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Exposing Our 'Populist' President as a Naked Plutocrat


Exposing Our 'Populist' President as a Naked Plutocrat

Jim Hightower

Why does Donald Trump constantly preface his outlandish lies with such phrases as: "To be honest with you," "To tell the truth" and "Believe me"?

Because even he knows that as a lifelong con-man, his voice takes on the tone of a snake-oil salesman when he starts exaggerating and prevaricating, so he reflexively tries to puff up his credibility with an extra dose of bluster: "No really, trust me, I never lie..." In fact, just in the past year, Trump's documented whoppers rank him as the lyingest president in U.S. history. And that included Nixon!


Trump is the USSA’s Yeltsin. The commons are up in the air like a jump ball. So far, he has done pretty much nothing that I don’t absolutely abhor. It’s time to stop the show, but----Pence…


Frrom the article:

“The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer” (DJT’s inaugural address).

I note with great interest that it was also a campaign theme of the fictional Berzelius “Buzz” Windrip, from Sinclair Lewis’s " cautionary novel “It Can’t Happen Here.”


Trump forgot those he said would never be forgotten the moment the lie came out of his mouth.


Too bad Sinclair Lewis is not still around, he could write a sequel: IT HAS HAPPENED HERE!


I think it is time for USAn’s, to “join the world” and, along with measurement systems, writing of dates, political colors, electoral systems etc., become familiar with the term “populism” as it is understood everywhere else in the world. It is not a word that someone should have warm-and-fuzzys about.


This is because Sinclair Lewis was familiar with the populist demagogues of his time - notably Huey Long.


So who’s in third place, the Lying-Son-of-a-Bush??  Nixon lied to keep us in one war, but Bush lied to get us to start two – and they’re still going on.  That, IMHO, makes Bush even worse than Nixon — but they’re both light­weights when compared to Tweetle-Dumb!!


No, don’t . What do we have to loose by total, non cooperation? FU to all the neoliberal Corporate Democrats but most of all FU to capitalism and all the evils it has spawned. This FU is we rise up and refuse to cooperate.


Dan Harris, you put that exquisitely!!! I feel the exact same way about the “cesspool” that D.C. is. I for one adopt your motto of “We are So Fucked” because it fits like a glove!!!


Just how do you do that? Capitalism rules most of the world. Even the supposedly 'communist countries like china support capitalism. I don’t disagree that it is evil, but so far people have shown no sign that they are willingly to get rid of it. It’s like spitting into the wind. It just hits you in the face.

It’s just another form of feudalism which people tolerated for many centuries. How do you get them to wake up and rise against the masters? It took a long time for people to rise up and organize into unions to fight against the rich. And that has been effectively destroyed, unions are seen as bad by most people. There is no effort today to regain what the unions had. No effort to organize and fight back.

Without a message that people will rally to, there will be no attempt to rise up. The truth is not going to set these people free. Sheep don’t want to be free, they want their life of being sheared.