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Exposing the Libyan Agenda: A Closer Look at Hillary’s Emails


Excellent catch… (mass exodus framed as migration).


Yes. I know that the U.S. is not a signatory. I agree with your comment… up to the part about Trump as lesser evil.

It’s no coincidence that this “concession” which is rather widely shared in this “Progressive forum” typically comes from white males. After all, YOU are not the Muslim being intimidated, the Hispanic “alien” who may be torn from his or her family, or the Black kid about to be gunned down. Nor are you the woman who can’t get birth control and does not want to carry a new conception full term.

Trump would cater to the Evangelicals as that base is necessary for any Republican win. There’s an excellent article on that subject today… but few wish to touch it. That, alone, makes me feel that quite a few Closet Christian Fundamentalists post here.

The empathy deficit exhibited explains why Trump might appear to some as the lesser of evil… and stating that doesn’t make Hillary good. Her policies are those of the Deep State and I think most who aspire to the American Throne have LOTS of CIA training, prior.


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I am reminded of that Hopi prophechy where the future of humankind carved into stone. It a linear pathway until it reaches a fork wherein dependent on choices made at that time we end up in a world of peace and prosperity or one of chaos , war and famine.

There no lines going back to allow a do over. There no pathways that jump across one future to the other. That chosen future is carved in stone. I can not help but believe the course already chosen and we in that future of war and chaos.

That said while it an ending they do believe in another rebirth and another age where everything starts once more in very much like the mystics of India spoke of.


I have two questions:

  1. What happened to the 143 tons of gold? Did ISIS or France take it?
  2. I have heard about Saddam Hussein selling oil in Euros, and that that the U.S. reversed that policy after the U.S. occupied the country, requiring US$ for oil once again. I am curious however, how can this claim be verified? Does that information come from the Bank of International Settlements (BIS)?


I have read somewhere (Voltaire.net, Zerohedge, Washington’s Blog or maybe Corbett Report?) that Venezuela was requesting it’s gold back from New York / London and they did not receive their gold until after the Libyan destruction. The author thus supposed the Libyan gold may have been stolen to give to Venezuela. The article also mentioned Ron Paul wanting to audit the gold at Fort Knox despite the governments claim that all the gold is all there, some say it is not.
possible link
similar links:
The speculations above are just that; but considering the crimes of this century, not implausible.

Below, not speculation:
Iraqi oil sold in Euros: http://www.theguardian.com/business/2003/feb/16/iraq.theeuro
Iran also wanted to sell oil for Euros in about 07; thus the “nuclear” sanctions. Today Iran is planning to sell oil to India and receive payment in Rupees and keep the Rupees in India as investment collateral. Russian gas contracts expire in 2017 and Russia may reprice natural gas to Europe, and wants to sell oil to China for Yuan. I guess in order to maintain full spectrum dominance the US may soon need to “liberate” Iran and Russia or see the petrodollar crash; both frightening prospects.

Also, I thank Ellen Brown for her concise summary of the crime in Libya. Her site, Web of Debt, has exposed Goldman Sachs high speed computer trading front running the market years ago, and recently exposed that the 2300 page Dodd Frank Act requires banks to repay their derivatives before repaying depositors.


Wow, what an incredibly concise and easy to understand summation of the things most people don’t know and don’t want to know.

(The truth is painful; people drug themselves in all manner of ways to avoid the pain. It’s not a conscious choice really, just the easiest way to cope.)


What kind of sick joke is it that this creature, this instrument of imperial destruction, is allowed to pretend to give the slightest shit about ordinary people? And how soft-headed do you have to be to pull a lever for her?

Why not just hit yourself in the head with a hammer and turn yourself into the nearest private prison for your slave labor assignment?

What the actual f*ck people?


I’m guessing all that gold was “secured” by France and the U.S. as priority number one. Funny how it’s not even mentioned in the mainstream press. $7 billion in gold bricks, 143 tons of it poof down the memory hole.

You gotta admit, the great game looks like a lot of fun as these elite scum play with the fate of millions with all the careless swagger of drunks friends at a poker party.


More dots to connect.



Thank you for sharing that link!


It actually takes greater empathy to realize that lives beyond U.S. borders matter too, and that those lives are far more vulnerable to the imperial torments of the U.S. government.

Trump is a weird kind of paleo-conservative. He’s like a stupider and more malign version of Pat Buchanan. Thing is, these sorts of paleo-cons do tend to be nationalistic and isolationist by nature. Trump wants to build big walls here in America, turn the whole country into a “classy” casino with TRUMP on the White House. He’s just not much interested in these imperial games, perhaps because he doesn’t understand them.

Hillary, however, has a taste for them, and Hillary really will go into the White House owing favors, and owing them to, among others, right-wing Israeli nuts.

You talk about empathy, Siouxrose, well have you ever considered for one moment how the 85 million people in Iran feel about a woman who has casually said she would murder them all, that claims to consider them her “enemies”? Do they count at all? How do they feel about such a woman being handed a suitcase that allows her to actualize her threat and murder nearly 100 million people?

Yes, it would suck to be a black person or Muslim living in Trump’s America. It sucked to be a redneck confederate flag waver living in Obama’s America. But Trump is unlikely to be able to kill more than a handful of American citizens on American soil. Hillary Clinton is the real loose cannon, and she absolutely demonstrates the lack of judgement, belligerence, stupidity, mendacity and foolishness to bumble the world into Armageddon.

It’s an indictment of the system of government in the United States that this woman has any chance to be put in position to spread her arrogant murderousness across the globe. And she INTENDS to do this.

Trump is an idiot that wants to build monuments to his wonderfulness. Hillary Clinton is EVIL. Her skirt-chasing husband alone killed 500,000 children. She set Libya ablaze and would have invaded Syria had she been President and not Obama. Trump, by comparison, said he thought someone should be punched in the mouth.

Snap out of it and realize what Hillary is before it’s too late.


This is my take.

Shortly before that invasion Germany requested their gold reserves back from both France and the USA. Germany had put their Gold into French and US vaults during the Cold war as it thought it would be more secure there in case of an offensive by the USSR. In response to that request both the USA and france indicated that it would be “delayed”.

The NATO countries that invaded claim the Gold vanished and that it was taken by Qaddafi Loyalists into the desert somewhere and buried or dispersed and if you believe that I have a bridge to sell you.

After that France started sending back some of the German Gold.


It really like a choice between Ted Bundy as a neighbor or Jeffrey Dahmer. They are both bad. I can not see a “lesser evil” between them just because one has a shorter list of victims.

HRC would be terrible for the USA and the World and so would Donald Trump.


On your recommendation, I shall find time to watch this.


As they do. And how often they are wrong. Time and time again. It usually turns out that the government, corporations and or big money certainly have conspired…