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Exposed: 'Full Range of Collusion' Between Big Oil and TTIP Trade Reps


Exposed: 'Full Range of Collusion' Between Big Oil and TTIP Trade Reps

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Amid warnings that the proposed TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) could undermine global attempts to rein in runaway climate change, new documents reveal that EU trade officials gave U.S. oil giant ExxonMobil access to confidential negotiating strategies considered too sensitive to be released to the European public.


We either pulverize ourselves in a nuclear holocaust or boil ourselves to death like the frog in the proverbial warm water pot. The oil cartel giants seem to be the biggest problem humanity is facing due to their willful deniability to the facts about energy from dirty fossil fuels being the single biggest contributor to global warming.


Bernie has to come out full bore against these.

Just the conspiring to keep the public ignorant of the truth should be enough to disqualify them from any seat at any official table, be it for trade talks or climate change.


This is the type of thing that always goes on. If Exxon isn't paying for climate change denial campaigns, then the established fossil fuel behemoths use their power, financial clout, and influence to THWART investments in Greener energy and wiser infrastructure. But instead of facing what that means, they pay idiots to come to threads like this one to insist that what counts is the INDIVIDUAL consumer, and what s/he is doing in the way of still driving to work or eating a hamburger:

"Indeed, as the Brussels-based think tank Transport & Environment warned earlier this week, "cheaper fossil energy means higher carbon emissions from increased consumption while crowding out renewable sources, all of which runs counter to the EU’s '40/27/27' climate and energy targets for 2030."

As is the case in any unbalanced power equation, the Embeds will take the obvious implications and turn it around by asserting that someone like myself is attributing no responsibility to the individual/consumer. That is not my position; besides it's at best a corollary. What matters is policy from the top.

Many people have decreased their energy and consumer footprints, and many more do not eat meat. But until infrastructure can decentralize off major electrical grids and there are greater public transportation options, the small changes made by some cannot offset the tipping points that are accelerating the rigors of climate chaos.


The oil companies--like Exxon having hired scientists who made the global warming factor clear decades ago--are not in willful denial. They are using a strategy, and that strategy is like asking the ostrich to bury his head in the ground while his ass gets kicked... in this case, by storms, floods, wild fires, etc.

When Dr. Steven Greer talks about Free Energy, and makes the case that transportation technology has changed very little (relative to other developments in technology) in the past 70 years, he's onto something. He further explains that the massive shift in infrastructure that would accompany an energy paradigm shift is phenomenal. And that's why the old industrial powers don't want this to happen. They are preserving their status quo--mostly for financial reasons.

If citizens truly had agency, they would be in a position to argue that the trillions spent on foreign wars, with at least part of the motivation for these Middle East wars that of controlling energy (oil) supply could instead be used as compensation to the Big Energy moguls. They'd be given compensation (they already are, of course, through subsidies, tax benefits, and the wars that secure THEIR product and profits) to begin to outfit for OTHER forms of energy and its deployment.

In other words, the trillions get spent on ways to kill others or they get spent on gearing up for a different paradigm of civilization, itself.

And if justice systems were based on actual justice, those in media who made fictitious cases for war, and those in the war machine that killed a high percentage of civilians and covered it up with all sorts of sterile language about smart bombs and precision drones, and those who lied about climate change and caused major earth changes from their deception, and others in high positions who have betrayed the world's people... would all be incarcerated and taken OUT of leadership roles.

"By their fruits ye shall know them."



I'm shocked, shocked to find collusion going-on here!

Old money wealth, private and corporate, is dedicated to, and dependent on, their chosen racket or exploitation, ie source of profits. Their political influence, "clout" and ability to control any attempt to rein-in their greed and/or destructive mechanisms, or thwart legislation to by-pass their greed or fully fund other new technologies, as in this case adopting sustainable, green energy sources, will continue to rule until change is forced.

Old money, corporate greed, profits above all else, will never relinquish power dominance until forced to - their bought-and-paid-for politicians will not support any change to the status-quo until forced to, so it's up to the people's activism and demonstrations to elect new legislators and/or convince/force current political whores which side of the bread their butter is really on.........or face the consequences!


