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Exposed: Big Brother's 'Unique and Productive' Relationship with AT&T


Exposed: Big Brother's 'Unique and Productive' Relationship with AT&T

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer


IT&T, anyone? Welcome to the Military Industrial Tracking & Monitoring Complex. It’s in a cell tower near you. Privatized water and utilities? We can handle that with just a " spinoff " of the dial. Command and control and security logistics, we’ve got your back up. Remember all those dead " liberators of the people " in foreign countries around the globe? Just say the secret word and " boom, boom out go the lights "; for good. Hell, there’s not a thing we’re incapable of and we can prove that in closed Congressional hearings under gag orders and on a need-to-know basis. We got the whole shebang covered, trust us.


the panopticon is under construction, some people feel it more than others



I’m thinking of switching to CREDO. Does anyone here have experience with it?


I wonder if writers and creators of content can sue A T & T and the CIA/NSA for copyright infringement? After all, this eavesdropping is a form of obtaining others’ content, content that may be creative and paid at a particular rate. Seizing this content IS a form of theft.

It’s worth a shot–Class Action Suit, wise.


That’s a corporation that needs to be purged, the stock owned by its officers cancelled and the officers themselves beggared by breach-of-privacy judgements.


Nice idea, but I believe the law is that they have to do something such as redistribute it before they can be done for a copyright violation. And since it’s for the feds, they’d probably get immunity anyway.

But it’s a very nice idea.


Why bother? “We” all know that “we” are powerless against “them”, so “we” shouldn’t be exhorted, nor expected to fight back, let alone be held accountable for our failure to do so …


Thanks, reminds me of my first job with Western Electric replacing the old PBYs with " tip and ring " and the first ESS ( Electronic Switching System ) Computerized Phone Network. That was 41 years ago. Poor Lily she has it right and wrong, here. They still don’t care, of course, but they’re also way more advanced than this skit lets on. Unless, you’re a resident of Skillet Licker, Tennessee. There they bellered and yodeled down the holler. Funny stuff but IT&T and AT&T have been putting everyday people in alligator ponds up to their asses since the 1920s.


Thanks for your thoughts about CREDO. I’m leaning toward subscribing to it.


Not if we own a copy of the material, and the cd is just a recombination. That’s legal under fair use. If we don’t own a copy, then the presumption is that we deprived them of a sale. But if they take our stuff, then we’d have to demonstrate that we’re in the business of selling it, and they deprived US of a sale. Which of course we couldn’t.

Is “Some Like It Hot” really in the PD now? I can’t imagine how it could be, since copyright is life + 70 or more years, and SLIH was made in 1959, 66 years ago.


Glad you liked it …


I’m sure they have a clause in their TOS that says they can do whatever they like to you and your work. :imp:


I appreciate that.


It’s hard to do because ownership in most corporation is by shares of stock, and who owns what percentage of what is beyond what most home Googlers have the time and resources to identify. What would work better is to have corporate ownership mapped out on an accessible graph, preferably printed so it can’t be hacked, with the names and contact information of all hedge fund (how crazy does a population have to be to put money in the hands of something called a “hedge” ( as in “hedge your bets”) fund? Then knowledge of who to boycott could then be out where the word could be spread and actions taken in an organized and coordinated way.

Of course efforts would me made, okayed at the highest levels, to quiet anyone spreading that word. The thing to keep in mind is that the only “inalienable right” We The People truly have is the right to remain silent. Of course you can be tortured if you insist on asserting that right (and I am giving up that my of mine by even speaking about it). But when confronted by a Gestapo to say “You can’t treat me like that; I know my rights!” is taken by them as a dare, and they’ll be sorely ( sic ) tempted to show you where you can stuff those rights you’re asserting. Better to lie to them while screaming out in pain. It has always appalled me that “lying to the police” is a criminal offense but they can and do lie to and about “suspects,” who are often only people they distrust and disapprove of.

Nothing can be done about any of it until someone comes up with an actual plan that provides things to do that have an effect when done by a whole lotta people. I don’t expect that to happen in time but I hope We prove me wrong.