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Explosions Rock Turkish Peace Rally; Police Block Ambulances

Explosions Rock Turkish Peace Rally; Police Block Ambulances

Common Dreams staff

Twin explosions outside Ankara’s main train station on Saturday morning killed at least 86 people and wounded up to 190 in an attack targeting a peace rally in Turkey's capital city.

The peace rally and march was organized by unions, NGO's and the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) to protest against the conflict between the state and the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in southeast Turkey.

A video caught the moment the first bomb went off.

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Police block ambulances = Failed state.


That’s what I thought too that in this interconnected media world that the message was that if the USA can bomb hospitals then the new standard is to deny medical aid to those who you don’t like. My guess is that the Turkish police’s attitude was akin to “That’ll teach them a lesson for wanting to demonstrate”.


Coming to a peace rally near you.
Harvesting the fruit of the mideast wars.
The war criminals occupy the halls of congress!


“The war criminals occupy the halls of congress!” I must be tired, I thought you said, “The war criminals occupy the hells of congress!”


I’ve always been the first one to avoid the impulse to blurt-out “it’s a false-flag attack!” after every terrorist bombing. But considering Erdoğan’s hatred of the libertarian-socialist PKK freedom fighters, the Kurdish HDP Party which could defeat Erdoğan in the next elections in November, and all other socialists, Kurdish or not, it’s hard to not see it as one here.

This is Turkey’s modern-day Haymarket - albeit far bloodier. Lets hope the Turkish left succeeds where the US left faced nothing but defeats after their Haymarket.


This bombing of peace and pro-Kurd activists/demonstrators was no accident and certainly accomplished with at least tacit consent from the Turkish military dictatorship, to whom we give consent for their state-terrorism bombing the Kurds in Syria - likewise Saudi bombing of Houthis in Yemen and Israeli bombing of Gaza - a giant cluster-farce with the US at center stage!

The US supports and arms all these usual suspect terrorist states bombing or occupying or waging lower-level war on dissent, from Turkey, the Saudis, Israel, Egypt, and of course the debacle and sectarian violence (including the creation of Daesh/ISIS depravity) in/from what used to be Iraq - all brought to the world by the good-old USA!

The US has become example for war crimes and oppression of millions that these and other states use as “justification” for their own atrocities, like bombing hospitals! We have adopted and spread the Israeli model of “dealing with” anyone that opposes our endless wars!

We have become the enemy, and good friend to multi-state terrorism - really fine work Mr President! How does that Nobel Peace Prize feel now?


A good post. It effectively sums things up.

Sounds a lot like the rotating presidents of the US. All military dictatorships are so ashamed they pretend to be democracies even though their only friends are other perverted dictators.


The precedent has long been set. Remember Bahrain a year or so ago? The military (police) entered hospitals and dragged suspected protesters off the operating tables and arrested any doctors or aid people working on the patients.

  • Many doctors were given long prison sentences for giving medical aid to injured people, many of whom were demonstrators.
  • The US Fourth Reich rewarded Bahrain with more military hardware and surveillance equipment. The same thing goes for Egypt and, of course the Saudis.
  • It would appear that We the People of the World are finally beginning to react to this garbage in much greater numbers, and the New World Order doesn’t like it.
  • May We give them ulcers!

To quote Walt Kelly’s Pogo. “We have met the enemy and he is us!”

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Ulcers? De-capitation would be more appropriate - in whatever form the metaphor might work out in political and street reality.

To be entirely accurate, it’s military/Islamic fascism.

We can only hope tat the progressives of Europe will start marching to kick fascist Turkey out of NATO.

Allowing Turkey to bomb the Kurds in Iraq, with American planes, is not so much Congress’s doing. It’s Obama’s gift to Middle East peace.

Not the workers’ movements, Arby. There is still hope in many countries in Europe.

sigh…Erdogan gets worse every day.

I think blocking the ambulances was tactically stupid, because it gives away the game. It’s highly unlikely that police would do such a thing at that level of uniformity if there weren’t standing orders in place prior to the event. Police in other similar situations tend to veer towards a bit of chaos as they try to sort things out. The blast effects them as much as the victims, in other words. It doesn’t look like that in this case, so yeah, my first impression is to suspect this was a police op.

And if it was, Erdogan may rue the day he ever set foot in the presidential palace.

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I suspect you’re correct about "standing orders, drone. No question about your Erdegon comment. But I wonder if any commenters bothered to read the source for the CD Headline? This was all in the quoted BBC article.

"Bulent Tekdemir, who was at the rally, told the BBC that the police used tear gas “as soon as the bomb went off”, and “would not let ambulances through”.

A local resident said that angry people tried to attack police cars after the blast. The HDP tweeted that police “attacked” people carrying the injured away."

Horrible as this is and the death toll according to Reuters has now reached 97 and will not doubt grow, I found the info in the Guardian to be more accurate with and excellent piece of opinion.

Yep, and though it is way OT, a prediction on the issue of bombing hospitals appears to be underway. Will the families accept the amounts offered? Will
Doctors Without Borders accept the offer of repair of the hospital in Kunduz?
That remains to be seen.


And yet it seems to me, that after the dust settles it is usually the case that most of them are.

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