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Explosions! Floods! Cancer! What More Will It Take for Pa. to Ditch Fossil Fuels?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/28/explosions-floods-cancer-what-more-will-it-take-pa-ditch-fossil-fuels

Agree with everything said in this article. And I really support the ‘take the train’ comments. I just returned from vacation in Turkey and then spent 5 days in London. Took buses, a train and the underground everywhere. A car would have been unimaginable. The longest I waited for any of it was 13 minutes at Charing Cross station. All times of day from the am rush hour until mid evening. We cannot even run our commuter trains after a big rainstorm here in Philly. And btwvisiting the philly subway system is frightening. In London it is bright, clean, great signage, and easy to navigate. We need to upgrade our transit and that starts with anyone who can taking what we already have AND bitching unmercifully about making it better.

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The coal miner continues to be the Trump cult’s poster child and Trump continues to promise to bring coal and steel industry jobs back to Pittsburgh despite Pittsburgh having spent decades and tens of millions of dollars transitioning away from the smokestack economy.

Hopefully Pennsylvanians will be worn down by 4 years of reality TV politics to the extent that they don’t hand the GOP their electoral votes in 2020.

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