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Exposing GOP Cruelty, Alabama Rep Says Pre-Existing Conditions Are Your Fault


Exposing GOP Cruelty, Alabama Rep Says Pre-Existing Conditions Are Your Fault

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As House Republicans scramble to amass support for the latest incarnation of their cruel repeal-and-replace legislation, one GOP representative laid bare the heartless way in which conserv


Few Murkins over the age of 50 have a medical history that does not include something the insurance companies can label "pre-existing condition", irrespective of their previous or current lifestyle.

Seeing how many voters in that age group voted for and continue to support Trump, this is one more example of Trump screwing his base. Perhaps Trump and his voters will just blame the Clintons and Obamas for allowing pre-existing conditions to start affecting insurance...that strategy seems to be working for Trump so far.


Reality is Trump and party doesn't give a damn about peoples problems. His party has shown that over and over again since the 80's and Reagan.


I'm glad that you pointed out that "pre-existing condition" is an insurance term, not a health care term.

The ubiquitous use of that term shows most clearly what is wrong with American healthcare, i.e., the hideous insertion of powerful bureaucracies such as government and the insurance industry between us and our healthcare providers.


Republican Congressman Mo Brooks is probably a coward who gets his jollies as the US bombs innocent civilians worldwide. He is stark raving mad and probably also supports coward generals who are worse parents than generals and torture our young US troops sleeping in their quarters with carcinogenic burn pit smoke.


Heartlessness: the ultimate preexisting condition.


Well, in all fairness...the last sentence spoken in this video--he did say that there are people who have pre-existing conditions through no fault of their own, and society needs to help.

However, I agree. What he said before that sentence was insensitive and indicative of the way the GOP thinks! They truly believe that some people are worth more than other people!


HeartlessNess is a requirement of membership in the Grossly Obnoxious Party.


Some years ago here in Oregon a pair of absolute scumbag Republican state legislators re-wrote the Workers' Compensation law (to disadvantage injured workers, of course) and in the process managed to include "the natural tendency to age" as a pre-existing condition.

But -- shhhh! Don't tell Mo!


Oh, the arrogance and disconnectedness of the GOP when it comes to health care and so many other things. What they are too slow to realize is that the genie has been let out of the bottle, i.e. poor Americans--including their ignorant base--have gotten a taste of what socialized health care for all could be like and they don't want to relinquish it and go back to the way the GOP would prefer things were so that they can lavish their tax breaks on the wealthy and continue to get all of those campaign donations they're addicted to.

If the GOP had a clue, they'd adopt a universal health care plan that outdoes Obamacare and be the beneficiaries of a lot of goodwill for the foreseeable future--kind of like the Democrats after Roosevelt, thereby insuring their continued electability. But noooooo, continued electability and serving the nation isn't where it's at for them (or most Democrats in Congress), it's all about cashing in when they leave office.


Ticks me off -- 'pre-existing conditions are your fault'. Most people are getting ill from Monsanto's pollution of our earth -- and the oil companies, too, fouling our water supplies. They fill us up with GMO's and carcinogenic chemicals and pharmaceuticals that wreck our organs -- then tell us it's our fault we're already sick!!!!! I'd like to knock their heads against the wall and then tell them their headache is their own fault.


Fuck you, Mo!



How many slaves and indentured servants did Ol' Moes' ancestors own, anyway?
The politicians coming out of Alabama should not be allowed to comment on TeeVee, without wearing a dunce hat and holding a Bible with both hands. That way we can tell if their fingers are crossed and they're wearing white gloves.
And, Alabama is a big federal donor state with bad health rankings, consistently. Keep up the good work, there, good ol' boys.
They have serious institutional problems in that state. Which border on congenital; mental health treatment is available for that even under the inadequate ACA. Shelby, Sessions and Ol' Moe could benefit from some. Meanwhile, keep watching their hands when they're on TeeVee.


Mo, we forgive you because you live in Alabama. Didn't your governor try to block students of a certain color from entering the University ? How black football players can play at that school is astounding.


LOL, very true


Intelligence has limits. There is much we do not know. Stupidity has no limits.


This selfishness is indicative of the continuing decline of America in general and in fact the exact opposite of making America great again! The truth is that these days, America can't afford to be the rich country it once was. Americans are becoming more than just mean spirited and tight fisted too. We abandon the notion that we are a society and tell ourselves that it is a dog eat dog mad scramble where everyman is for himself.

We no longer have the surplus that we once enjoyed collectively as a country. The very rich have decided that democracy is only a theory and instead they create a plutocracy where they ensure that they benefit even at the expense of the country as a whole. Pay taxes? Somehow the wealthy want to not have to pay taxes but expect all the benefits of them being paid by someone else. Take America's infrastructure as a case in point. Do the billionaires expect that they could make such huge fortunes on dirt roads instead of highways with bridges and tunnels etc?

This hardassed selfishness towards community is dissolving all sense that we have a shared experience as citizens. The rich do not really believe in America except as a place to get richer. They don't believe in being Americans although they will scoff at the idea that they don't. Nevertheless they will offshore profits and avoid paying taxes and use corruption to plunder the commons and so forth.

At this point, they have become so used to stealing some portion of their wealth that they think (like do thieves) that it is normal to be so unethical. However they flip this attitude on its head and feel outraged at what they perceive as other people taking advantage. Thus helping someone who is ill with a prexisting medical condition is almost like that person is trying to take advantage unless they pay extra for needed health care. Then go ask a Congressman about their own medical insurance ...and any prexisting medical conditions they bring with them when they are elected?

Why aren't people wealthy enough to not need any help from them, Americans seem to say! Once doctors made house calls too. Supposedly, we aren't rich enough as a country to have health care for everyone. Instead we actually make people pay more than they would need to if we had a single payer medical care system. That is projecting selfishness is it not? The gold standard of selfishness where we make it harder than it actually needs to be!

The result is that we no longer feel safe in the idea of our being a wealthy country. We don't feel the shared promise like we once did. We don't feel wealthy do we? Even the rich seem to sense the new impermanence of the American Dream, the grab while the grabbing is good before it all ends anxiety. Like the ship is going down in some ways.

You can't have the rich not pay taxes and let them take the lion's share of the benefits from others paying taxes. You can't be a rich country if you make it poor. America seems unable or rather unwilling to provide free medical care mostly because of a growing mean spirited selfishness where we simply do not want to help other Americans.

My guess is that we aren't rich enough as a country for that anymore. Or maybe we just don't want to be less selfish? A bad habit that selfishness!


You can just bet dollars to donuts that Mo Brooks has one, or several, pre-existing conditions.


And a platinum insurance policy to cover them. He should seek electroshock therapy to clear out the evil voices in his head (as backward at Alabama is, I am sure there is a "doctor" that would gladly perform the procedure...for a price.)

Bet his grandchildren and their school friends are repulsed by this satanic beast. He and Wilbur Ross have a room reserved in the deepest nether regions of Haedes.


MO is short for MORON...mean-spirited, malevolent, malicious MORON.