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Exposing the Libyan Agenda: A Closer Look at Hillary’s Emails


Exposing the Libyan Agenda: A Closer Look at Hillary’s Emails

Ellen Brown

The brief visit of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Libya in October 2011 was referred to by the media as a “victory lap.” “We came, we saw, he died!” she crowed in a CBS video interview on hearing of the capture and brutal murder of Libyan leader Muammar el-Qaddafi.


Thank you, Ellen Brown for this brilliant analysis.

I wonder if the Black voters who backed Mrs. Clinton in several Southern States had any inkling of these destructive policies aimed at Africa… would still vote for that not exactly “soul sistah,” Hillary?

Several C.D. posters have connected these dots before. We understood that the real reason why Saddam Hussein “had to go,” and had to be demonized was that he was challenging the hegemonic control of the U.S. petro-dollar.

With incredible levels of debt tied to unsubstantiated fiat money (and loans that can never be repaid), U.S. and European Central Banks could sure use Libya’s gold to shore up their own bad bets.

One need only look to the “humanitarian interest” in Haiti after its devastating earthquake and how the Clinton Foundation helped to squander money that might have built lasting housing for the displaced poor. Instead, much of it went to trailers with formaldehyde levels running so high that these units were not safe to use; and then there were the “special peacekeepers” (cum soldiers) imported from Nepal. The feces of whom left a Cholera epidemic in their wake.

The harm done in the name of humanitarian intervention could not be exposed enough! And Mrs. Clinton, like Lady Macbeth, is up to her armpits in blood and blood-karma.

The individuals who have spread wars, resource destruction, and so much misery should not dare show their faces in public or argue that they hold “experience” and should continue to lead the nation towards peace and prosperity.

It’s as if everything people like the Clintons say means the opposite of what people internalize it to mean.

Is that “State Department” training 101? Quite possibly yes. Imply something with language which leads to the opposite in actualized results… a more complex derivative of the “depends what ‘is’ means” defense!

These people belong before the Hague.


A good many of us were suggesting these the real reasons for Libyan intervention as that intervention was occurring. Some readers on these boards scoffed at such a notion calling it “conspiracy theory nonsense”. It was the Libyan intervention that saw some of those same Human Rights Groups lie about atrocities ascribed to Qaddaffi. They were fully on board with destroying Libya and showed their true colors then.

This article is greatly appreciated but reveals a very real problem here in the West with that Co-opted media and all of those agencies that are controlled by the deep state. The article is too late and is after the fact. It describes accurately what happened but obviously did nothing to prevent it happening.

What everyone should be aware of is this pattern is repeated over and over and over again. It not just Libya. It now Syria and Yemen and Venezuela and other African states. The media and various Governments in the West keep up the deceptions so as to assert western hegemony in these regions. When a western Government speaks about “human rights” we can not and should not take them at their word. Everytime a politician speaks of such , s/he is working a con on the Public and we should immediately look for the true agenda.

The only real way we as readers can champion Human rights is question the largest violaters of the same and that the Imperial powers in the west and that Empire.


An explosive piece of work; short, concise and reading which should be flooding the MSM, if there was any such thing called journalism remaining in the MSM. This explanation by Ms Brown should be required reading for all interested in trying to understand Hillary’s role in destroying the Middle East and N. Africa. It is further proof that Hillary’s record, her judgement, her loyalties cannot withstand any semblance of scrutiny. Again, these emails lead right back to the outlandish amounts paid to her, as speaking fees, but which should be called bribes from the financial industry for services received. Maybe in legalese they would be described “quid pro quo”! Senator Sanders, please use the information in this article to give full disclosure to these “damn emails,” as they are not damn emails. They are damning emails for that “we came, we saw, he died” Hillary Clinton.


The best of persons (with beautiful souls) take the murder of their loved ones and work to see that such tragedy not befall others.

That’s why THIS article is “not too late.” The exposures made about Hillary Clinton’s motives and inverted use of the “humanitarian intervention” objective can help to ensure that this individual NOT hold any high office.

I would imagine that Black people paying attention to too many of Obama’s policies would be ashamed that a Black man could coopt so much to be welcome inside the White Man’s temples of power.

Similarly, as a woman (and Feminist) I am aghast that a woman (Hillary Clinton) with intelligence could be so lacking in decency, compassion, and any universal binding sense of justice to align with the most out of control and dangerous military-corporate-media apparatus in the world.

I recently watched a 90 minute documentary about the CIA. It’s amazing how under the rubric of exposing Truth, the individuals who created the documentary leave out several critical historical items or otherwise toss them into the “conspiracy theory” camp. Nonetheless, what they do reveal is profound … and it focuses on the CIA’s interventions starting with the Shah of Iran in l953 and working its way to Patrice Lamumba in Congo, and Allende in Chile, etc.

