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Exposing Problematic Role as News Arbiter, Facebook Under Fire Over Myanmar


Exposing Problematic Role as News Arbiter, Facebook Under Fire Over Myanmar

Julia Conley, staff writer

Illustrating the outsize and controversial role it now plays in disseminating news and regulating information across the world, social media giant Facebook is under fire this week after human rights activists and journalists accused it of censoring posts about the ongoing crisis, including charges of "ethnic cleansing," now taking place in Myanmar.


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Forget that comment I just made on the Ralph Nader piece. We are already living in a dystopia where all ideas and creative thought - even between just a handful of is externally controlled through automated technology.

Thank-you Edward Bernays and Walter Lippman for the theory, and thank-you all you John Gault techies for putting it in practice…


Don’t you think that FB’s reaction to criticism makes it clear that either this doesn’t have a goddamn thing to do with “algorithms”, or that there’s no intention to change them, despite their bias

Or perhaps it’s a matter of currying favor with an administration that treats the First Amendment as an historical typo.


What a huge load of stinking crap.

The US government (among many others including Myanmar) is a violent organization that promotes violence. Algorithm that, you slimy obsequious turds.


The UN made advisories and monitored these event every couple of months for the entire year in 2016. They sent a representative and personally witnessed the atrocities. Other small countries have denounced what is happening. I think the silence is bigger than Facebook but no clue as to the why.


Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi is silent as well.


Actually she hasn’t been silent at all. She has been defending the Burmese military and trying to claim that the Rohingya themselves are burning their own homes, raping their own women, killing their own people, and all the rest of it. She has whitewashed the behavior of the military worse than anything that Donny Rumsfeld did during the Iraq War. In other words, she has been lying through her teeth.


Actually, the Rohingya have been attacking and killing Burmese police and military personnel since the 1940s. It’s possible that the Burmese have finally gotten fed up with all those murders. (Up until a few days ago Wikipedia had an account of 70 years of Rohingyan massacres of Burmese police and military.)

For an informed and enlightening view on the Rohingya situation, and the international webs of intrigue that are centered on it, see this:

The US hopes to hype the Rohingya matter into an excuse to invade “for humanitarian reasons” and grab a chunk of Burmese territory as a staging ground from which to block the Chinese One Road project.


Agreed. I would add only that Facebook’s position is a perfect illustration of “the banality of evil,” in its unthinking acceptance and support of any state’s laying claim to a legitimate monopoly on force. That’s choosing sides—and choosing the wrong one in this case.