Hi "Not",
* You and I have been singing in the same choir for a long time. Unfortunately, the audience seems to be tone deaf! :wink:
* I am seeing signs of an awakening lately, so perhaps our efforts and those of others of similar ilk are finally bearing fruit. At least I hope so.
* I'm 78 and would love to spend my last few years going back to writing books and poetry, sailing and teaching, and making neat things in my shop.
* Every time I decide to do so, some oil baron, politician, general or other idiot does something stupid in the name of profit over life and I find myself sitting in front of this damned computer again.
* Ah, well, I guess that is life in the slow lane.
* Keep up the good work!


Bizarre that the fascists, con and lib often included, act like people who oppose this corrupt oligarchy are extremists and of course the old favourite - commies ! But of course the opposite is true. People who oppose the poisoning of our planet and who push for an actual responsive, accountable democracy are the true democratic centrists, and the conventional "centrists" like the Pubs n' Crats are the true extremists. This line of thinking can be applied to many issues in our "democracies".
A true centrist in my opinion would be an individual who engages in evidence based, authentic, thoughtful discussion of any issue. Compare this to the daily functioning of American politics and it is easy to see who the extremists really are.


For all of your good energy spent on fighting the good fight, don't neglect that other good fight which is taking part in what is beautiful STILL in this universe. Seems like you haven't forgotten, but get out to the wilderness on a moonless night with a clear sky and see where we really ARE.

All the best.


A person once asked on this boards a rhetorical question as to why people in the West are still allowed the "freedom" of the internet where they could voice their opinions or read that of others so as to help shape their own.

There a huge investment by the Corporations and by various Governments to use Social media and that medium as a tool of Social control and a means by which they can manipulate and shape human behaviour.

This article reveals how DARPA , one of the organs of the US Military , is using mathematics and research on Social interactions to manipulate and control human populations. If you will read details , part of the inputs used to refine their research is data, lots of it including all social interactions of a given individual.

This in my opinion speaks to the use of the threat of "terrorism" by Governments and the Police State to allow legislation that would permit ever more monitoring. Who a person talks to and when , how many times and how this prompts interaction with others all become data to plug into the equation.

In reading the article it will be noted that the author attempts to put a positive spin on all of this suggesting DARPA has moral and ethical constraints placed upon them and that this to be used for the public good. The reality is that the Corporate State and the Governments are meshing into one entity and that "we the people" are seen as little more than drones that function to support the same.


Thanks for the link. Prof. Zimbardo to the service desk, please...


“KPMG study finds autonomous vehicles and mobility services
add "1" Trillion VMT vehicle miles traveled annually by 2050”

Innovations in autonomous vehicles, connectivity, and mobility-on-demand will have a profound impact on consumers, particularly among younger and older people, according to a new study by KPMG. With these age groups set to embrace these technological and transformational changes, vehicle miles traveled (VMT) in the US will soar by approximately one trillion additional miles per year by 2050.

According to KPMG’s research, which consisted of consumer focus groups in Atlanta, Chicago and Denver, two generations will largely drive consumer demand in the future, the millenials and the “baby boomers plus”—ranging from 45 to 75 years. However, in every age group, participants showed significant attraction to mobility on demand for specific conditions or circumstances, including safety, weather, premium experience, and leisure time. According to KPMG’s Gary Silberg, National Automotive Leader for KPMG, the increasing desire for mobility options will present “huge opportunities for new entrants and business models in the auto industry.”

Think of it this way: 10 years ago, how many of us would have predicted that most 10-year-olds would be walking around with smartphones? We grossly underestimated that trend. The automotive landscape will significantly change as a result of autonomous vehicles, and consumer behavior will dictate the rate of adoption. Like the smartphone, let’s not underestimate the power of these changes and the vast potential for new business models to satisfy them. — Gary Silberg

The 45-to-75-year-olds. Among the boomers plus, people are living longer, delaying retirement, and moving to cities. Older boomers, however, have concerns about the safety of their driving as they age. So do their children. They are not going to stop being active, however, and won't be intimidated by mobility options. They want their freedom of mobility. Silberg noted that “their almost-instant attraction to mobility services comes from a common concern expressed in the focus groups. With mobility services, people don’t have to worry about taking the keys away from older parents, and don’t have to worry about their driving.”