The estimates of the numbers of people who died as a result of the collapse of these nations’ power structures (Indonesia and other nations were also part of the analysis) was over a million.

Add in the losses that are a DIRECT result of recent Middle EAst wars based on evidence that was FIXED, a/k/a fabricated and it becomes several million persons; and that doesn’t include the lives lost in refugee horrors and loss of infrastructure, etc.

These people are card-carrying sociopaths. Just as entities like the police and military create job openings for persons who LIKE TO KILL, when the MIC is unleashed upon the world with its operations jacked off by the CIA… then what could possibly follow but Hell and Damnation?

These people worship a dark god.

They are the enemy to living systems and sentient beings.

They must be exposed and the entire Deep State-MIC apparatus, along with them.

If our planet were governed by leaders who cared about human beings, justice, and the sustainability of the ecosystems that living beings rely upon… then instead of war, nations would be busily working together to bring down the planet’s temperature, plant trees, invest in soil reconstitution (as Vandana Shiva teaches), stop the cycles of built-in product obsolescence, teach people to use less and conserve more, and put an END to war and the trillions that go into the latest ways to kill, maim, poison, plunder and destroy.

No more Mars rules! Whether a Lady Killer deploys that agenda, or a male.

Or it IS game over for mankind.


Sr 1, I totally agree. Your last sentence holds special meaning. As one reads through the history of the United States, it becomes quite apparent that one atrocity by those in government and their handlers is followed later by another worse atrocity as one by one, decade after decade the atrocities go unpunished. The Hague and World Court are the proper venues for these crimes and should be convened for such punishment if freedom and equal justice are ever to become more than something for people to aspire. If not now, When?


What makes you think they will SEE it in any widely viewed TV news media or its printed equivalent?

This stuff is purposely kept off the radar. That way, with other narratives crowding it out, the few who speak truth to power are seen as dangerous mavericks, conspiracy theorists, or those “not quite in the know.”

Why do you think pro-business corporate behemoths are quick to buy up media in any country they wish to own and control?



If you’re referring to the “game over for mankind” final statement, naturally, that belongs to James Hansen.

I am going to find the link for that CIA documentary. It bypassed the JFK assassination and the 911 inside job… two obvious Inside Jobs. And there was something else that bothered me about it… Oh, it also insisted that the CIA created the belief in UFOS as a craze to offset its own exploration into new kinds of spy craft.

To me, that’s 3 profound LIES.

But the rest of the documentary held major historical value. (Don’t let the title fool you. I wanted to see the link to the Jesuits but that was not stated or established.)

Here it is:



Ha! We’re reading over each over. This is your last sentence to which I was referring:

“These people belong before the Hague.”

Have to run. I enjoy your comments.


Thank you for the compliment.

This video is not 3 hours. It’s half that.

It does show the Project Paperclip importation of Nazis. It does show Allen Dulles. It does chronicle the various assassinations of various Democratically elected leaders of foreign nations.

The CIA really thinks it has a God-given license to kill. And whenever a leader is taken out, and bloodbaths follow, the CIA washes its hands of the vast carnage it alone unleashes.

So many deaths in Cambodia, Congo, Chile, Laos, and now the Middle East and Honduras (along with much of Central America).

This is a worthwhile journey down “memory lane.” As mentioned, I think the context lacks truth on the 3 issues mentioned.


“But the victory lap, write Scott Shane and Jo Becker in the New York Times, was premature. Libya was relegated to the back burner by the State Department, “as the country dissolved into chaos, leading to a civil war that would destabilize the region, fueling the refugee crisis in Europe and allowing the Islamic State to establish a Libyan haven that the United States is now desperately trying to contain.””

Cameron should send Obama {he of Cameron was distracted and let Libya fall into a s**** show} – and Clinton {she of “We came, we saw, he died!”} – t shirts with this statement from the NYTimes in neat block letters on the front and back.


Well let me just say, and I am sure I speak for many , it is frustrating and depressing as hell to see this stuff happen over and over again.

In my own lifetime it has been one con after another foisted on the public under the guise of “human rights” or “self defense”.

I know many millions saw the Iraq war for the con that it was and yet it went on and little more than a decade later the powers that be used the same con in Libya and now in Syria.

It really makes ones heart sick to see all of those millions trying to flee those wars and that devastation visited upon them and then read editorials or letters to the editor complaining about those same refugees coming into their own country.

In the EU , reactionary right wing parties gain traction. In the USA an entire Political movement of peoples rallies behing the racist Trump. While the Sanders campaign a hopeful one , I have my doubts it will do much to cripple the power of that deep state.

