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Exposing 'Inherent Danger,' Alabama Pipeline Blast Kills One, Injures More


Exposing 'Inherent Danger,' Alabama Pipeline Blast Kills One, Injures More

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

A major southern gas pipeline exploded Monday afternoon in Alabama, killing one worker and injuring five others.


This will give you an idea of how many pipelines there are just in the USA. Note this map is only of the Gathering lines used for Natural gas. There are very many more. Keep in mind many were built decades ago.


As can be seen there few areas free of these things in the east and more and more are being added.


The pipeline owners have nothing to fear as they live far away from pipelines and refineries. They know not any "inherent AND READILY APPARENT danger" ignoring any and all warning signs. Simply pay the fines, patch the lines and BAU. All motivated by a grasping engorging greed.

I pray that the powers-that-be (Obama and Congress, e.g.) take a firm stand AGAINST DAPL. Canada has shown its lack of desire to curtail LNG, tar sands extractions, and myriad pipelines carrying the highly toxic crude. Again, greed suppresses concern for life.


What the website does not mention is that many of the pipelines built in the 1930's through 1950's have not been reinforced, updated, or otherwise regularly maintained, which leads to leaks many of which are not detected until widespread damage has occurred. One such series of pipelines runs across the Southwest from Texas to California. The ownership of the pipelines changes hands several times over the years and regulatory oversight is sparse at best and virtually non-existent at the worst. It's all about the money.


I lived in a small community in the Appalachians about 15 years ago. A fuel tank in the ground at one of the gas stations there developed a leak. Everyone's well in the area became poisoned with gas. Now, no one can live there since there's no municipal tap water there. The damage is irreversible. You can't just clean out ground water supplies. The sooner humanity can replace gas with something else the better. Cooking with gas is SO yesterday!


I don't understand why these pipelines are exploding, I thought the oil and gas industries said they were safe.


Agreed and as I stated this only a fraction of the total pipelines. Added to that even those built today WILL fail.

In order to make profits today , future generations will pay.

It another form of theft.


Yeah, who cares if someone gets killed from your "next best thing."


And greed institutionalized= capitalism.