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Exposing Trump’s Trade Appeal To Working-Class Voters For What It Is


Exposing Trump’s Trade Appeal To Working-Class Voters For What It Is

Dave Johnson

Donald Trump is selling himself as the champion of working-class voters. He says Democrats and their presumptive presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, are selling them out with trade deals. But Trump is just a fraud.

Unfortunately, President Obama is pushing the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement and Clinton is not confronting him for doing so.

That has to change – fast. Clinton must publicly, directly and loudly challenge President Obama and demand that he withdraw TPP from consideration by Congress.

Trump’s Trade Speech


Neither wing of the corporate party has any interest in us or anything worthwhile to offer our working class. We cannot trust our future to these earth-murdering, cynical avaricious criminals.

No matter what happens in the coming months and what our actual ballot choices turn out to be, our movement has come together and must continue to fight on issues vital to our survival. We need to be moving toward the emergence of an organized populist party that will speak and move with power beyond the confines of the corrupt corporate politics which serve the elites.

If need be, we must be ready to initiate an American Intifada to make our power felt because the Dems are way to blinded by their own arrogance to hear us unless we can shake the foundations of this rotten system.


Of course this seems like odd thing to be saying for someone like Trump who has outsourced so many jobs during career in business. But even though it is very unlikely he believes anything he is saying on free trade it does send a message that many disenchanted workers are paying attention to. I don't expect to see Hillary Clinton challenge Obama on this. She needs his support too much to risk losing it in such a confrontation. Her two key supporters are Obama and Elizabeth Warren. I don't expert her to challenge either of them on anything, particularly since it appears she cannot count on Bernie Sanders to given her enthusiastic support.


Earth to Dave Johnson, earth to Dave Johnson...

Were you not paying attention last week when the DNC and Clinton's platform committee dumped all over Sanders' platform committee for suggesting that the Party platform oppose TPP ?

Only two possibilities here:

1) The platform committee selected by Clinton is undermining her and she is demonstrating how weak a leader she is by ignoring their actions, or

2) Clinton knows that if the Party platform supports TPP she will be able to sign it on "day one" without needing any excuse or caveat.

Take your pick, Dave.

Also, the "Democrats do not have the same COMPLACENCY on trade". They ARE COMPLICIT (not complacent) in the propaganda campaign to characterize TPP and other regulatory capture legislation as "trade deals". Only 6 of the 30 chapters in TPP address trade.


One common, shared trope that, in my opinion needs to be teased apart, is the knee-jerk rhetorical retort wielded as emancipatory bludgeon whenever ideology is challenged on specific factual grounds:

"I'VE PAID MY DUES!" (the gimmies)

This covers all and sundry historical failings, conceptual flaws and these days even illegalities - all that anyone might grab onto as 'right to privilege/power' over the grounding of societal moral and ethical restraint necessary for the practice of collaborative governance seemingly known as 'democracy'.


Obviously, the neo-fascist real estate mogul has been able to use 'free trade' as a wedge issue to divide the Working Class because the Democrats have sold out the Working Class. It started well before it became the party of the business class under Clinton, Biden, Gore and Lieberman, but workers remember Clinton and NAFTA.

Trump could win as much as 40% of the union vote because many union members hate Clinton, know the Democrats are frauds, and/or are willing to vote for a demagogue out of sheer stupidity. The labor movement has done little, if anything, to educate union members or organize against the corporate democrats who have betrayed unions after every election.

The only hope for the working class is a mass revolt to shut down Trump and Clinton. Short of that, opening the presidential debates to include the Libertarian candidate - who will help drive a wedge in the Trump voter base - and the Green Party's Jill Stein - who will expose the whole system as the sham it is and strike fear into Clinton in a way that Sanders never did. If Trump is elected, blame the Clintons for pushing job-killing trade deals and doing zero for workers.


"That has to change – fast. Clinton must publicly, directly and loudly challenge President Obama and demand that he withdraw TPP from consideration by Congress."

Why not look for Santa Claus riding a unicorn too? Mr. Johnson understands NOTHING about Hillary if he really believes she would even want to do this, much less do it ...


This is just one of many examples of a Clinton doing what Clintons do best: sell favors.


Trump is right on this... Clinton IS pretending she's against TPP.


TPP will be passed in the lame duck session-----They could vote on it today---why not-republicans and democrats need to do it undercover. I hope real conservative republicans are paying attention--TPP is not a trade deal--it is giving our sovereignty away to corporate multi-nationals.

And lets get something straight---the republican establishment doesn't hate Trump because of the wall or Muslims or other racial remarks-----Trump spoke against the Iraq war in the primaries,Trump said we as a society should help people who are sick or down and out. And he has called out how bad these trade deals have been.-----These are the reasons the republican establishment would rather have Clinton win-----Trump is an unknown.

And just two observations: The Green Party needs to expand its base--It needs to take a hard look as to the appeal of Sanders and why this doesn't come in their direction???

The labor movement needs to think hard about how they are organized. I watched Richard Trumka the other day and what a joke--people like this guy seem no better than Clinton-bought and paid for.


Maybe Clinton should try firing more bullets, too, then. She hasn't hit sh*t yet.


There's something you aren't taking into account here, when you imagine Jill Stein "striking fear into Clinton's heart in a way Sanders never did"--well a couple things. For one, Sanders ran as a Democrat and thus got SOME media coverage, while I imagine the majority opinion of American voters on Jill Stein is "Who?" The media--the corporate media, which still shapes most Americans' opinions even if they express skepticism if you directly ask them how much they trust the media--is a key part of the Establishment. The other thing is that if all else fails, the Establishment has one other trick to protect them against Stein, Sanders and Trump--their friends own the software that controls the voting machines, and the vote-counting machines. What does Clinton have to worry about? She CAN'T lose the November election--voters are pretty much irrelevant in elections these days. If exit polls, or recent polls before the election show a very different, suspiciously different result, the media will studiously avoid any talk about possible fraud.
I have questioned whether there is one person anywhere who believes Clinton will oppose TPP (or TTIP or TISA). Perhaps the author is the one--but more likely, he's pretending to believe it in hopes of influencing Democrats to stand against it in fear of voters.