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Explosion, Fireball in Derailment That Sends Bakken Crude Oil Train Into W.Va. Waterway


Explosion, Fireball in Derailment That Sends Bakken Crude Oil Train Into W.Va. Waterway

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A train carrying Bakken crude from North Dakota derailed Monday afternoon in Fayette County, West Virginia, triggering an explosion and fire and sending at least one car into the Kanawha River.

According to a statement from the train company, CSX, the 109-car train was heading to Yorktown, Virginia when the derailment occurred. "At least one rail car appears to have ruptured and caught fire," according to the CSX statement.


I’m sure the good people of WV know that govt. regulation is a bad thing –
in spite of this silly little mishap.


True: ‘Back-to-back fiery derailments involving crude oil trains should be an unmistakable wake-up call to our political leaders.’

Yet, who are these political leaders? When are they to appear? When will they demonstrate capacity to lead instead of spinning rhetorical crap at us all the time?

The only leading they do is mislead.


Our “leaders” have been slow, to say the least. We know that they are in the pocket of industry, in this case the richest, most powerful in the history of money. So expect more “fiddling while Rome burns.” At least we are #1.


A few tidbits. Talking with several longtime railroaders here CSX is very poorly run, and getting worse… Today a half-dozen buses of construction trade workers headed to Charleston (WV) to protest the proposal to eliminate prevailing-wage requirements on state work. Lawmakers are promoting this bill as a “responsibility to taxpayers” initiative. West Virginia is being crushed, ground, and eaten by ALEC.


This will only grow more frequent.There have been many studies down into Complex systems that concluded that the more complex the system the more catastrophic the failure. Added to that the more complex the system the greater the likelihood of total failure. This does not mean JUST Complex technologies. It also holds true for entire societies, cultures and Governments.

The very structure of the Western Economies is overly and needlessly complex with all of that “innovation” governments claim must happen in order to “create wealth” Derivatives and mortgage backed securities and high velocity trading are all examples of this.

Fukishima , the near total collapse of the Banking system , the impact of Greece reneging on its debts and this train derailment are all in fact linked, All of them were preceded by financial wizards, Government officials. lobbyists and investors doing an analysis on maximizing returns on an investment in order to generate more “wealth” and were as willfully ignorant of the consequences of the same as are those people who decided that bringing Bakken Shale oil to market transported by rail are.


The choice of ‘reneging’ puts the blame on the current Greek government which I see as trying to support the Greek people against the rapacious bankers. The word ‘renege’ almost always has negative connotations which doesn’t seem, to me, to be in keeping with the overall tone of your comment. Perhaps you meant ‘defaulting’ or ‘renouncing’ which no longer puts blame on the Greek people? I support Syriza and the stand they are taking against the ‘troika’ and the oppressive debt and austerity regime imposed under the guise of debt and budgetary responsibility.


Great points, they do mislead.


Thank you, and please tell me what we are #1 at besides quietly allowing ourselves to be misled (I use the royal “our” because a few of us protest loudly and daily, seemingly to little avail).


I really have to wonder if this isn’t a robot train with no engineer (Wall Street Companies love to replace expensive pilots and engineers with automation that can’t unionize) This is the second oil train crash I’ve read about with no fatalities and also no survivors mentioned. In a third accident in as many years the company claimed the engineer stepped off to make a phone call and the train took off by itself. Very fishy. But on these two on the same track there’s no interest in who was in control of this thing. In the past the sensationalist media always attempts to determine if the engineer had been drinking or got enough sleep, etc. DOT rules require the engineer to be drug and alcohol tested right after the crash. If he survived, then what are the results of the drug and alcohol tests???

Nada this time. No interest by the media in who was driving these derailed oil trains. In other words, no blame game anymore.

Something’s not right.

If this was an air crash, we’d already know the Captain’s name by now.

Same thing with the Canadian crash saturday:

A train carrying crude oil derailed in northern Ontario, Canada late Saturday night, spilling oil and causing a fire.
Twenty-nine of the 100 cars on the train went off the track near Timmins, Ontario, and seven of those cars were still on fire as of Sunday afternoon. The derailment prompted Canadian National Railway Co. to close its main rail line, a decision that could end up causing a delay in oil shipments in eastern Canada. That delay would add to the disruption Canada’s rail industry is currently experiencing due to the weekend strike of 3,000 Canadian Pacific Railway workers, who are at odds with their company over wages and benefits.
The CBC reports that an “unknown amount” of oil spilled from the train, which derailed in a remote, wooded region. The derailed train had most recently been inspected on Saturday, the day the track was also inspected. The derailment caused no injuries, and officials are working to clean up the derailment site and determine the cause of the accident.
“There is a fire at the scene,” Canadian National’s Patrick Waldron said. “CN has initiated its emergency response plan and has crews responding to the site. That includes firefighting and environmental crews and equipment.”
The derailment is just one of many that have occured in the U.S. and Canada in recent years, as oil producers increasingly rely on rail to transport crude. According to a ForestEthics report from last year, oil train traffic in North America has surged by 4,000 percent over the last five years — traffic that’s mostly coming from North Dakota’s Bakken region and Alberta’s tar sands. With this increase in traffic, oil train accidents have also increased.
In 2013, an oil train derailed and exploded in the small town of Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, killing 47 people and destroying the town’s center. The tragic event reignited calls for improved safety measures in the oil-by-rail industry. The train that derailed in Lac-Mégantic was carrying oil from the Bakken region, which studies have confirmed is more volatile than other types of crude. And the types of cars in the train that derailed are older and more prone to puncture. In September, environmental groups sued the U.S. Department of Transportation over its failure to discontinue the cars.


The fourth article with no one at the wheel…???


It should be a lot more than half-dozen buses. How many union construction tradespeople are there in WV? Certainly more than a half-dozen busloads.

And as along time construction inspector and engineer, I can guarantee you that the quality and even safety of the highway and other public construction will go way downhill as the skilled union workers are replaced with workers whose construction experience is limited to hoeing a milpa in Guatemala.


The term renege is accurate, however I fully support the actions of the greek Government. The entire debt based money system co-opts the very notion of democracy. All nations should renege on that debt. It really no different then “civil disobedience” . That the system sees the actions of so many protesters as “illegal and against the law” does not mean I see the actions of said protesters in a negative way.

The SYSTEM is the problem and not those that wish to break it down and remake it.