There just not enough time to wait for the next time to prevent another of these interventions.


I think about these issues, situations, and conundrums ALL the time.

I’ve nearly completed the book, “The Assassination of Julius Caesar” by Michael Parenti.

And guess what? This shit goes back 3000 years!

While the masses can be mobilized in revolutions, if we’re honest, we note that sooner or later, the elites take back whatever gains the masses lost major numbers fighting to gain.

Instead of a linear construct of time that boasts this illusion of a continual line of progress, it’s wiser to understand that certain forces exist to challenge each other.

First some examples:

The glorified Arab Spring… and what did it result in? Virginity tests to women in Egypt, a worse military govt. replacing the one essentially ousted?

The Civil Rights’ Movement: Now, with Republican gerrymandering (one indication of the many ways that this “team” plays dirty), a few court justices OWNED turn back the hands of progress by instituting voting I.D. laws that effectively disenfranchise millions.

Add in today’s Drug War as “new Prison-Plantation System,” where felons also forfeit the right to vote, and knowing that Blacks hold a disproportionate status inside prisons… again, we see a rescinding of this hard-won right.

IT is everywhere.

I’ve written in depth about the astrological forces that make for natural-born authoritarians, liberals–who try to reform systems, and revolutionaries who topple them and also introduce truly radical new technologies… which also alter society in unexpected ways.

It DOES make one’s heart sick to see so much suffering and so much of it unfair, unnecessary, and covered up by heaps of PR bull-shit served up as if doing harm somehow glorified the bullies.

So what is the answer?

In my 50 years of spiritual study it is Raising Consciousness. So that’s why I dedicate my efforts to.

However, recent lectures by Guy McPherson added to awful predictions about tipping points relative to global warming make me now question if any efforts can avert a 6th extinction. Some spiritual teachers are suggesting a term of Hospice for earth and all living beings.

This may well be true, but living with death on so wide a scale… as inevitability is something I can’t negotiate. So maybe it is delusional to keep up the fight to spread a New Awareness as if it mattered.

I do know that the soul is eternal. That whatever a being learns in this experience of embodiment is carried into future incarnations, nor is earth the only place where sentient beings reside.

I also understand that karma is being made and some of it “burned.” That the horrors of this time might hopefully bring an end to WAR and the war-mindset that destroys this beloved planet.

We finally have rain here in Florida. I am putting on years and it’s an enormous effort for me to water plants when rain doesn’t come. Today is a blessing.

But look at the way rain just came to Louisiana? Like Katrina II.

Have you viewed the SOTT videos that I have provided links for? Since a picture is “worth 1000 words,” seeing the kinds of destruction an Angry Mother Nature (pushed so brutally out of balance) is now issuing on a weekly basis… really puts the premises of stability and security into question.

Here’s a link: (This type of showing is compiled EVERY month!)


The more you know, the scarier it gets. Real life is actually like a movie you’d like to think is a work of fiction. Worst of all, pure greed is the motive behind almost all the evil done in the world. And the good ole USA is one of the, or even THE, prime mover behind it all. Maybe pure capitalism is not the best thing in the world. Let’s try it with a little Democratic Socialism mixed in. Feelthebern!


Notice the media’s use of words in their down play of the humanitarian crises ongoing in the Mideast and Europe. Instead of a mass exodus of people fleeing horrific war zones being described as war refugees, the exodus is called a migration. It’s as if people just up and decided it was the time of year to move across the landscape and follow the sun like herds of caribou or some other type of migratory critter. These are refugees fleeing for their lives, goddammit! This is not a migration. It is a human disaster caused by Hillary Clinton’s vote, her destruction of Libya for the bankers and her shipment of stolen Libyan arms to rebels trying to overthrow Assad. Regean’s arms for hostages for cash for the Contra’s in Regean’s attempt to overthrow Ortega in Nicaragua going unpunished just leads to a repeat of history and ever more human misery.


I just finished watching the link you provided. Thanks.


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Democratic socialism with a benevolent leader; ie, team sports is a good example of ds until money enters the picture in the form of outlandish salaries. Maybe that ends after high school when you see capitalism really kick in with the outlandish coaches’ salaries.


There is also the arms sales by france and germany still being sold to Iraq while we were there. Nothing like blackmail to get a good cover.


Just recently a unit of that so called “free Syrian Army” which the USA supplies with arms claimed one of the villages it held was overrun by units linked to Al Qaeda. They claimed that a number of US supplied weapons (tow missiles, armor heavy weapons and the like) was captured by the same.

Awfully too damn convenient given these the weapons needed by ISIS and Al Qaeda to counter the Syrian Army and Russia.

Odd is it not that these ISIS linked forces never seem to overrun Syrian units and sieze Russian weapons.