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Exposing Trump's Payroll Tax Deferral as 'Wage Theft,' Treasury Signals Millions of Workers Will Earn Less in 2021 Under Plan

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/29/exposing-trumps-payroll-tax-deferral-wage-theft-treasury-signals-millions-workers


Not really surprising we Progressives know that Trump has a reverse Midas touch…everything Trump touches turns to #@^&*.


And if social security and medicare go away, there are still “seniors” who will blame it on Russia, China, Mexico, blacks, browns, reds, chinese, atheists, muslims, … such is america. Very exceptional.
Zombies in america are starving.


I thought it is illegal to buy votes. In effect that is what trump is doing. Pay no payroll tax until after the election. How much more blatant can it be?
And if trump gets a foot in the door we are on our way to the death of social security.


Corporate neocon fascists have been fleecing American workers especially since Reagan and in much accelerated pace during GWB and now this agent orange scum. I recall reading excerpts by renowned economists that the predatory capitalists near their endgame will turn inward to steal what they can from the public and once that well dries up, they’ll turn on each other in a dog eat dog scenario.


And that is not by accident, they are in a feeding frenzy since there are not much left outside the US to plunder, they are turning on us. The undoing of FDR and any social and civic gains made since the 1020s.


No surprise. Trump has been stiffing workers for his entire life. Yet they keep falling for it. As for Everything Trump Touches Dies, it’s ironic a major far right wing policy wonk, Rick Wilson, wrote a book with that title. He managed to get Raygun elected by his propaganda.

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More like they are eating heartily on Trump’s shit.

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You can swear in front of me, I don’t mind:)

I think we are now seeing the end game of reaganomics. The biggest sweetest plum has always been the social security super fund, at least to Wall Street. And now they may get their wish. If trump gets away with this, amd gets re elected, everyone over 55 will get to put whatever their past contributions were into investment vehicles in the stock market. Any one under will be given the option of staying in the new government administered 401k plan, or just opting out. Employers will of course no longer have to make matching contributions, giving them higher profits. The second gilded age will have been officially established.
And no one under 50 will ever get to retire again.


Those in Wall Street and the Military Industrial Complex along with some asshole tech folks will be able to retire early. But the vast majority who actually have a job and work for a living will not. And then there are those who will be homeless living on the streets that will be in the millions.


Seems like a stupid stunt to me. Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Orangeman seems to think someone will like it, without a clear idea of precisely who that might be. With USA in very close to the shape it’s in right now for another few weeks, it’s hard to imagine how this stupid stunt is going to influence anyone’s vote. I don’t get it, unless it’s just random flailing from Orangeman – something he’ll change his mind about in another 5 minutes, as usual.


Michael Moore is saying Trump is on track to win:

And if he doesn’t win ?

Coincidentally I just read Freeman Dyson’s chapter on information theory in “Dreams of Earth and Sky” (2015).

Hmm ???

Claude Shannon was according to Dyson the founding father of information theory, with his 1945 “SECRET” wartime paper “A Mathematical Theory of Cryptography”, and three years later, the founding document for the Information Age we now live in, “A Mathematical Theory of Communication” (1948, in the Bell System Technical Journal).

In Dyson’s words"

“The enormous success of information theory came from Shannon’s decision to separate information from meaning. His central dogma, “Meaning is irrelevant,” declared that information could be handled with greater freedom if it was treated as a mathematical abstraction independent of meaning. The consequence is the flood of information in which we are drowning…”

And here we are - fake news and all - I wonder if there is a connection ?

Poised to elect a madman, by a mad electorate.

Maybe information, far from being devoid of meaning - is meaning itself.

So I’ll finish Freeman’s book - his insights are spectacular when all wrapped up in one book - and far from this information being devoid of meaning I may be catching glimpses of what went wrong.
@BigB @Aleph_Null


The plan: Those who still have jobs will see their paychecks get a bump before the election, Trump will say “see what I did for you” expecting their vote. Assuming he wins and those same people see their paychecks go down next year and Trump will say “it’s those nasty payroll (SS) taxes, let’s do away with them.” Many will fall for it. By the way, we know that it is not his plan, he is just the messenger. Classic example of what Naomi Klein termed Disaster Capitalism.


There are enough voters who watch fox


That is my biggest fear about what may come of this pandemic. While climate change was of course eventually going to create a permanent class of American refugees, fleeing the coasts of the south and the scorching southwest, this virus and the subsequent horrific response by our government may just create a giant refugee population of homeless people, roaming the nation like characters in a Steinbeck novel, living hand to mouth, like Locusts.


Or, the oldest of sociopolitical axioms…
Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups


I’m at a place in my life that unless the morons steal from my bank account and it wouldn’t surprise me…I’m pretty safe from all this BS. For you who are allowing and even welcome this shit, pound sand
and die.I no longer care a wit about the astonishingly stupid people that call themselves Americans.

I don’t know why it took so many years for Steinbeck’s racism to become a problem for me. At one point, he was a favorite of mine. Any interest in indigenous Californians will undo Steinbeck for you, after awhile. He seems to have utterly despised 'em.

Oh Steinbeck was an elitist snob. A brilliant elitist snob, but one never the less.
Unfortunately many of our great American novelists were as deeply flawed as many of their characters/alter egos. I’m sitting here in my library staring at my collection of John Updike (a misogynist) Hemingway (he had most character flaws covered) and of course Hunter Thompson (a devout racist, sexist xenophobe)
I’ve always said that will ultimately be Trumps lasting legacy. While we have had racist and sexist assholes in the Oval Office before, they were smart enough to hide it, or keep it to a minimum in mixed company. Trump is a sociopath, just like Updikes Rabbit Angstrom.


Biden has wanted to cut Social Security for decades. The more you know the smaller the difference between the two is.