines for example, that will lock in and may lead to globalized BAD QUALITY healthcare - irreversibly, we need to know this because they lock in they ratchet in become permanent.

Its so extremely dishonest for both parties to not tell the country about this.

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H-1B visas are supposed to pay a prevailing wage so they pay them many times what L-1B visa workers get. H-1B workers are often grads of US colleges and for that reason, we know they are genuine grads. They are often quite talented.

Contrast that to L-1B visa holders who might be paid just slightly above US minium wage, and then OVER charged for room and board. Also frankly, every piece of evidence points to widespread fraud being endemic, many people who come here on those visas complain about it. They are put through the wringer by the IT firms finacially. They may even be paying to work here, paying basically for a reference. Often they are from rich families who sometimes support them while here, or even buy real estate for them, (this happens with many foreign students because people often want to move money out of the kinds of countries that tend to have this corruption, they want to move here and may see owning real estate as improving their chances of being able to -)

but the scheme to replace higher paid US workers and legal immigrants, people of all nationalities - is huge and a great many who will be impacted are legal immigrants, naturalized citizens who came here feeing corruption, fleeing the kind of state capture we are seeing now due to the dishonest G scheme.

What could happen is we could lose a dispute in Geneva thats been simmering since early 2016, possibly even forcing us to allow the WTO complete control over “non-immigrant visas” these visas are all nonimmigrant visas, so thats an inaccuracy, the article is actually not about immigration, technically.

the professions committed are basically very diverse, and once the scheme starts in earnest we could rapidly lose literally tens of millions of jobs or more, in other words, we could lose more than half of our jobs - most of the better jobs, because public services would be impacted

Already, just in IT, the changes are displacing a great many diverse US workers, of all races and origins, both native born, citizens and legal permanent residents, MANY legal immigrants, and their adult children will gradually be replaced, everybody who is permitted to work here without a disempowerment men, women, old, young, workers of all kinds and generally they are skilled people, many IT staff but also soon GATS will likely be impacting nurses and doctors and teachers and dozens of other professions, not just IT, all who are supporting families.

That is their plan.

The quotas may be there just to prevent the media from covering the issue, with it known by both sides that the “court” will “force us” to end them when they are ready.

Quotas which seem to violate WTO rules against numerous WTO rules against limiting the size and amounts of businesses (this rule also bars single payer if a country has committed a sector like health insurance as we have)
May be intended to be just temporary while they work the bugs out.

In other words, they have an agenda and we helped create it. Trump’s alleged oppositionseems quite unlikely to be intended to stop anything, it seems like part of what is in essence theater. The oligarchs of the world started hatching this plan in the 1980s, they are not about to abndon it now.

But the short answer is, WTO could decide tomorrow - The quotas are being challenged in a dispute case . If we lose, our middle class jobs will be toast.

Why? because all our allegedly privileged politically well connected workers are deemed to be making too much. They want to prop up “Least Developed Countries” with what are in a sense patronage jobs , many jobs may go to a belt of countries who are almost all authoritarian countries with abysmal human rights and civil rights.

G is a huge scheme thats trying to lower wages globally. We should be protesting it because it also blocks ALL creation of a noncommercial, universal, high quality Single Payer healthcare system for all, It blocks water for all, it blocks education for all. It privatizes everything and may well lower standards to the lowest common denominator.

Ellen Gould explains a lot about GATS (but not about the jobs part) including the pressure on standards and the outsourcing of things like healthcare, (briefly) in her excellent video. WHich gives the big picture pretty well, just remember the main goal of GATS is trading jobs and privatizing public services so they become in all practical terms permanent corporate entitlements to sell… (reversing the privatization becomes so extremely expensive it would become impossible)


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