The 10-to-15-year-olds. Children and the parents of children share the boomers’ interest in mobility-on-demand services but for different reasons. For the children, it’s all about freedom without having to get their parents or someone else to drive. Relying on Uber? Via? Lyft? An autonomous vehicle in the future? No problem. They’ve grown up not only tech savvy but instinctively trusting in technology. In fact, the only limitation on their use of mobility-on-demand services will be their parents view on when they are old enough to put them in an Uber or Lyft on their own. “Parents like the idea of not having to play taxi for their kids,” said Silberg. “And mobility-on-demand will be especially attractive for parents in the future who will hesitate less to use these services.”

Impact to vehicle miles.These increases in personal miles traveled (PMT) can ripple into even larger fluctuations in vehicle miles traveled (VMT) as vehicle occupancy rates change. For example, if more people started to select new self-driving options in the future—then we could see twice as much demand. And if we moved into a scenario occupancy rates fell below one person per car—for example, many self-driving cars without passengers—then the increase could be a staggering three to four trillion additional miles by 2050, according to KPMG.

Those increases would have a profound but unknown impact on vehicle sales, car ownership models, energy demand, and infrastructure. To be quite frank, I’m not sure people understand the enormity of the change, nor are we ready for it, ahem. VMT, oh really? Let's just say...fuel/energy consumption isn't the hole story...


You know, I hate to say the obvious... but, I really think that the only way we are going to get a REAL CHANGE is if we DO MASSIVE BOYCOTT of our fossil fuels economy... HOW THAT MANIFESTS is up to us.... think about it...


I agree that the trillions used on war... should not be spent for that... of course... but I disagree with what you and others say about compensating the big oil companies for those stranded assets... I THINK THEY SHOULD SHRIVEL UP AND DIE... DO NOT GIVE THEM ONE SENT...


Hi Psy-Chick, and nottheonly1
* Camano Island is not too lit up, yet. Last night after our dinner, we swung by to give a kitty we are feeding while our friends are gone, some food and a love-love. Then, on our way home, we stopped to watch the rising of the full moon over the mountains, when it laid a moon track across Pt. Susan Bay. As always, the stars were beautiful. I am often reminded of the description made by, if memory serves, one of the astronauts, to the effect that "Earth is a beautiful blue-green marble rolling alone in the immense darkness of space."
* Perhaps you would enjoy one of my poems, more-or-less on the same subject.

Far out at sea, the unbroken great blue circle
Ever changing yet ever the same.
Standing on the bowsprit I gaze into the deep, clear, blue depths
Or out to the horizon. Sometimes there are dolphins!

At night, the heavens are filled with myriad stars, far more than are seen on land.
They stretch out to infinity, eternity,
The only human interlopers,
The satellites moving in their straight lines from horizon to horizon.

Below in my bunk I am lulled by the quiet hiss of the bow wave,
The rasping zzzzip of passing dolphins,
Distant songs of humpbacked whales echoing from the deep,
And the quiet tread of watchstanders passing on the deck above my head.

Diving on the reef, I pass beneath the stands of kelp
Rising like fluted columns
Which spread overhead, muted light filtering to the sea floor
Like sunlight through stained glass

Walking on the floor of a great virgin forest,
The first branches spread a hundred feet overhead.
Wild rhododendrons provide splashes of color
And my gaze stretches for miles.

Standing on a windswept ridge, gazing at a rugged, snow shrouded peak.
Mighty rivers look like tiny rivulets, running from beneath the glaciers.
The tree line is far below me,
And on the eroded cliff, seashells.

These are my cathedrals.
This is where I feel close to my God,
In the quiet wonder of God’s creation,
Far from the works of man.

					Steve Osborn
					23 August 2002

We must try to keep and heal our world.
* Good luck and thank you both.


We are living in the perfect example of an Oligarchy.


Meanwhile the Navy is flying Loud and Obnoxious Growler Jets playing Electromagnetic War Games over Olympic National Park - A World Heritage Site - making a mockery our of our National Park System. People living on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington are collateral damage in the Boeing Profit Machine. Your wild and sacred places could be next.


Maybe we should nationalize the oil companies and take their money and property to deal with the consequences of climate change. We need alternatives to fossil fuel before we can change to sustainable energy. We should investigate if the Oil Companies have been hiding battery technology or other advances that might devastate their profits. I would not put it beneath them to put their profits before our survival.


So was Ed Schultz let go from MSNBC because he was against #TPP? I mean every one of his programs was anti #TPP