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Exposed: Pesticide Industry Deployed Aggressive Lobby Effort to Quash Bee Protections


Exposed: Pesticide Industry Deployed Aggressive Lobby Effort to Quash Bee Protections

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Despite the abundance of scientific studies documenting the rapid and dangerous decline of pollinator populations, state and federal lawmakers have yet to pass any meaningful protections for bees.

The reason, according to the findings of a new investigation, is that pesticide giants such as Bayer, Monsanto, and Syngenta have deployed an aggressive lobbying campaign to dilute and suppress attempts to regulate their multi-billion dollar industry—with great success.


In the immortal words of Gomer Pyle:

“Well go-o-l-l-l-y! Surprise, surprise, surprise!”

We need to politically disempower corporations in general, and shut down the most heinous operations including these “pesticide” eco-toxic manufacturers.

These “agro-chemical” corporations, on both the US side and the European side, got their start as war-time chemical manufacturers carrying out production for war criminals, including for the NAZI party. Their shift into “agriculture” after the war was a “market opportunity” for them to expand their peddling of poisons.


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Not only have these poison manufacturers lobbied to quash legislation to save our irreplaceable pollinators, but also to keep their human carcinogens untested and unregulated - sold for use in and around homes and children and in our food supply. The vast number of chemicals entering our homes and the environment go mostly untested.
"It may take over three decades to regulate consumer chemicals that we already know are deadly" http://www.commondreams.org/views/2016/06/15/new-reform-toxic-waste

The pattern of chemicals being treated as_“safe until proven dangerous”_ that can take years or never while millions become victims, and our health care costs skyrocket, must be replaced by dangerous/deadly until proven safe!

Forcing chemical manufacturers to clean-up their contaminated dump sites also remains a challenge - one that our elected reps are not confronting.


This sort of behavior will continue by all the powers of corporate greed, (Oil companies, Pharmaceutical, Wall street, the Banks, on and on) until the peoples majority get fed up enough and say enough is enough. Of course, in a country so divided by politics and the masses easily brain washed it is going to be a hard road to change course. It needs to start by voting out all the politicians that are supported by corporate greed. Sanders was a good start but his own party cut him down. Very frustrating that a large part of the country can’t see they are being used as pawns to make the rich more wealthy…


The efficiency of the pesticides is having a broader impact beyond the pollinators. The GMO bt crops loaded up with extra doses of neonics render a field virtually sterile in terms of forage for other wildlife. The point was brought home to me the other day as we drove down the highway. In front of us was a most persistent cardinal attempting to capture a bug on the roadway. As we approached the bird refused to fly off lest it lose its meal. Clearly hunger was so over riding that the poor critter was willing to risk its life for food. Who knows how that cardinal will fare after digesting its neonic laced meal? One thing is for sure, we hardly ever see cardinals in the yard any more—they used to reside there by the dozens.


For me, it’s meadowlarks. Used to have them in my pasture all the time, but no more. Used to have a “dawn chorus” of many species so loud it was deafening – but only a few birds lately.


I find there is a limit to the disgust and animosity one can feel. You will understand when you reach yours. Even infinity has limits. Then there is the immenseness that contains an infinity of infinities, The cosmic fractile.


By targeted you mean, what?
Perhaps the ambiguity of your post explains a lack of affirmative response?
Violence is not an acceptable solution. Economic pressure, perhaps, but how?
The only authentically viable recourse, it seems, would be through some sort of litigation, be that either of a civil or criminal nature. Now to find courts willing to consider conspiracy to commit ecocide charges?


Bet you no longer see very many Monarch butterflies these days, either.
Until the GMO crops started moving in they passed by in the thousands. During their southern migration they’d often overnight in my oaks. Have photographs of trees saturated in orange. Will be lucky to spot more than a dozen during the entire season now.


Never had them here. Too far north.


The unity of war and markets - what a surprise lol.


GMO corn is vicious.


“It needs to start by voting out all the politicians that are supported by corporate greed.”
You nailed it - it’s not rocket science.
The truth in plain sight but clearly invisible for so many.


Yet the autocrats tell us meadowlarks are not important.
Millions know differently.


Disgust and animosity can only take us so far.
Feeding them excessively is very unhealthy.
In moderating disgust and animosity, may we not slip into passive acceptance and conventional thinking that perpetrates the horrors we challenge. Good luck to you.


You should be able to see from the way that Sanders has been marginalized (and his actual victory subducted) that VOTERS are not the key to the problem.

I heard a fascinating interview on Public Radio today by a man who studied the way Republicans redrew voting districts in about 7 key states. The result allows about one third of the state population–which would vote Republican–to control the entire state. It’s a very sophisticated form of cheating that requires expert map makers.

This kind of cheating discounts the majority’s wishes.

When graft, corruption, dishonesty, and all sorts of cheating create voter outcomes, those who insist that voters are at fault are either stupid, poorly informed, or protecting The System.

Too much evidence is on hand to disabuse you of this false notion.


What you say is true to a point.
But suggesting voters have no responsibility in this debacle is likewise ludicrous.
Graft, corruption, and dishonesty are partially voters’ responsibilities and history.
Hard to avoid that conclusion without resorting to nihilism.


Sometimes the deep sadness is overwhelming.


i’ve said similar things in these threads many times. The issue is not a stark and singular either / or, it is a complex and synergistic both / and.