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'Explosive' New Evidence Shows GOP 'Weaponizing' the 2020 Census With Citizenship Question to Rig Elections

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/05/30/explosive-new-evidence-shows-gop-weaponizing-2020-census-citizenship-question-rig

I think this falls under the “enemies domestic” category, like much of the Republican shenanigans over the past several decades.


No surprise to anyone paying attention. My hat’s off to Hofeller’s daughter for turning this information in, instead of burying it, it should become very useful.


If the court decides to allow the citizenship question, maybe all of us who are citizens should pledge to refuse to answer the question on the grounds it is inappropriate for the Census.


Round up these self engendered a-holes, stuff them in a large barn, and do what is practicable.

Or, everyone should just say Yes.

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Republican plotting? This is new?