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Exposing 'Folly of Tying Health Coverage to Jobs,' New Study Estimates 7.3 Million More Uninsured in US by June

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/07/exposing-folly-tying-health-coverage-jobs-new-study-estimates-73-million-more


According to the GOP, people just love the insurance they have (or had) and above all, don’t want to be forced to give it up in exchange for a government run single payer system. In fact the DNC supported “moderates” hold that same opinion.


“What fools these mortals be” Peace


Again: Rescind all those tax cuts to the rich and defund the Pentagon. Money for people not corporations!


The headline can be worded more starkly.
Faster help would use medicaid administered by the states.
They know who is unemployed, both those receiving benefits and those refused.
They know who has families, children.
They know where they live right now.
Each state has 2 billion dollars + more based on population.
So, the money is there, available. Use it.

Many of our laid off are young, single and will not use health
insurance because they are in good health. This fact permits
more funds available for those who do need health care.

We do not need a massive flood of bankruptcies due to health
care bills to be paid. We’ll have enough vehicle repos, house repos,
evictions, hunger and suicides.

Opening enrolls to ACA is also a very good move because our
out of a job may continue far longer than DC and wall street want.


Hi pecohen:

Maybe the GOP didn’t notice that people don’t have health insurance as they don’t have jobs any more. . The DNC has also lost its soul. : (


This is what supporters of the current system in the USA refer to as “freedom of choice”.

It was only a few years ago that Ron Paul in a speech about Health Care in the USA suggested that people that were not able to afford Health Insurance made a “choice” when they decided that. His supporters started chanting out “let them die” in response to a question about those that could not afford health insurance. Mr Paul seemed to feel that those that fell through the cracks could rely on “Charity”.

These 7.3 million added to the uninsured rolls can now “compete in the free market” with their own “Go fund me” campaigns. If they are unable to raise enough to pay medical bills through such a campaign then it a personal failing.

As stupid and as venal as that sounds it a point of view many embrace. Now of those that embrace said model there are those totally lacking in empathy for others. Their own Health Care plans and jobs might well be safe so as long as they got theirs the rest of the people can just die as far as this group concerned.

Then there the other group who are making money off this crisis . They are opposed to any other system because it would mean less money in their own pockets. No one embracing this model that is capable of critical thought can really believe it a superior model.


Its not just the GOP shoveling that BS!
It’s Biden and the Dem leadership too
IT’s the people taking bribes from the industry in BOTH parties


Come on! Like BootieJudge said, these Americans have so many choices for medical bankruptcy or death. Win-win.

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oh how i’m hoping and praying the repugnantan criminals in congres, the governorships, the white house, and derelict partisan supreme court decide to strike down the legality of the affordable care act. it would be so awesome having 30 million people without healthcare coverage! all highlighted with a healthcare system reeling and depleted from the coronavirus. what could be better for america? throw on top of that a economic system facing a depression and you have the recipe for the end of america as we know it. and what’s really sad, the dims will still be claiming that medicare for all or single payer healthcare will not work…

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According to Dim Losership, and all the Establishment Dims who ran for the nomination. Sorry to break the news to you, but killing Americans for profit is a bipartisan game.

Medicare for all and no adjustment to the process required. Why is it so hard to understand?

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Medicare as I understand it = 80% paid of medical administered by federal government and financed by a tax that I pay and my employer pays. A percentage of my gross weekly earnings. Age 65, disabled, and some others are eligible to participate. The 20% out of pocket may be covered by purchasing another medical insurance policy - hopefully that pays for any treatment that medicare approves. Here, the humana rider is junk. Customers end up paying many thousands if hospitalized.

Medicaid is 100% and covers doctor visits, vaccinations, dental, eye exams and glasses.
Therefore - medicaid example provides better than medicare. And we can enroll folks faster
than Federal gov’t medicare can. ACA is also an option for you to consider for getting peoples
fast coverage.
I am sure nancy will push for that ACA. (sarcasm)

The majority of people want MFA.
Biden says MFA won’t work.
The majority want Biden over Sanders?
Bernie should have learned the first time, the DNC is not going to allow Sanders to be the democratic candidate.

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Healthcare is every human’s born right.

Anyone that says anything different, is only interested in your wallet, not your life.


For any who would like to go on record and sign the petition with Public Citizen. org to call for

Enroll All Unemployed Americans in Medicare

Our nation’s unemployment rate could soon spike beyond what it was even at the bleakest period of the Great Depression.

And Every person who loses a job could also lose the health coverage they — and maybe a spouse and children as well — need.

All of this is happening as our country tries to survive the worst health crisis we’ve faced for at least a century.

Congress must immediately and automatically enroll in Medicare, throughout the duration of this emergency, any American who is or becomes unemployed .

Petition to Congress:

Immediately and automatically enroll in Medicare, throughout the duration of this emergency, any American who is or becomes unemployed.


Part of the fear factor plan to corral people. Afraid, stick with what you know, not what’s best. Same with voting in one fashion or another. In Wisconsin. Fear of the virus , or fear of losing out on voting.

We get told a lot of things about how we supposedly feel towards something like private medical insurance or Obamacare or M4A. Most people have little choice about any of it and wouldn’t mind M4A but it isn’t an option for them. Yes well off people discuss options and choice but they use private insurance and they feel that fair is fair and if they pay all should pay etc.

But who tells us that working people don’t want medical care? What happens when these 7 million lose their jobs and healthcare benefits? I just never hear working people say that they don’t want medical care and while the media says that millions of Americans are in favor of M4A nevertheless we never hear what they say about it. We always hear from people who can afford private care and those with good jobs saying they aren’t in favor of things Bernie wants whatever they are anyway.

Who keeps telling us what it is that we want and don’t want? Who is it that keeps telling us that we see things one way but then admits that polls show that we see it differently when asked.

Who is the strong arm enforcer of the oligarchy? It is the soft pedal entertainment news that tells us how our country is each day… whether it is or isn’t that way in reality. Case in point M4A. 70% in favor according to polls but do you hear that fact discussed in the media? Yet M4A gets criticized by the few who speak as if they represent the many (supposedly anyway).

If you really do want to change things in this country there is no other alternative but to change the way our media supports the Corporatocracy. Talk about no representation’? What representation do we see in the media? They tell us … but not speak for us.

The revolution needs to be televised but that isn’t happening. Until it does… we have little real choice as a nation but to do as we are told… when it is the media doing the telling.

Hi Rudyjo:
I do not believe that the majority wanted Biden over Bernie—but the major media wanted that and that is what we all heard. I lived in CA in 2206 , and signed up people to vote and Bernie was the man! I was not the only one who was shocked that the Hillary was said to have won—but then—that was before I learned that the electors can override what the people choose---------the DNC is really the legally empowered mafia, aren’t they?

hi Gandolf:
LOL I always like to remind people that if “stick with what you know,” was the overriding humanist philosophy, then very few people would advance beyond childhood.
Oh wait—that did happen with Trump . didn’t it. : )