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Explosion of Anger, Promises to Oust Her in 2020 After Susan Collins Says "Yes" to Brett Kavanaugh

Explosion of Anger, Promises to Oust Her in 2020 After Susan Collins Says "Yes" to Brett Kavanaugh

Jon Queally, staff writer

Confirming the predictions of those who said she would ultimately side with the Republican Party if her vote was needed to ram through Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court, Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) announced Friday afternoon that she was a "yes" on the nominee—a decision that pushes his final approval to nearly certain and immediately sparked outrage among those who had raised their voices to demand she vote against the controversial right-wing choice.

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Someone needs to give that woman thirty pieces of silver so she can buy herself a length of rope.


Party Uber Alle$!


Flake already stated he will vote “yes”.


I was never in question as to whether he would be ratified. What will surprise me is if no democrat votes for him. Whats really sad is that after the DNC elected Trump into office, by forwarding Clinton as their candidate, by running a campaign so weak it almost seemed deliberate, the democrats have not taken any action to clean their own house, and it is therefore probable that Donald trump will get a second term, and possibly make more appointments. Since the left doesn’t have any representatives in the democratic party to speak of and since only the most right wing members of that party have any chance at a presidential nomination by the party, few real progressives will turn out to vote for them. Get used to it America, this is only the first of many to come. Or we could…


And soon the Hound of Hell will be released upon our land.


It is really dumb to pin people’s hopes on a few politicians when we no longer have to.

Once again money and power and the expectation of more of the same wins again.


Right now we have the freedom to speak our mind, at least on sites like these. Enjoy it now because SCOTUS, with a hard right majority, will work on removing every aspect of freedom we now enjoy including freedom of speech, freedom to assemble, voting rights, freedom to travel abroad, and more. My worst nightmare is that these disappear but it’s becoming more and more likely. Land of the free? Tomorrow, unless Flake or someone with an ounce of duty to their country votes no, will be the day they stamp a swastika on our flag.


Finally - once and for all - can the “Centrist Democrats” get it in their heads that there is no such thing as a “moderate” Republican. Stop trying to coddle these Fascists or try to emulate them and OPPOSE them. But, hey, congrats Dem Establishment for smearing and marginalizing the actual Left and giving these MFers a pass. Once again, you got nothing in return. Thanks a lot!


Come on folks, settle down. We all knew this was coming when we allowed Trump to be elected. Maybe not this bad guy, but surely someone quite like him.
Time to suck it up or the right will call out “sour grapes” for the next two and a half years.

Organize, or throw in the towel, are two of the three responses. The third is naked revolution and I don’t think we have the balls to roll in that direction.


I feel sorry for Senator Collins. I have voted for her diligently from the moment she ran for office, but I sincerely hope the Democrats can find a competitive candidate. People’s memories cloud up very quickly though and civics just seems a nice theory. My hope is that women, who generally have the memories of elephants, remember.


“Ousting her’”is a poor excuse for what really needs to be done to this Paid Off Traitor for what she has done to all of US!!!

Even if he is elected… and he will be, should not stop the rest of us from Complying like Sheep!

What is wrong with all these people?

“Women will remember.” Are people saying this really delusional or are they hoping by saying it that it will become true?

The majority of white women who voted in 2016 voted for Trump. Why? Because they are conservatives. They either were Pro-Life or don’t care if a Pro-Life candidate appoints Pro-Life justices. They knew that Trump had been accused of many charges of sexual assault. They either didn’t care or they didn’t believe them.

These women are still in that mindset. They want Kavanaugh on the SCOTUS because he is conservative and they want him to overturn Roe v. Wade and Gay Marriage or they don’t care as long as he works for other conservative positions. They either don’t care about the sexual assault charges or they believe they are political smears.

I’m not making it up. I have a number of women friends who are all conservative and Evangelical and every single one of them is convinced this is a political smear to stop a decent man.

So “women will remember” is wishful thinking. Liberal women will remember. But conservative women will too and that means the exact opposite in their case.

But I guess most liberals live in a bubble where they only interact with other liberals and actually have a parochial mentality where what they experience they think must be universal.

Collins isn’t stupid. She knows what she needs to do to keep her seat and she has concluded it is to support Trump and Kavanaugh. This explosion of anger and flooding of a campaign to oust her in 2020 will just be used by the right wingers to complain about liberals and George Soros.

Again, this doesn’t mean I’m for Collins or for Kavanaugh. It means that I know this use of wedge issues is not working in Democrats’ favor and hasn’t been for a generation. (I doesn’t matter I’m on the same side of the wedge.)


The Hell with the Politicians! Time we took matters into our own hands and take this opportunity to take care of business like we should have from day one of Trumps’ election and his attacks on us that same day!

The Republicans who have no conscience or moral compass and the DINO manchin must be held to account…I wonder what Lyndon Johnson would have done to manchin who puts his self interest ahead of country, people, morality, and party…LBJ would threaten him to party loyalty or choke the life out of the worthless POS! One way or the other he would pay a very steep price for his action and be targeted from then on out! But where is the current pathetic leadership on this issue so critical? Chucky schumer et al? Nowhere as usual except playing BS games and selling-out!
One can only hope this perfidy will rouse a sleeping giant electorate to great things that may have some real effects!

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“Collins said…ultimately… ‘fairness would dictate’ giving Kavanaugh’s denials the benefit of the doubt.’”

Sure you effin’ right wing lackey, if his well-documented lying denials, evasions and aggressions about his drinking and gross sexual disrespect for women hadn’t discredited his honesty and character.

Good job paving the way for the return of the coat hanger abortion - wotta legacy.



Sorry to burst Your Bubble

But Redneck ol White Boys are a shrinking demographics

And so are those Oblivious White Women

It will be a great pleasure to see the Future come alive with a Strong Hispanic Caucus

It will be a critical shift towards Human Rights
Just as happened when the Black Caucus came alive

We are seeing American Colonialism At it’s peak

Can’t wait to see it End


She knows from her own polls which side of her bread the butter is on. This is all about staying in office, nothing more. Not morality, qualifications, criminality or sexual predation. It is a referendum on the character of the United States and unless you get out and vote you are going to be the next one they come for.