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'Expose the Slaveholders': Activists Disrupt For-Profit Prison Corp. Meeting


'Expose the Slaveholders': Activists Disrupt For-Profit Prison Corp. Meeting

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

As the for-profit prison corporation GEO Group held its annual shareholder meeting in Boca Raton, Florida on Wednesday, human rights organizations calling for an end to incarceration converged on the company's headquarters to demand accountability and divestment from the prison industry.


In Canada our own Stephen Harper wishes to emulate the US model. Under claims of being “tough on crime” Legislation is being passed to make prison terms longer and ensure more people go to prison in the first place.

More prisons are being built to keep more people behind bars even as crime at an all time low.

When Harper came to power our prison system in Canada cost 1.6 billion a year. It now at 2.9 billion in 8 years.

There still a long way to go to catch the USA as adjusted for population size we would need to increase spending to some 10 billion yearly but it not for lack of trying on the part of the Conservatives. The “investor class” salivates at the opportunity.

I can only wonder if under the TPP whether those Coporations will be able to sue for lost profits if a Government changes policies that lead to less people in prisons and less profits for the same?


Several months back, when California was going to do early releases, there was resistance and an effort to delay the early releases within that system- because the prison industry supposedly could not function without their free/cheap prison slave labor.