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Explosive New Reports Reveal How Pro-Trump Firm Cambridge Analytica 'Exploited' Facebook to Harvest Data of 50 Million Americans

Explosive New Reports Reveal How Pro-Trump Firm Cambridge Analytica 'Exploited' Facebook to Harvest Data of 50 Million Americans

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Those wondering why Facebook suddenly announced late Friday night that it has banned the Trump-affiliated data firm Cambridge Analytica received a decisive answer Saturday morning, when the New York Times and the

LOL… When Cambridge Analytica does it, it’s called a “data breach”. When Facebook does it, it’s call “monitization”

Facebook’s just p.o.'ed that someone else is making money off their platform besides them.

Remember, none of big technology is your friend


Here’s another good reason—if anybody needed one–to avoid FB like plague-infested rats.


Deleted my FB account in 2010, having over 700 friends, most of whom I had never met personally, and most were the result of my involvement in 2 political campaigns.

Never really missed it, just like I never missed TV after giving it up in 2013.

One good deed deserves another.


Read World Without Mind: The Existential Threat of Big Tech, by Franklin Foer (2017) for an overview of where these tech behemoths came from and where their going with this technology, and why we should be very afraid.

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I never joined face book, because I felt it was just a matter of time before it was used for nefarious purposes, but I wish I had been wrong!

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Privacy advocates and other commentators reacted with alarm to the explosive new revelations, arguing that they show the dangers inherent in giving massive for-profit tech companies like Facebook access to users’ personal information.

Where is such pretense?


All of the Social Media platforms used out there are extensions of the States surveillance tools. The CIA, and its equivalents in other nations just love this stuff and it my opinion had their money and influence shaping this trend from the very beginning of the Web.

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Facebook should be buried face down in a grave.

Facebook seems to be so consumed with greed that to simply trust it is foolish. Congress needs to users control over their data. Many people are hooked on Facebook and you can’t expect them to voluntarily leave and even if they did that they cannot have their data deleted. The US needs to follow the EU, which is trying to get regulations for Facebook and Google and give the public complete control of their data They both use business models that can only lead to disaster, that is they are in the data collection business and make almost all their money through advertising. That is incompatible with privacy and freedom.

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That’s why I don’t have "social media accounts. They have algorithms that can analyze and harvest even the most sensitive and personal comments, tweets etc. One keystroke and they can divide an entire population into groups of interests. Easy to feed these groups cult-like propaganda and false info. Check out “FOX NEWS” an oxymoron. They are truth benders (par excellence). They can generate national rage at a moments notice. Most of it created with bent truth and pure factual fantasy.

I have canceled my facebook account over this crap. I will not use a company that refused to protect my data, even when the corporate officials were warned this was happening. One of Zukerberg’s mentors warned him about all of these potential security problems, and he refused to address it. What a greedy bastard, who has put the entire planet in jeopardy with his astronomical greed and avarice. So, I say boycott facebook. Zukerberg, what a tool who seems to care for $$$ over free and fair elections. I am fed up with the abuse of Corporations. Government in this country is not the problem, the problem is really corporate greed and big monies hold over our elected officials.

This sounds like fair game. In the meantime, why aren’t the Democrats doing it? They are too busy paying millions to obsolete loser cronies.

Facebook has now become a mega-surveillance company, monitoring almost everyone in the world.
I read an article in which Edward Snowden mentioned the role of Facebook in monitoring peoples activities.

There was a news published at ivacy vpn, telling about edward snowden reviling facebook survellience.